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Congratulations to both Eight and Bazta for becoming our 17th and 18th Iron Champions for Legion, respectively.

Eight-Terokkar-US earned their first Iron Champion title on this character and we believe their first Iron Championship. We’re not 100% sure who the owner of this character is… if it’s you, please reach out to us. Eight started their journey on Sept.22 2016 and finally completed it on June 28 2017. Lots of patience and perseverance! Congratulations!

Bazta-Earthen Ring-EU earned their first Iron Champion title on this character earlier during the day on June 29. This is Towny’s first Iron Champion title on any character. Bazta started on December 12 2016; so while their journey was not quite as long as Eight’s, it was still a pretty long six and a half month adventure to finally get here. Congratulations!

Both Eight and Bazta were hunters, being the 7th and 8th to accomplish the feat in Legion.

Congratulations to both of you and good luck on any of your future attempts!

We have our crowned our very first Tin Champion with ZERO deaths: Tricksster!

Tricksster was originally listed as a Tin (between Level 10-30 with no deaths) and leveled using the Iron rules… he was able to complete both with one character!

This is Ster’s third Iron Champion for Legion, becoming the 16th Iron Champion for this expansion. His first was Ironster (Night Elf Rogue) that was third in the expansion and his second was Catster (another Night Elf Rogue) that was fourth.

It took Tricksster 109 days, 23 hours to reach Level 110, going from March 4th to June 22nd.

This time, Ster leveled a Night Elf Druid for a different change of pace… but perhaps not… both Rogues and Druids can stealth around…. we think he should try leveling a Warrior next time or perhaps a Mage.

You can find Ster on the Forums (Deadster), Twitter (@GeekRoguester) and on Discord (GeekRoguester) as one of our moderators.

Congratulations Ster! 🙂

The Midsummer Fire Festival is back… this year we have a new toy, a new pet and more bonfires added to Draenor and the Broken Isles. The world event runs from June 21 to July 5, exactly the same as last year. You can find all the information you need on the event overall here at this wowhead guide:

There are no changes from what we said about the event last year.

Festival Bonfires & Daily Quests
Pacifists: We are still uncertain if dousing the flame will count as a kill. Try it on a non-pacifist character first. From what we can tell, dousing the flame will not count as a kill this year.
Blood Thirsty: Allowed, however, these do count against your quest totals, so take care to not accidentally flag yourself as there is no going back.

Ribbon Pole: The XP buff you get from doing the ribbon pole dance is NOT ALLOWED.

Bonfire’s Blessing: Typically this would not be allowed, however, you are unable to right-click / remove the buff so there is not much that can be done. Basically don’t go out there intentionally reigniting the bonfire to give you that buff… if you get it because someone else did it, fine. Pacifists BEWARE: You will be credited with a kill if the buff kills a mob that is attacking you. Tread carefully!

On Thursday we crowned another Iron Champion, the 15th in Legion and the FIFTH for Iron veteran Neverdied (he also has the world first -and only- Blood Thirsty Champion). If that wasn’t good enough, the character’s class he leveled on this time has never, EVER been done for the Iron Challenge.

On June 15 2017, Neverdiedsha became the first ever Iron Shaman.

Over the course of 167 days, Neverdied leveled from 1 to 110 with a total /played of 6 days, 5 hours.

I asked Neverdied to recall one of his close calls. I’ve paraphrased him here: “In Terokkar Forest, in the Bone Wastes, there are two mobs on horses that run around quickly. I had pulled three mobs accidentally and then those two mobs jumped on in. I hit all my cooldowns and ran away like a little girl in wolf form.”

That would not have been a great end and just got to show that once again Outland proves to be a very dangerous spot for challengers.

Congratulations Neverdied! We’re looking forward to seeing what you will be leveling next!

With patch 7.2.5 a nice undocumented change that came in resulted in many holiday items that were previously Common (white) are now Uncommon (green). This has resulted in many challengers being red-flagged.

It is important that you remove the items from your character ASAP.

I’ve gone through to reset most flags, however, I don’t believe all characters will be updated to reflect the new uncommons that were equipped. I’ll be doing another pass tomorrow after our big nightly job is done and attempt to fix any new toons that get flagged again.

If you see your character incorrectly flagged, please let me know at Stone -AT- All I will need is your toon, realm, region and I can go have a look. When you send me your character information, please make sure you’ve already unequipped the gear so that you won’t be red-flagged again.

At first we thought this change only applied to Noblegarden cosmetic items, however, I’ve found cases of this applied to Brewfest and Pilgrim’s Bounty items. There are still cosmetic items that remain Common (white), however, based on this change I highly suggest you unequip any items that are marked “cosmetic” in case this happens again.

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Lyssan’s latest character, Exploithon, a Goblin Hunter, is the first Horde Iron Challenger to go from 1 to 110.

The character joins a long list of “firsts” for Lyssan, including the first to reach 110 in Legion, Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria. He’s also the first character to successfully level a petless hunter in Warlords of Draenor on Boneless and was also the first to ever level up a Warrior as an Iron Champion, also in Warlords.

This newest challenger was also a petless hunter, completing the journey in 5 days and 16 hours over the course of 2-3 months (real time). The character also did not use any consumables, did not use first aid and also did not dip into the Auction House.

You can watch the video of Lyssan hitting 110 here:

You can follow Lyssan on both Twitter (@LyssanWoW) and YouTube (

It seems a toxic plague is being spread around Azeroth and beyond, typically at hearth zone-in locations, however, it’s also been found in inns and flight-path start/end points. For a normal high-level character, it will tick off, however, for low level (and thus most Challengers due to our low health) it’s pretty much insta-death.

The spell in question is Toxin. From digging around the in the comments it seems this is a debuff from an AQ40 boss: Viscidus.

Blizzard is aware of the issue and would like any new instances of the issue reported to these forums: If you have any information on the subject please post to the Blizzard forums.

At this point, it may not be safe to log out in inns or common areas frequented by large groups of people. Slower rest XP is better than a possible death and re-rolling your challenger.

This was reported to us in our Discord server by Flutterby, thank you!

For Challengers that are leveling through Thousand Needles, please be aware that you are granted a “Boat Day” buff. This buff allows you to “walk” on the water briefly until a boat is generated for you to ride around in. The buff in of itself is completely fine as you can’t click it off.  It will be gone in a few days.

What is NOT okay is if you happen to be flying through / over the zone. If you are dismounted for any reason, aim your camera straight down at the water, otherwise you’ll hit the water with the Boat Day buff and die. It will be same as if you hit the ground. The death will count and that’ll be it for your Challenger.

Additionally, I ran my regular Alliance character and encountered a hostile npc on the Horde boat, so this is another thing to be aware of. Thousand Boat Bash runs from June 6 through June 9. Use some caution when traveling through the zone.

Children’s Week runs from May 1st to May 8th this year. The guide has been updated but we are not seeing anything new for this year.

You are allowed to do quests or achievements for the event unless they break the rules of whichever challenge you are doing (for instance questing will count for quests for Blood Thirsty challengers). Since someone will ask it, I’ll say it: Doing the quests or achievements that require you to bring the orphan into a dungeon or battleground will get you flagged.

You can earn toys, battle pets and pet care packages for pet related things… these are all okay to earn for your account, however, you would still not be allowed to use those pets to level up your challenge character.