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A new mount is available in World of Warcraft: the Primal Flamesaber! All you need to do is play 15 games of HotS as a WoW character with at least one friend from your Bnet friends list. Wins? Losses? Doesn’t matter!  Not a fan of HotS? Well, to be honest, Stone isn’t either, however, it’s been known that he DOES have fun in there from time to time.

Stone is offering all WoW Challenges Patrons a friend to play with. While he’s not particularly great at HotS, it should be pretty easy to knock out 15 games against a beginner AI, right?

Are you on EU or US realms? From Australia? No problem…  we’ll work out some times where we can get on… the more the merrier! This event lasts from Feb.14 (Feb.15 for EU) through to Mar.14.

Here is a great guide from WoWHead on the event:

Love is in the Air has started and will run from February 7 through to February 21. We go over the Love is in the Air Guide and let you know what’s allowed for your Challengers.

Quests: All quests are okay to do except for Blood Thirsty challengers.

Lovely Cards: The Lovely Cards (example: Lovely Undercity Card) are NOT allowed as they provide stat buffs for your character.

Love Tokens: These can be spent on a number of things, however, please keep in mind that the Box of Chocolates and anything that is a Cologne or Perfume are NOT allowed as they provide you buffs.

Dresses & Suits: There are white-quality dresses and suits that can be equipped, so these are fair game for your Challengers. No need to worry about equipping an item and getting flagged for it.

Apothecary Hummel: NOT ALLOWED as this counts as a dungeon. You’ll need to use your regular characters for your chance at the Big Love Rocket.

Collecting Charms: You’re allowed to collect charms for achievements if you want except Pacifists as the Lovely Charms require you to land the killing blow to receive the charm.

The WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information for your Challenge Toons!

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft.

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  • Twilight Cultists level scaling in Silithus

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  • Pacifist Proximity Kills bumped to 10.
  • Tin Man Level Requirement
  • Nisey added as an editor to Facebook.
  • Ster is a moderator for Twitch & Discord.
  • Talk about separation of Forums from everything else.

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We’ve readjusted the code so that while you are allowed up to 10 Proximity Kills, we are still going to be limiting your killing blows. If you have 10 or less Kills, we then look at your Killing Blows.

0 Killing Blows = Green Flag
1-2 Killing Blows = Yellow Flag
3+ Killing Blows = Red Flag

Killing Blows are completely avoidable and are not applied to your stats like Proximity Kills are.

Around a month ago, we added code to look for Proximity Kills and updated our rules. Don’t know what PKs are? We’re not talking about Player Kills (for those that remember Diablo 1). Proximity Kills are a feature that was introduced in Warlords of Draenor where merely being near a mob that was killed around you would give you credit for the kill as well as possible loot. This was great for regular game-play and group quests, however, it was devastating for folks running the solo Pacifist Challenge where ANY kill would red-flag you.

We changed that to allow up to 2 kills as long as there were 0 killing blows (KBs).  This meant you could have up to 2 proximity kills and, as long as you didn’t deal the killing blow, would remain green-flagged and could continue on through the challenge. Initially the thought was the allowance would be more applicable to higher level challengers, and indeed, this resulted in our Legion first Pacifist champion Голаяправда, however, now we know without a doubt that these Proximity Kills will happen anywhere in the World of Warcraft. Our example was a Level 30 Pacifist who already had 3 Proximity Kills.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, we’re upping the limit to ten. That being you are allowed ten kills with zero killing blows and you can still remain green-flagged. Overall this is just under 1 proximity kill allowed per ten levels. While it’s fantastic that we’ve had someone make it to 110 with only 2 PKs, overall, we think the change will open the challenge up a bit to more folks but still have it remain challenging.

There was some thought on just removing the check for kills altogether and focus only on killing blows, however, this leaves a pretty large opening for folks to take advantage of groups and having a guard or escort. There is also some thought towards upping the limit to 150, to match the Blood Thirsty Challenge quest cap. Right now, 150 seems a bit on the excessive side and the reasons for quests for Blood Thirsty are quite different for accommodating Proximity Kills.

Overall, we’re leaving it at 10 proximity kills and see how challengers fare. All Pacifist characters have been updated and have had their flags reset if applicable.

Huge congratulations to the first person to ever complete the Blood Thirsty Challenge, Neverdiedbld! Neverdied is a veteran of the Ironman Challenge with several Iron Championships under his belt and had set his sights on the Blood Thirsty. With his Pandaren Hunter he has paved the way, showing that it is now possible to complete the challenge.

Leveling time between Level 10 (July 8 2016 18:44:44) and 110 (January 29 2017 14:45:50) was 207 days, 21 hours, 1 minute and 46 seconds. Much of that time was spent at Level 100 waiting for some much needed challenge rule changes to happen, especially since the character almost met its demise on testing the water in Legion.

Neverdiedbld now stands as the sole Blood Thirsty Champion on the Victory Podium:

Again, congratulations to Neverdiedbld!

Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival runs from January 21 through to February 4. Overall the event has not changed as far as the structure / organization, however, 3 new toys were added in 2017. Please see the Lunar Festival Guide for a complete overview of the event.

Honouring Elders: You can absolutely go and honour Elders and take advantage of the free Experience Points they’ll give you. Honouring an Elder will give you a Lucky Red Envelope and a Coin of Ancestry.

Lunar Fortune Buff: In each of the envelopes you will receive either a Lucky Rocket Cluster or Elder’s Moonstone. Setting off the Lucky Rocket Cluster from a cluster launcher will give you the Lunar Fortune buff… this gives you +250 health and is NOT ALLOWED.

Quests: All quests are allowed, even the quest that requires you to defeat Omen, although I’m not quite sure I’d recommend trying it… if you die, that’s it.

Coin of Ancestry Redemption: You can turn in your Coins of Ancestry for pets, toys, food, fireworks and clothes.

Festival Dumplings: Allowed. Good health/mana regeneration. Stock up on these.
Festival Dresses and Suits: Allowed. They are all White-Quality equippable gear.
Schematics & Patterns: Allowed for Pacifists only. You can buy these from Fariel Starsong to craft cluster & firework launchers as well as festival dresses and suits.

Call of the Scarab Micro-Holiday

Welcome to our first Call of the Scarab Micro-Holiday. Factions compete Region-wide for the honour of hanging our banner at the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. The event runs from January 21 through to January 24.

Quests: All quests are allowed, however, please be aware that some quests WILL flag you for PvP (picking up silithyst, for example).

Repeatable Food Quests: These are allowed, however, remember that you cannot get help from other characters, whether this means farming food materials or gold. Challengers can only use the resources that were earned on THAT specific character to complete these quests.

Level-scaling mobs: Caution and care are needed when venturing in here as the Twilight Cultists in the camps are now level-scaling. Basically the mobs will be at or one-level under your character. For most characters this should be fine, however, other classes might need to be more careful.

As discussed on our podcast over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at altering the Blood Thirsty Challenge in a manner to achieve a few of our goals:

  1. Change the challenge significantly enough so a Blood Thirsty challenger could not qualify for the Iron Man challenge if they were to use the FULL rules.
  2. Provide a “buff” or nerf to the challenge just enough to allow challengers a reasonable chance of survival when killing through Legion zones.
  3. Provide a “buff” or nerf to the challenge to get more challengers up to Legion zones.

We have never had a Blood Thirsty Champion and if we keep the rules as they are now, we never will. In order to accommodate Goal #2, we need to find a significant enough buff to combat that will allow a challenger to have a fighting chance, but not enough to make things a cake-walk.

Initially we were looking at allowing talents to all Blood Thirsty challengers, however, testing has shown that talents really do not provide enough of a combat benefit that is needed for a person to get through Legion zones. Additionally, testing was done on allowing green gear or some variation of that (one weapon only; 2-3 green items allowed; all gear green). There were some suggestions on limiting the changes to level 100+, however, I wanted to keep things as simple as I could.

So effective immediately, all Blood Thirsty characters will be allowed to equip green/uncommon gear in ALL equipment slots.

Overall, what we’ve found is that Green gear is the way to go. Limiting green gear to either a single weapon or 2-3 pieces of gear overall (which has it’s own inherent tracking problems) would effectively make the challenge Hunters only (not desirable). Granting access to a full set of green gear gives challengers leveling through Legion a fighting chance. It changes your fight time from over a minute (plus survival cooldowns) to around 30 seconds. This is a one-on-one fight, so it will still be extremely important to keep your wits about you as you level through Legion zones.

Allowing green gear to all levels is more about keeping things as simple as possible than providing a boost. This should also provide enough of a boost so we see more participation in the challenge at higher levels as most folks really only make it to around level 30 or so and then give up after dying as it’s quite the slog currently.

Additionally, we have applied the “Back to Basics” Iron Man Challenge rule changes to the Blood Thirsty challenge, meaning you can now use your Heirloom and flying mounts (among other changes) if you so desire. Please keep in mind this doesn’t mean we are increasing quest completions, so use your quests wisely.

A huge thank you to Nisey​ for helping to test many different variations on the PTR.

Good luck and happy grinding!

Since the release of Patch 6.0 (the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch), World of Warcraft has been granting if your character is even remotely close to a mob being killed. You can get loot without needing to actually do anything. The “Proximity Kills” are cool for regular players…. but for Pacifists they are the devil.

With the launch of Legion, Proximity Killing is basically a permanent thing. This will make becoming a Pacifist Champion a near impossibility. The challenge is supposed to be difficult but not impossible.

As such, changes have been made to how kills and killing blows are being handled. The changes made will still require a Challenger to be fully aware of players and mobs in order to avoid Proximity Kills, however, there is a measure of forgiveness being applied now. We are basically using a three-strike rule.

  • You are allowed up to TWO kills as long as you have no killing blows. You will remain green-flagged.
  • If you have less than three kills AND less than three Killing Blows you will be yellow-flagged.
  • If you have less than three kills and three or more Killing Blows you will be red-flagged.
  • If you have three or more kills you will be red-flagged (regardless of killing blows).

These changes have been applied to all Challengers on the list, both past and present as the Proximity Kill feature has been an issue for the majority of those listed there.

Due to the Pacifist Challenge kill changes, Xyrelle is now rightfully considered to be a green-flagged Level 100 Pacifist Champion. She was previously red-flagged due to having one Proximity Kill but no Killing Blows about 45 minutes prior to hitting Level 100.

Additionally, we have applied the “Back to Basics” Iron Man Challenge rule changes to the Pacifist challenge, meaning you can now use your Heirloom and flying mounts (among other changes) if you so desire.

With all this being said, there may be room for further allowances, however, we MUST take small steps and see how our changes pan out first.

I wish you all the best of luck in the challenge. Happy picking!

Congratulations to Ferre for earning her first Iron Champion title for Legion and SEVENTH title across all expansions. Ferriona is the first Druid to make it to 110 this expansion, adding this title to two previous Iron Champion titles from Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria. Ferriona is only the ninth character to complete the Iron Man Challenge.