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As discussed on our podcast over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at altering the Blood Thirsty Challenge in a manner to achieve a few of our goals:

  1. Change the challenge significantly enough so a Blood Thirsty challenger could not qualify for the Iron Man challenge if they were to use the FULL rules.
  2. Provide a “buff” or nerf to the challenge just enough to allow challengers a reasonable chance of survival when killing through Legion zones.
  3. Provide a “buff” or nerf to the challenge to get more challengers up to Legion zones.

We have never had a Blood Thirsty Champion and if we keep the rules as they are now, we never will. In order to accommodate Goal #2, we need to find a significant enough buff to combat that will allow a challenger to have a fighting chance, but not enough to make things a cake-walk.

Initially we were looking at allowing talents to all Blood Thirsty challengers, however, testing has shown that talents really do not provide enough of a combat benefit that is needed for a person to get through Legion zones. Additionally, testing was done on allowing green gear or some variation of that (one weapon only; 2-3 green items allowed; all gear green). There were some suggestions on limiting the changes to level 100+, however, I wanted to keep things as simple as I could.

So effective immediately, all Blood Thirsty characters will be allowed to equip green/uncommon gear in ALL equipment slots.

Overall, what we’ve found is that Green gear is the way to go. Limiting green gear to either a single weapon or 2-3 pieces of gear overall (which has it’s own inherent tracking problems) would effectively make the challenge Hunters only (not desirable). Granting access to a full set of green gear gives challengers leveling through Legion a fighting chance. It changes your fight time from over a minute (plus survival cooldowns) to around 30 seconds. This is a one-on-one fight, so it will still be extremely important to keep your wits about you as you level through Legion zones.

Allowing green gear to all levels is more about keeping things as simple as possible than providing a boost. This should also provide enough of a boost so we see more participation in the challenge at higher levels as most folks really only make it to around level 30 or so and then give up after dying as it’s quite the slog currently.

Additionally, we have applied the “Back to Basics” Iron Man Challenge rule changes to the Blood Thirsty challenge, meaning you can now use your Heirloom and flying mounts (among other changes) if you so desire. Please keep in mind this doesn’t mean we are increasing quest completions, so use your quests wisely.

A huge thank you to Nisey​ for helping to test many different variations on the PTR.

Good luck and happy grinding!

Since the release of Patch 6.0 (the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch), World of Warcraft has been granting if your character is even remotely close to a mob being killed. You can get loot without needing to actually do anything. The “Proximity Kills” are cool for regular players…. but for Pacifists they are the devil.

With the launch of Legion, Proximity Killing is basically a permanent thing. This will make becoming a Pacifist Champion a near impossibility. The challenge is supposed to be difficult but not impossible.

As such, changes have been made to how kills and killing blows are being handled. The changes made will still require a Challenger to be fully aware of players and mobs in order to avoid Proximity Kills, however, there is a measure of forgiveness being applied now. We are basically using a three-strike rule.

  • You are allowed up to TWO kills as long as you have no killing blows. You will remain green-flagged.
  • If you have less than three kills AND less than three Killing Blows you will be yellow-flagged.
  • If you have less than three kills and three or more Killing Blows you will be red-flagged.
  • If you have three or more kills you will be red-flagged (regardless of killing blows).

These changes have been applied to all Challengers on the list, both past and present as the Proximity Kill feature has been an issue for the majority of those listed there.

Due to the Pacifist Challenge kill changes, Xyrelle is now rightfully considered to be a green-flagged Level 100 Pacifist Champion. She was previously red-flagged due to having one Proximity Kill but no Killing Blows about 45 minutes prior to hitting Level 100.

Additionally, we have applied the “Back to Basics” Iron Man Challenge rule changes to the Pacifist challenge, meaning you can now use your Heirloom and flying mounts (among other changes) if you so desire.

With all this being said, there may be room for further allowances, however, we MUST take small steps and see how our changes pan out first.

I wish you all the best of luck in the challenge. Happy picking!

Congratulations to Ferre for earning her first Iron Champion title for Legion and SEVENTH title across all expansions. Ferriona is the first Druid to make it to 110 this expansion, adding this title to two previous Iron Champion titles from Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria. Ferriona is only the ninth character to complete the Iron Man Challenge.

Winter Veil is once again upon us. updated their Winter Veil guide earlier today so we can now go through and give you some concrete details on what you can and can’t do on your Challenge toon. The event runs starting today, December 16 2015 through January 2 2016.

There are a number of daily quests that you’re allowed to do. Even the daily requiring you to loot the bag that drops after killing the Greench is okay. You can stand back and let others kill it as all you need to do is grab the bag… you do not need to tag the Greench. Please be warned though… a death is still a death and I’ve heard the Greench will one-shot Irons without a second thought.

You are allowed to collect and use all the toys, however, you should be aware that equipping green. blue or purple items will still red-flag you.

Catching Greatfather Winter
This is an allowed activity on all challengers and will award you 500 Class Order Hall resources. It is not yet clear whether this will count as a quest for Blood Thirsty challengers, so be cautious.

Warlords Savage Gift
As we just mentioned the Savage Gift might contain the Minion of Grumpus mount. It also contains Apexis Crystals, Oil, Garrison Resources, Frozen Arms of a Hero, Elixir of the Rapid Mind, Medallion of the Legion.

  • The Frozen Arms of a Hero is okay to use on your followers.
  • The Elixir of the Rapid Mind is NOT allowed to be used for your Challenge characters. You are, however, allowed to auction it or send it to another non-Challenge character for faster leveling.
  • The Medallion of the Legion this is an item that grants you reputation. While you can unlock reps, the items that become available may not fall within the challenge rules.

There are several pieces of cosmetic gear and an epic dagger. Any item that is Green or higher quality is NOT ALLOWED, however, we specifically ignore the Shirt and Tabard slot: you are free to equip anything in these slots, including the green Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater.

White-quality items are all okay and include Socks, Green/Red Winter Clothes, Winter Boots, and also now includes (new to 2016) the Green and Red Holiday Outfit, except the hat as it is green and will get your challenger red-flagged.

It is OKAY to craft these items on a Pacifist (since professions are allowed) to sell on the auction house.

There is quite a bit of food available, so I’ll only list the items that stand out as not allowed.

And we all know what we want for Winter Veil?? It’s the PRESENTS!!! Yes, you are allowed to open all the gifts from Greatfather Winter’s tree for your character. The gifts are available from December 25 through January 2. Please beware of the following items, as they are NOT ALLOWED for your Challenger.

As always, if you’re not sure or think the information here needs updating, please let me know. You can reach me on Twitter, the forums or by email.

podcast-transparentThe WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information for your Challenge Toons!

This week we were lucky to get Xortz to jump into the show with us before things got REALLY derailed.

Xortz, Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft.

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funny-thanksgiving-eat-beef-jokePilgrim’s Bounty starts today, November 21st 2016 and will run up to and including November 28th 2016. My main point of reference here is the guide. It appears that nothing new was added to this event.

Bountiful Tables: These are found at all major cities and towns with inns. Eating here is ALLOWED for purposes of completing the quest, however, please note that eating the same meal 5 times will give you a buff that is not allowed:

Transmog Items:

  • The Pilgrim’s Hat, Attire, Dress, Robe and Boots are all okay to be worn. They are white-quality equipped items.
  • The Rare-quality (blue) Fine Pilgrim’s Hat is ALLOWED. It offers no stats or buffs and is purely cosmetic. I’ve already made an exception in the code for this item. If you equip it you should NOT unequip it as it could cause you to be incorrectly flagged. It’s the price we pay for looking good.

Battle Pets: You can win the following two battle pets (but again, cannot use them within the confines of the challenge).

  • Frightened Bush Chicken can be found in the daily Pilgrim’s Bounty quest reward.
  • Plump Turkey is rewarded from completing the Pilgrim achievement (not possible for Challengers to do).

Pilgrim Achievement: Currently this achievement is not possible to complete for Challengers since some of the requirements would break our challenge rules.

Daily Quests: There are two sets of quests… ones that require cooking and others that let you either cook or BUY the necessary quest items. Pacifists are allowed to complete both sets of quests since cooking is allowed for them, however, Irons are only allowed to complete the quests where you can buy the items.

Completing the dailies will give you a Pilgrim’s Bounty reward which you can find the Frightened Bush Chicken or the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter toy. This item sells for 10 gold! You can also keep this since it’s a toy and does not provide any in-game assistance.

Food Recipes: Pacifists can learn five new cooking recipes: Spice Bread Stuffing (1), Pumpkin Pie (100), Cranberry Chutney (160), Candied Sweet Potato (220), Slow-Roasted Turkey (280). All of these items provide buffs. You can EAT the food, however, you must right-click the buff OFF.

level-110Congratulations to Jernmand for his new Iron Champion! Jernmand becomes the 8th Iron Champion in Legion, earning his second title on this character. This character was the first to go from 1-100 in Warlords, something we haven’t seen yet in Legion. Keep up the great work!

level-110Big congratulations to Marghunt for becoming our 5th Iron Champion in Legion! This is his third Iron Champion title and the second for this character…. and *JUST* as I’m writing this post, I see that we had not only one but two more Iron Champions today! One of them is Margothon himself with the 7th Iron Champion in Legion on his monk Margymonk. His monk becomes the second monk to reach 110 this expansion, earning it’s second Iron Champion title.

*EDIT* I completely missed the fact that Marghunt is also the first Iron Champion for the EU region!  Wow!

Smack in the middle of Margothon’s two achievements, we have Neverdied’s own monk, Deidrevenm, reaching 110, becoming Legion’s first Iron Champion monk. This character is the sixth Iron Champion for the expansion, third for the character itself (90, 100, 110) and SEVENTH for Neverdied!


level-110Congratulations to our newest Iron Champion Ironster! He becomes only our third Iron Champion for Legion and our first Rogue in the expansion.

This is the second Iron Champion title for this character, however, Ster has multiple Iron Champions across many characters.

You can reach Ster on the forums, in the wowironman guild on US-Wyrmrest Accord Alliance or on Twitter @geekroguester.

Think that was good…? Ster followed up his Iron Champion performance this week by taking Catster all the way up to the top! Catster is the fourth Iron Champion for Legion and second Rogue in the expansion (I think he knows how to rogue). This is also the second Iron Champion title for this character… the first coming in Warlords of Draenor.level-110

Overall this should put Ster at SIX Iron Champion titles across his various characters…. simply amazing!


level-110Congrats to Neverdiedh, a long time Iron veteran, for becoming the second Iron Champion during Legion. This champion is added to his other Iron Champions: a Hunter hitting 85 and 90, a Monk hitting 90 and 100. His current character was a previous Iron Champion at Level 100 during Warlords of Draenor. From the looks of it his other characters are quickly climbing the ranks and it will only be a matter of time until we are congratulating him again!