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Congrats to our very own Social Media Manager, Nisey, whose paladin, Soulshield, just became the second Blood Thirsty to hit 120. Soulshield was her oldest living challenger, taking nearly three years to reach this point with a /played time of 16 day and 3 hours.

When asked about difficult moments and close calls, she said: “Well, I think the hardest part was paying attention at times, it was super easy to zone out and end up not where I wanted to be or pulling more than I had wanted.

Also, I did have one really close calls on this character, in Outlands over in Nagrand. Somehow I pulled two Talbuks instead of one and when they run up to you they charge and hit you for a pretty good amount and these two hit me at pretty much the same time and dropped me so low I had the red screen of death flashing and I was popping everything I could and healing like crazy to get back up to a safer health to finish killing them.

When a challenger hits max-level, we always ask them to share a leveling tip for others: “As far as recommendations for other BT’s, I guess be flexible, be patient, and scout. At times I would take a non-challenge character out to look over where I wanted to grind, and I would kill a few mobs and just sit and watch for a little bit too, to make sure nothing nasty would patrol through that area. This also helped me in figuring out how to get to those areas using a ground mount for places that I couldn’t fly in (like in BfA for example).

Always be flexible with everything, be willing to at least try out a different spec if you are curious to how it’s going to handle. I tried out protection for like three kills, and went back to Ret.

Be willing to have to change the spot you had planned on grinding in, or not work on that character right then if something not ideal is going on, such as a legion invasion taking over your grinding spot.

When asked if she wished she had Shadow Meld on the pally, Nisey responded: “Nope, not at all. Was fine without it, was able to get myself out of trouble without it, and I tried to be super careful about what I was doing.

What’s next for Nisey and her 815 other Blood Thirsty characters? She’s currently leveling a character in all of the challenges, so that’ll keep her busy on those as well as working on the other classes in the Blood Thirsty challenge. She has two characters at max level for Blood Thirsty, a Demon Hunter and now a Paladin; so two down and ten to go!

Congratulations to 2Shankz, who just completed two challenges with the same toon! Twothirsty is the first 120 Blood Thirsty as well as the fourth max level Iron Man for Battle for Azeroth. Incredibly, he played the toon as a white-geared Blood Thirsty while following the rules of the Iron Man Challenge at the same time.

His /played is 15 days 10 hours, over the course of 3 years. When asked to tell us about the journey, he said that killing stuff in BFA was hard in white gear and long, taking up to 15 hours per level.

His advice? “When mobs were a level below it wasn’t too bad, but when they were the same level I would have to revive my pet every other pull even with cooldowns. To take advantage of this I would log out at 24.9% and come back when I had a couple of hours to play. If you log out at 25% then when you log in the mobs will be the same level as you. Doing this I was able to get to about 45% each level limiting the amount of time the mobs would be the same level as me.”

There were some scary moments. He had a couple of DC’s while in combat with a mob, which in white gear that pretty much guarantees a death as mobs can hit for 30% of your health at a time. “I was able to survive because every pull I would place a freezing trap in front of me. After I DC’d and the mob killed my pet it would walk into my freezing trap and when I would log back in it would still be in it. I don’t know if this would always work, but it worked the two times I needed it to. Placing a freezing trap at your feet is also useful when your pet is going to be dying regularly as it gives you plenty of time to revive your pet. Pro tip for hunters: Just be careful to cancel your auto attack and not use barb shot when your pet is close to dying as both will break the trap.”

What’s next for 2Shankz? “Next, I’ll probably take a break from the challenge. I might return to try to level a BFA Iron to max.”

Congratulations once again to 2Shankz and good luck on your future challenge endeavors!

Ferrekessa – a Night Elf Rogue (subtlety) Pacifist, just hit max level after playing 22 days. Born in April of 2018, took 315 days to reach Max Level. Her path to 120 had four main sections as seen below:

Level 10 – 62

Herbalism and Mining, with some exploration: starter zones, Darkshore, Zoram Strand in Ashenvale (a long time there), and Dreamer’s Rest in Feralas (for a long time). Holidays. Very minimal archaeology (safe sites only).

Level 62 – 90

Added archaeology, picking lower density sites at first. Herb/mining/chest hunting, mostly in Northrend and Pandaria.

Level 90 – 110

Archaeology (mainly on Azeroth), mining/herbing in Pandaria and Cataclysm zones (specifically Uldum). Much fishing, especially in Tol Barad. Stockpiled materials for leveling alchemy.

Level 110 – 120

Archaeology. Dropped mining, picked up alchemy (Cataclysm & Pandaria levels plus old world alchemy up to 75 to get the Darkmoon Faire quest).

Darkmoon Faire

On this pacifist, she followed Fiveiron’s “DMF Super-Paci” profession swapping during the last Darkmoon Faire before dropping mining. During that Darkmoon Faire, she did the monthly quests for Herbalism, Mining, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Inscription, Alchemy, and Archaeology.

A Stroke of Luck

She had a bit of unbelievably good luck when one of the “Canopic Jars”, from Uldum archeology, contained the very rare recipe for the Vial of the Sands. She had kept them in the bank, unopened until she had leveled Cataclysm alchemy. She had farmed (or purchased) the fairly extensive list of mats for that recipe and did make the Sandstone Drake mount!

Worries, Concerns and a Near Death

Major worries were Blizzard-related issues like disconnects and avoiding a short list of dig sites that she considered too risky. She had one very close call at a site in Eastern Plaguelands, Zul’Mashar specifically, the first time she went there: She didn’t realize that the burial mounds on the ground would spawn a LOT of trolls if you step on them. She had thought it was over, surrounded by all those trolls, but thankfully vanish let her get away to a safe spot.

Ferre didn’t do archaeology in any zones beyond Cataclysm as she was worried about a) possible spawns and b) the possibility of shared proximity kills. She did tend to do most of her activity out in the world during night time hours.

Ferre compiled a google doc spreadsheet of dig site information. Please note that it is NOT complete – started it when she was in her mid-90s, and will be adding to it. Also, note that is just Ferre’s impressions of difficulty, mainly from the viewpoint of a stealth class.

It’s only been a week since Lyssan claimed the first spot on the Ironman Champion list, and now we have our second champion, Catster. This Night Elf rogue was started back in June 2016, which was 825 days ago, with a /played time of 390 hours.

When asked, “Was Battle for Azeroth a difficult expansion to level in?”, Ster said: “Being in a new zone presents new hazards and dangers, but overall, not too bad for an Iron challenger. So you might ask, what is the difficulty in getting to 120 today? Overall, I’d say the road is long from 1 to 120. You need to adjust your play style for the lengthy duration it takes. Most of my Iron Man deaths have been to carelessness that could have been prevented.”

Ster’s best advice to reach max cap? “Play conservatively, always leave an escape, and scout new areas before venturing in with a living Iron.”

Now that he’s gotten an Iron challenger to max level, Ster said he’ll be working on his Tin Man Druid and leveling a scout to 120 for the next expansion.

Below, you can find more suggestions for Battle for Azeroth leveling:

Five, who was a guest on Podcast #110, recently dinged 110 on his NE Rogue Pacifist named Fivecurmudgn. He started in June of last year and it took 303 days of grinding (a little over 9 days of /played time) to hit max level.

When asked about his toon, Five mentioned several things. “The 1-60 bracket is mostly dailies, herbing, and mining. The 60-110 levels are very easy post-patch, in fact, if you can make it to 60, you’re golden. After 60, it’s mostly dailies, exploring, and archaeology. This toon did not step foot in Legion, keeping mostly to WoD areas. Rogue is a great choice for a Pacifist due to Vanish, Sap, Distract, and Blind.”

When asked what’s next, Five mentioned he’s now attempting a Monk Pacifist, since he killed his 27 hunter by “equipping a fancy schmancy Noblegarden Egg Basket”. We hear you Five, we’ve all equipped green gear by accident too. Good luck with the Monk!

In the last few days, Neverdied reached max level on his Iron Warrior and Rogue. These two are now Legion Champions #32 and #33. Both were created November of 2016 (prior to Legion) and each toon took roughly 480 days to hit max level. When asked, “hey, how many /played hours”, Neverdied said that each one had just slightly over 5 days of played time.

What does this mean? Neverdied now has one Iron Champion at level 110 for Hunter, Monk, Mage, Warlock, Shaman, Priest, Druid, Paladin, Warrior, and Rogue. He is the first person to ever reach max level on all non-hero classes for the Iron Challenge. In addition, Neverdied has the only Blood Thirsty Champion at 110 (Hunter) and has a 110 Pacifist Champion (Druid); giving him a grand total of 12 max level champions on the leaderboards. Ster points out that he has come up short on the Tin and Iron Teams lists.

When asked, what’s next? Neverdied says he’s going to start dating his wife and spend more time with his kids before they grow up and move out. Kidding aside, Neverdied is going to spend some time in Legion to acquire flying and find out what it’s like to level a newer toon post-patch 7.3.5.

Congratulations again Neverdied, we’re all in awe of your accomplishments.

A big congratulations to Issa, who after almost a year (297 days), got her Gnome Hunter ironman to max level! Born April 1, 2017 (no joke!), this toon has seen many changes, including the Legion Invasions, specs, and recently the 7.3.5 patch which has ramped up the challenge difficulty. TinyIssa won 2nd place in the Arrow to the Knee contest back in April of 2017.

To get to 110, it took 12 days and 10 hours of played time. Asked her what were some of the scary moments? First, trying to tag the elite during the Legion Invasions for some great but risky points. And then recently, post-patch, Issa kept away from flight points out of fear of a disconnect. Lastly she mentions that the 100-110 grind was rough, and did it without doing any Legion content. That’s a good strategy, when the next expansion comes out, perhaps TinyIssa can take on parts of Legion for the next phase of the challenge.

You can find Issa in Discord or hanging with the WoWIronman guild on Wyrmrest Accord.

A hardy grats to CaptainTrips, his toon Camachojr, a NE Hunter just dinged 110. He started the toon towards the end of November, and 50 days later maxed it with a played time of 7 days and 16 hours.

When asked what the hardest part was to getting a toon to 110, CaptainTrips said “Was trying to stay alive despite Bliz trying to kill me.” As an example, he said he was DCed 3-4 times while in flight, with his toon falling to the ground when he logged back in. “By using carefully timed hunter disengage, I managed to survive the falls.” I pointed out that the Goblin Glider Kit is pretty handy too if he’s going to do that going forward. “Naw, I just avoid vehicle flying quests and minimum use of flight points.”

What next? His girlfriend asked him what was he going to do now, and his first thought was that Southpark episode where he exclaimed “Finally, I can now play the game!”

You can find CaptainTrips on WrA in the Alliance guild or hanging on the Discord chats.

Neverdied’s army continues to expand with the dinging of Iron #27 on the Iron Challenger’s list. His druid hit 110 today, making it the eighth toon of his to make max cap.

Started February 2016 and reaching max January 2018, it took 5 days and 10 hours of played time to get there. Plus he has 3 other mid-100’s in the queue he’s working on. When asked what’s next, he said he is curious how the upcoming 7.3.5 patch with XP squish and scaling will impact the iron challenge. I asked, hey, what’s the biggest issue with juggling so many toons? He said he keeps similar talents/spells on the same action key (like the oh-crap-key or healing) is the same on each toon, but he admits he often forgets what each toon has done what quests as he goes around to each.

Congratulations (again) Neverdied!

Can you believe it? Neverdied has hit 110 with another Ironman champion! I had to check the lists several times, this is Neverdied’s sixth iron champion to hit 110. In addition to that, he has the only Blood Thirsty Champion on the list. Nisey, you’re gonna need to hustle with your BT’s. Heck, we all need to hustle to catch up with this machine.

Neverdied’s Night Elf priest “Neverdiedprt” hit 110 after 1 year of leveling, almost to the week. His played time is 5 days and 19 hours. This makes his toon #26 on the Ironman champion leaderboard.

When asked what spec he used, he immediately said Discipline! “As a healer, disc works great, and power word shield is huge.” As for the last 10 levels (100-110), Neverdied said he didn’t take this toon to Legion. Instead, concentrated on dailies, garrison stuff, and holidays.