Iron Man Victors

Congratulations to Camachojr, our 11th Battle for Azeroth Iron Champion. This is the second time this Night Elf Hunter has reached the victor’s podium, previously doing so during the Legion expansion.

Camachojr’s journey to 120 took approximately 738 days. This feat consisted of 4,187 completed quests, 118 flight paths taken, 78 bandages, and hearthing 105 times.

Once again congratulations to Camachojr! Best of luck with your future challenge endeavors!

Congratulations to Imposter, our 10th BfA Iron Champion. Imposter is Ster’s second Iron challenger to reach max level this expansion. This feat took him roughly 73 days (2 and half months) to accomplish with a /played time of 14 days proving that while it may not be an easy task to get a melee class to max level post Patch 8.2 it can be done!

When asked to describe his leveling experience with this Outlaw Rogue Ster had this to say, “The starting zone up through level 20 is pretty easy. By the mid 20’s through the 40’s it’s a regular grind and quest chasing phase. However, the 50’s for some reason is just plain old tedious and slow to advance. You’ll feel like a Blood Thirsty in the 50’s, just mindless NPC kills to advance. Once you reach 60 though, it is zoom time! The 60’s and 70’s whiz by. You can skip Outlands if you want, though I used Outlands for discovery XP. WinterSpring and Zangarmarsh are extremely treasure chest generous, with WS chests paying full XP up thru level 90. (Naturally, stealth and crowd control helps a lot.) The WoD (Garrison) and MoP areas are not too bad, took advantage of dailies and hunting out treasure chests. BfA is a rough zone, you just have to understand your limits and either chest hunt or kill lots of lessor mobs to advance. BTW – I don’t have flight capability in WoD or BfA – not needed, especially if you have an ability like grappling hook to reach tall areas.”

Ster created a leveling guide for this rogue, though some may consider it akin to a zone leveling journal. It will give you an idea of the paths he took, his strategies, and areas to avoid. That guide can be found here or on our forums.

As for what’s next for Ster he had this to say, “Probably a druid, certainly play with Classic for a little while. I see Classic as a cute distraction but will get back to regular in short order.”

Once again congratulations to Ster on reaching max level with Imposter!

Congratulations to Tejbegriz on becoming our 9th Iron Champion during Battle for Azeroth! Corpsegrind accomplished this in a /played time of 11 days and 14 hours.

We asked Corpsegrind what drew him into trying the Iron Man Challenge and this is what he had to say; “I’m creating World of Warcraft related content on Youtube and the main reason was to accomplish something really big. Earlier I had a series of tough leveling challenges like leveling without weapons, tanking dungeons blindfolded, etc. After succeeding in these the upcoming challenge was the Iron Man, so I started to gather info on it and here I found about 10 months ago.”

Corpsegrind felt the worst of the challenge was getting used to the nature of it. “About the 10th occasion where I died had to rethink why I keep failing and then tried something new: Since in this challenge there are several ways to fail I had to set up my own rules and with that a solid goal system on the length of a leveling session. Every time I failed a new rule came in to avoid it to happen again. The more rules I made for myself the further I got but that wasn’t enough. I’m somewhat new to WoW so even if I had a scout character mostly I relied on massive luck since WoD+Legion+BFA zones were completely unknown to me, so at every corner in these zones I had to prepare for a jumpscare-escape. Levelling-wise the worst was the last level, without the war campaign quests I ran out quickly of doable quests in Zandalar so I had to kill about 3000 mobs and with a few daily quests thanks to Midsummer event.”

When we asked Corpsegrind what he felt the easiest part of the challenge was he said, “Looking at it wholly at first nothing is easy so jumping to that point when it got a little easier: After dying about 4-5 times around level 40 I changed toon but stayed on the same leveling path. With every death, it has gotten much faster, manageable where to go and when, what quest to avoid, and what to do when that certain point of no return comes.”

There were lots of memorable moments as well. “I had an embarrassing near-death experience when after of months of hard work I managed to take control of my panicking when getting on low health: I was hunting treasures in Frostfire Ridge somewhere where you have to kill ice elementals to get to a corpse imprisoned in ice, I used the zone ability and called down reinforcements but I forgot that other mobs are patrolling the area so one of the reinforcements after killing the ice elementals pulled a pack of mobs, I was on to bubble hearth but made the mistake to look back at what else is coming and then I broke the hearth casting and right then the divine shield wore off and I had to run away from at least 4-6 mobs, the whole scene lasted for about 20-30 seconds but on that point I got literally everything on cooldown and was below 20% hp and it got lower and lower as the very last mob just before landing the killing blow evaded. Another memorable moment was at 90% of 119 when 2 players tried to kill my character by pulling mobs intentionally into the consecration. Had to bubble hearth 4-5 times, but I met players along the way who accidentally others intentionally tried to do something to make me fail again.”

Corpsegrind has a few tips for anyone wanting to attempt the challenges, “I tried the most unusual ones: Mostly people say that don’t get too attached to an Iron Man character because if you lose the challenge it will have a negative impact on your confidence to do it. After I realized that I take a lot of situations lightly, I gave it a shot and treated the next character as something very important and that helped in a way to make me know where and when to stop when it’s not safe to do a quest or kill anymore. The other one is for panicking: the worst thing is when you are suddenly surprised by a flock of mobs and the fear of losing your character easily clouds your mind. The only thing I needed to learn is to take control immediately of these situations by strictly bubble-hearth out of every similar situation that’s already overwhelming. Do not take any chances. When you are about to take down a tough creature/rare make sure you got an escape route already planned, killing quest mobs in a way you know how much time you got before they start to spawn behind you, if necessary check out what spells to expect on a scout character. Finally: Stay adamant about your goal, because at first failure is unavoidable, but every mistake you will make is a lesson that you can adapt and overcome.”

Up next for him is going through his recorded Iron Man footage and creating highlights to try to help out other challengers like the top 10 most difficult quest mobs to kill, near-death experiences and other funny moments.

Once again congratulations Corpsegrind on safely getting your pally Tejbegriz to 120! 

Congratulations to Eìght on becoming our eighth Iron Champion during Battle for Azeroth! Eìght is no stranger to the Iron Champion podium. They received their first Iron Champion title in June of 2017 during Legion.

Eìght’s journey to level 120 took 1,004 days, 10 hours, and 54 minutes. During the course of their journey, Eìght has completed 3,924 quests, used 110 bandages, took 1,049 flight paths and hearthed 373 times.

Once again, congratulations to Eìght, our eighth Iron Champion during Battle for Azeroth!

Congratulations to Eexegigacute on becoming our first Iron Champion created during Battle for Azeroth to level from 1 to 120! This makes them our 7th Iron Champion, which took him 26 days or a /played time of just under 8 days to accomplish. Eexecute was also the first Allied Race to become an Iron champion this expansion with his Dark Iron Dwarf Krahkknahr. 

After hitting the Iron Champion podium with Krahkknahr recently, we asked Eexecute why he jumped back in so quickly with another Iron. “Leeta and Stone said they wanted to see a 1-120 iron… and I heard them. Having already succeeded on a Dark Iron Dwarf (Krahkknahr, great racials), I rolled this toon because I wanted to see if I could make it to cap with effectively useless racials. It took a few tries thanks to my ISP acting up and forcing me to start over, but it’s done now.”

When asked if there were any challenging moments or close calls this time, Eexecute had this to say, “Having optimized my route, none of the challenge proved extremely difficult… almost as though Krahkknahr was a glorified scout. I stuck to the zones that I knew worked and avoided the ones that didn’t. I didn’t have a single near-death experience on this toon.”

Eexecute’s advice for anyone wanting to try out the Iron Man Challenge was this: “I can only echo what I said on the last podcast and what has been said by those who came before me – do your homework (scout), read the FAQ, always have an escape, read the FAQ, seek advice when unsure, read the FAQ, don’t play if you’re lagging or tired, and read the FAQ. Also, it might be a good idea to armory Eexegigacute and look at the pet names.”

With two Iron Champions under his belt for this expansion, we asked Eexecute what his next project would be. “I’ve been sort of conscripted into taking all of my notes/knowledge and compiling them into a ‘guide’ of sorts (thanks, Leeta and KhrysW). As such, I’ll level a tin hunter (Gnome of course!) on WRA and use it to organize everything. Given that I’m in the middle of an academic trimester at UNSW, it won’t be a particularly fast process, but I’m happy to assist the community.”

Congratulation once again on successfully reaching max level with Eexegigacute! We look forward to seeing the leveling guide you’ve come up with once it’s finished.

Congratulations to Shinari on becoming our sixth Iron Champion during Battle for Azeroth. Shinari is the second Iron challenger created after Patch 7.3.5. to reach max level doing so in just under 402 days. This is also the same character who won our Rogue Rumble contest back in April of 2018.

In the time it took to reach max level, Shinari completed 2,485 quests, took 295 flight paths, and hearthed 108 times.

Once again congratulations to Shinar our sixth Iron Champion during Battle for Azeroth and the second challenger to do so after Patch 7.3.5.

Congratulations to Krahkknahr, our first Iron Champion created during Battle for Azeroth! Krahkknahr is also our first Iron Allied Race to reach max level and our 5th Iron Champion overall during this expansion, taking just under 42 days to do so.

Being fairly new to the challenge scene, we asked Eexecute, Krahkknahr’s pilot, what drew him into trying out the challenge. He said, “I’d heard about the ironman challenge a while ago, but completely forgot all about it until I saw people on Reddit posting about it. I checked out the WoW Challenges site, saw that some people had succeeded, and decided I’d give it a go.”

For him, the easiest part of the challenge was leveling from 98 to 111 saying, “having the Draenor/Legion pathfinder achievements really trivializes those levels. You can literally loot your way through half of it in Tanaan Jungle, and many of the Legion bonus objectives were not designed with flying in mind.”

Eexecute found the hardest part was leveling from 111 to 120. “The combat quests in BFA are tuned for people in greens with the Heart of Azeroth. Given the experience dropoff of prior content at level 111, I was forced to grind mobs to get most of the experience. The combat quests are just too hard, and you can’t benefit from (or even see) incursion objectives.”

Krahkknahr’s run almost came to an end in Tol Barad. Eexecute learned the hard way that when a mob has a massive damage ability like Keep Lord Farson’s Stormstrike, it can be panic-inducing, especially when the ability was not listed on WoWHead.

When we asked Eexecute if he had any advice for other challengers he said, “The best advice I can give is to do your homework. Always try something on a scout first if unsure. Also, take note of mob patrol routes and spawn locations in dangerous areas. It’s always better to spend the time safely gathering information than to find it out the hard way. Also, get involved with the community. They’re great people, with a wealth of helpful information.”

Eexecute’s current projects include an Iron Paladin, a Green Paladin, and a Green Team with a friend that he’s having a ton of fun with.

Once again, congratulation to Eececute’s Krahkknahr on becoming our 1st Iron Champion created during Battle for Azeroth!

Congratulations to 2Shankz, who just completed two challenges with the same toon! Twothirsty is the first 120 Blood Thirsty as well as the fourth max level Iron Man for Battle for Azeroth. Incredibly, he played the toon as a white-geared Blood Thirsty while following the rules of the Iron Man Challenge at the same time.

His /played is 15 days 10 hours, over the course of 3 years. When asked to tell us about the journey, he said that killing stuff in BFA was hard in white gear and long, taking up to 15 hours per level.

His advice? “When mobs were a level below it wasn’t too bad, but when they were the same level I would have to revive my pet every other pull even with cooldowns. To take advantage of this I would log out at 24.9% and come back when I had a couple of hours to play. If you log out at 25% then when you log in the mobs will be the same level as you. Doing this I was able to get to about 45% each level limiting the amount of time the mobs would be the same level as me.”

There were some scary moments. He had a couple of DC’s while in combat with a mob, which in white gear that pretty much guarantees a death as mobs can hit for 30% of your health at a time. “I was able to survive because every pull I would place a freezing trap in front of me. After I DC’d and the mob killed my pet it would walk into my freezing trap and when I would log back in it would still be in it. I don’t know if this would always work, but it worked the two times I needed it to. Placing a freezing trap at your feet is also useful when your pet is going to be dying regularly as it gives you plenty of time to revive your pet. Pro tip for hunters: Just be careful to cancel your auto attack and not use barb shot when your pet is close to dying as both will break the trap.”

What’s next for 2Shankz? “Next, I’ll probably take a break from the challenge. I might return to try to level a BFA Iron to max.”

Congratulations once again to 2Shankz and good luck on your future challenge endeavors!

Congratulation to Ferriona on becoming our third Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Champion. This character has also previously reached max level during Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and Legion.

Ferre did a lot of testing and scouting to find the best path and spec that would work for her. She settled on Resto spec for Ferriona in Legion and up, feeling it would be her best chance at survival once she passed WoD content.

Her path to level 120 did not include killing mobs in Battle for Azeroth. After a couple of levels of questing in Legion zones, the risk versus the reward was not very appealing with the experience from killing mobs dropping off so greatly. Instead, she opted for an alternative route. Ferre said, “I call it the slow road, making use of dailies and holiday activities with limited exploration.” She also noted that Druid crowd control is pretty weak and after some close calls, she really wished for a Vanish-type spell besides Shadowmeld.

Ferre has several other challengers in the works. Her next goal is to reach max level on a non-Pacifist Rogue.

It’s only been a week since Lyssan claimed the first spot on the Ironman Champion list, and now we have our second champion, Catster. This Night Elf rogue was started back in June 2016, which was 825 days ago, with a /played time of 390 hours.

When asked, “Was Battle for Azeroth a difficult expansion to level in?”, Ster said: “Being in a new zone presents new hazards and dangers, but overall, not too bad for an Iron challenger. So you might ask, what is the difficulty in getting to 120 today? Overall, I’d say the road is long from 1 to 120. You need to adjust your play style for the lengthy duration it takes. Most of my Iron Man deaths have been to carelessness that could have been prevented.”

Ster’s best advice to reach max cap? “Play conservatively, always leave an escape, and scout new areas before venturing in with a living Iron.”

Now that he’s gotten an Iron challenger to max level, Ster said he’ll be working on his Tin Man Druid and leveling a scout to 120 for the next expansion.

Below, you can find more suggestions for Battle for Azeroth leveling: