Iron Man Victors

A hardy grats to CaptainTrips, his toon Camachojr, a NE Hunter just dinged 110. He started the toon towards the end of November, and 50 days later maxed it with a played time of 7 days and 16 hours.

When asked what the hardest part was to getting a toon to 110, CaptainTrips said “Was trying to stay alive despite Bliz trying to kill me.” As an example, he said he was DCed 3-4 times while in flight, with his toon falling to the ground when he logged back in. “By using carefully timed hunter disengage, I managed to survive the falls.” I pointed out that the Goblin Glider Kit is pretty handy too if he’s going to do that going forward. “Naw, I just avoid vehicle flying quests and minimum use of flight points.”

What next? His girlfriend asked him what was he going to do now, and his first thought was that Southpark episode where he exclaimed “Finally, I can now play the game!”

You can find CaptainTrips on WrA in the Alliance guild or hanging on the Discord chats.

Neverdied’s army continues to expand with the dinging of Iron #27 on the Iron Challenger’s list. His druid hit 110 today, making it the eighth toon of his to make max cap.

Started February 2016 and reaching max January 2018, it took 5 days and 10 hours of played time to get there. Plus he has 3 other mid-100’s in the queue he’s working on. When asked what’s next, he said he is curious how the upcoming 7.3.5 patch with XP squish and scaling will impact the iron challenge. I asked, hey, what’s the biggest issue with juggling so many toons? He said he keeps similar talents/spells on the same action key (like the oh-crap-key or healing) is the same on each toon, but he admits he often forgets what each toon has done what quests as he goes around to each.

Congratulations (again) Neverdied!

Can you believe it? Neverdied has hit 110 with another Ironman champion! I had to check the lists several times, this is Neverdied’s sixth iron champion to hit 110. In addition to that, he has the only Blood Thirsty Champion on the list. Nisey, you’re gonna need to hustle with your BT’s. Heck, we all need to hustle to catch up with this machine.

Neverdied’s Night Elf priest “Neverdiedprt” hit 110 after 1 year of leveling, almost to the week. His played time is 5 days and 19 hours. This makes his toon #26 on the Ironman champion leaderboard.

When asked what spec he used, he immediately said Discipline! “As a healer, disc works great, and power word shield is huge.” As for the last 10 levels (100-110), Neverdied said he didn’t take this toon to Legion. Instead, concentrated on dailies, garrison stuff, and holidays.

Yes! On behalf of all the challengers, mods, sponsors, and everyone who enjoys the WoW Ironman Challenge, we present the latest iron challenger, number 25 on the Iron Champion list….. Stone! Yes, the guy who maintains the web site, the guy who co-hosts weekly podcasts, the guy who steers the WoW Ironman challenge…. has gotten his hunter to level 110. This endeavor started in June and 144 days later in late November, “Zymcore” and his pet turtle dinged after finishing up a Plants vs. Zombies daily.

When asked about his experience, Stone said it took at least 30 or more prior attempts (and iron deaths) to make it to the top. This toon has a /played time of a little over 180 hours. His best advice? As you are working your way through the levels, research what your toon can and can’t do with quests. Quests can vary wildly for a ranged toon like a hunter versus same quest with a melee toon. Good advice, because when your toon is past 100, and approaching 110, you sure don’t want to die to a preventable event!

If you’d like to watch Stone dinging 110, the Twitch stream can be found on YouTube at:
(which by the way, shows a great method for playing and winning the PvZ daily).

No pressure on our other co-host to get a challenger to 110. (Coughs) (Leeta) (Coughs) 🙂

Congratulations to Towny, his Draenei Paladin Annabolic just dinged 110 as an Ironman Champion, the 24th champion since Legion came out.

You may know Towny from his past guest appearance on Episode 81 of the WoW Challenges Podcast and his famously named Pacifist named Snuffletips.  Pally Annabolic was born in February of this year and dinged today (October), 242 days later.   Next time Towny is on the podcast, we’ll ask him what his /played time is.

Annabolic was grand-fathered early on the Tinman list, meaning he played his Tin under the stricter ironman rules.  This is Towny’s 2nd max-level ironman, “Bazta” is #18 on the champion’s list, dinging that toon during the mid-summer festival.

So “grats” Towny, we wish you best of luck with Shnuffletips and look forward to your next visit to hear about your adventures!

Editor’s Note: ‘Ster is the original author, Stone edited and posted.


Outroguester made it to 110 with an outlaw spec’ed rogue, his 4th champion toon. His first two rogues were Subtlety spec’ed and his druid is Feral.

The 23rd champion since Legion’s release took 139 days and 347 hours of played time and 3056 quests. After AH sales, buying fast flights, garrison buildings, ended up with 74,000 of gold.

Here’s some interesting stats: the ironman leader-board has 9 hunters, 3 rogues, 2 each for Monk, Druid, and Mage, while only 1 each for Warrior, Pally, Shaman, Priest, and Warlock. So plenty of room for your challenge toon to join the party!

When asked which is better for rogue, Subtlety or Outlaw, Ster says “Subtlety has better defense capabilities while Outlaw is a little more fun with Pistol Shot. Regardless of which rogue spec you pick, you better have your core rogue skills perfected, such as melee attack, escape, crowd control, and put Vanish on multiple places on your action bars.” More discussions of subtlety versus outlaw can be found on the challenge forums here:

Having just dinged a champion to 110 earlier this week, he does another. Margrage dings 110, the first warrior to make it to Legion max cap! According to statistics, it took a little over a year from start to finish to get Margrage to 110. RIP to his Pally that died at 103 and best wishes on his new priest.

Congrats Margothon!

Our very own contest designer Margothon has recently dinged a new 110 champion, plus keep an eye out for another in the near future*. Joining his existing Hunter and Monk champions are a newly crowned Mage named Margblink. Margothon has been working on these two toons for over a year, and a /played time of 202 hours for the Mage. Keep an eye out for the warrior, it’s at 109 and will be the second warrior to reach max level in Legion. Amazing accomplishment.

*Assuming his warrior does not DC, game glitch, or run into some life-stealing mob.

In his spare time, you might know Margothon best as the guy who designed the special iron contests such as the recent “Orcs vs. Humans” or the fiendish “Arrow to Knee” contests. We hear his next contest will be coming up 4th quarter, stay tuned for more details. Until then, you might see Margothon chasing an finishing the warrior or a new iron priest.

Amazing effort by Zador results in the 20th toon to get to Iron Championship level, and the first paladin to make it to 110 since Legion.

Zador accomplished this in roughly 31 days with 4 days 6 hours of play time. Zador mentioned he learned the hard way to avoid Horde camps, and arranging your keybinds for quick access is critical. Now that he’s 110, he’s going to make a special trip back to EPL to say hi to Ix’lar who munched on one of Zador’s earlier toons.

More details about Zador’s adventures can be found on the forum at

We’re pleased to announce that Mosotti has successfully reached 110 with his Blood Elf Hunter, known as Bikini Babe. This was Mosotti’s 6th attempt to get his BE to 110, over a span of about 40 days with 7 days of played time. You can read more about his adventures on the WoW Challenges forums where he describes the climb to 110.

He dedicates this victory to his patient wife and their newborn son.

Well done Mosotti!