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We are joined by Ceraphus and Rho to tell us all about Con Before the Storm and World of Podcasts; the history of the events and the some of their unexpected surprises and challenges.  In the news we cover CBTS & World of Podcast panels we’re appearing in, our WoW Challenges BlizzCon lunch, The Summoning contest update and “The Score”. As always we cover the State of the Challengers; Leeta & Stone review their weeks into the challenges; We read your comments, feedback and answer your questions.

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Reminder: We no longer have a “CLEAN” tag.

Hi everyone! Medieval Times saved World of Podcasts this year, so we’re already incredibly grateful to them. They’re not done yet. They’ve give us a discount code for folks heading to BlizzCon.  If you are going to the Medieval Times at Buena Park, California, head over to the Con Before the Storm discord and check out the details in the #announcements channel. Huge thank you to them!