World Events

Love is in the Air has started and will run from February 12 through to February 26. Below you’ll find what’s allowed and what’s not for your Challengers. For a complete overview of the event please see the Love is in the Air Guide.

Quests: All quests are okay to do providing they fall within the parameters of your challenge.
Blood Thirsty (Solo & Teams): Move along, nothing to see here for you. This event revolves around questing and you are not allowed to do that.
Pacifists: Please be aware some of the event’s quests involve killing mobs. You will not be able to do all of the quests. When in doubt, scout it out. 

Lovely Cards: NOT ALLOWED 
The Lovely Cards (example: Lovely Undercity Card) are NOT ALLOWED as they provide stat buffs for your character.
Tin Man: You are allowed to use these as Tin challengers can have buffs.

Love Tokens: These can be spent on a number of items, however, please keep in mind that the Box of Chocolates and anything that is a Cologne or Perfume are NOT ALLOWED as they provide you buffs.
Tin Man: You are the exception once again as your challenge allows buffs.

Dresses & Suits: There are white/common-quality dresses and suits that can be equipped, so these are fair game for your Challengers. That being said, please be mindful of the quality of the item you are equipping. There may be green quality versions of these items in the game as well. Equipping those will get you flagged.
Blood Thirsty Solo: If you somehow come across a green event item, you may equip it since green quality gear is allowed for you.
Green Man: Should you come across any green quality event items you may equip them, your challenge allows green quality gear. 

Apothecary Hummel: NOT ALLOWED
This NPC is located in a dungeon and is NOT ALLOWED for solo challengers. 
Iron Teams: If you are a full team of 5 your team may queue for this dungeon.
Blood Thirsty Teams: If you are a full team of 5 your team may queue for this dungeon, however, you are not allowed to complete any quests in the dungeon.

Collecting Charms: You’re allowed to collect charms for achievements, pets, mounts, and items if you want.
Blood Thirsty Solo & Teams: While you can collect the Lovely Charms, you’ll need to complete a quest to turn them in. Since you cannot complete these quests it’s back to the blood-soaked fields with you.
Pacifists: You cannot acquire these as the Lovely Charms require you to land the killing blow to in order to receive the charm.

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It is the Year of the Pig! The Lunar Festival runs from January 28th through February 11th. This year’s update brought seven new toys to the event! Please see the Lunar Festival Guide for a complete overview of the event.

Honouring Elders
With the exception of  Blood Thirsty, all challengers can go honour Elders and take advantage of the free Experience Points they’ll give you. Honouring an Elder will give you a Lucky Red Envelope and a Coin of Ancestry. Due to the phasing that was added to several zones in recent expansions, you may need to talk to Zidormi to return the zone to how it used to be. The zones you may need to do this for are Undercity, Tirisfal Glades, Blasted Lands, Darkshore, Darnassus, Teldrassil, and Silithus.

 Blood Thirsty: These quests will count against your quests completed totals.

Pacifists: These quests are a great way to start a new Pacifist challenger, especially now that you need to be level five to learn your professions.

Lunar Fortune Buff
In each of the envelopes, you will receive either a Lucky Rocket Cluster or an Elder’s Moonstone. Setting off the Lucky Rocket Cluster from a cluster launcher will give you the Lunar Fortune buff… this gives you +250 health and is NOT ALLOWED.

All quests are allowed for all Challenges except  Blood Thirsty, even the quest that requires you to defeat Omen, although I’m not quite sure I’d recommend trying it… if you die, that’s it.

Coin of Ancestry Redemption
You can turn in your Coins of Ancestry for pets, toys, food, fireworks, and clothes.

Festival Dumplings are ALLOWED. Good health/mana regeneration. Stock up on these.

Festival DressesSuits & Crowns: NOT ALLOWED. These are all green-quality items and will flag your character.

 Blood Thirsty: You are ALLOWED to equip these since you can equip green gear.
 Green Man: All green event items ALLOWED for you.

Schematics & Patterns
Allowed for Pacifists only. You can buy these from Fariel Starsong to craft cluster & firework launchers as well as festival dresses and suits. Professions are NOT ALLOWED for all other challengers.

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We made it through another year… or did we? The Feast of Winter Veil has arrived once again and will run from December 16, 2018, to January 2, 2019. You can find the full write-up from here:

There are a number of daily quests that you’re allowed to do. Even the daily requiring you to loot the bag that drops after killing the Greench is okay. You can stand back and let others kill it as all you need to do is grab the bag… you do not need to tag the Greench. Please be warned though… a death is still a death and I’ve heard the Greench will one-shot Irons without a second thought.

Blood Thirsty Solo & Teams: Sorry, as usual, you feel the wrath of the Greench: all quests count against you.

Pacifists: We recommend you try quests out on a regular character and see if your Kills and Killing Blows get incremented.

There are many pieces of cosmetic gear that are obtainable: please be aware that any green or higher quality item equipped is not allowed. Yes, this includes the shirt and tabard slots. White-quality items are still okay but you should take care as some white-quality items have turned green (this will flag you).

Blood Thirsty Solo: Green cosmetic gear is okay for you!

Pacifists: It is okay for you to craft cosmetic items for auction house sales.

Green Man: Green gear is okay for you as well!

You are allowed to collect and use all the toys, however, you should be aware that equipping green, blue, or purple items will still red-flag you. There is a new toy this year called Toy Armor Set. This item is the 2018 holiday gift. When used it looks like it will equip an armor set made up of a Wooden Toy Helm and an Alliance or Horde Toy Cape, depending on your faction. These items may be green quality and have not been tested, use at your own risk. 

There is quite a bit of food available, so I’ll only list the items that stand out as NOT ALLOWED.

The Snowglobe, Mistletoe, Fresh Holly and Handful of Snowflakes
All these should be okay to use. We’re not aware of any buff that would normally flag your challenger. As always, if you’re not sure, do some testing on a regular character before using items on your challenger. Flags will not be reversed.

Catching Greatfather Winter
This is an allowed activity on all challengers and will award you 500 Class Order Hall resources. It is not yet clear whether this will count as a quest for Blood Thirsty challengers, so be cautious.

Warlords Savage Gift
The Savage Gift is obtained from Izzy Hollyfizzle, located in your garrison and might contain the Minion of Grumpus mount. It also contains Apexis Crystals, Oil, Garrison Resources, Frozen Arms of a Hero, Elixir of the Rapid Mind, Medallion of the Legion.

  • The Frozen Arms of a Hero is okay to use on your followers.
  • The Elixir of the Rapid Mind is NOT ALLOWED to be used for your Challenge characters. You are, however, allowed to auction it or send it to another non-Challenge character for faster leveling.
  • The Medallion of the Legion this is an item that grants you reputation. While you can unlock reps, the items that become available may not fall within the challenge rules.

We all know what we’re really excited about for Winter Veil, right? It’s the PRESENTS!!! All challengers, except for Blood Thirsty Solo & Teams, are allowed to open the gifts Greatfather Winter leaves you under the tree. The gifts are available December 25th through January 2nd. Please beware of the following items, as they are NOT ALLOWED for your Challenger. 

As always, if you’re not sure or think the information here needs updating, please let me know. You can reach me on Twitter, the forums or by email.

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Pilgrim’s Bounty starts today, November 19th, and will run through November 26th. My main point of reference here is the guide. It appears that nothing new was added to this event.

Bountiful Tables: These are found at all major cities and towns with inns. Eating here is ALLOWED for purposes of completing the quest, however, please note that eating the same meal 5 times will give you a buff that is not allowed:

Transmog Items:

  • The Pilgrim’s Hat, Attire, Dress, Robe, and Boots are NOT ALLOWED for Irons, Tins, Bloods, Pacifists, Iron Teams or Blood Teams. Previous years these items were white, they are now green. The only challengers that may wear these items now are Green challengers as daily quests are required to obtain them.
  • The Rare-quality (blue) Fine Pilgrim’s Hat is also NOT ALLOWED.

Battle Pets: You can obtain the following two battle pets (but again, cannot use them within the confines of the challenge).

  • Frightened Bush Chicken can be found in the daily Pilgrim’s Bounty quest reward.
  • Plump Turkey is rewarded from completing the Pilgrim achievement (not possible for Challengers to do).

Pilgrim Achievement: Currently this achievement is not possible to complete for Challengers since some of the requirements would break our challenge rules.

  • Irons, Tins, Greens, Blood Thirsty, Iron Teams, and Blood Teams: Cannot get the Now We’re Cookin’ achievement since cooking is not allowed.
  • Pacifists: Cannot get the Terokkar Turkey Time achievement as killing is required.

Daily Quests: There are two sets of quests… ones that require cooking and others that let you either cook or BUY the necessary quest items. Pacifists are allowed to complete both sets of quests since cooking is allowed for them. Irons, Tins, and Greens are only allowed to complete the quests where you can buy the items.

Completing the dailies will give you a Pilgrim’s Bounty reward, in which you can find the Frightened Bush Chicken or the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter toy. This item sells for 10 gold! You can also keep this since it’s a toy and does not provide any in-game assistance.

Pacifists: Please be aware some of the quests require you to kill turkeys for the reagent Wild Turkey. This will count as a kill. Thank you to Cell for checking this out and reporting back to us.

Blood Thirsty(Solo & Teams): Unfortunately here we are at yet ANOTHER world event you can’t participate in.

Food Recipes: Pacifists can learn five new cooking recipes: Spice Bread Stuffing (1), Pumpkin Pie (100), Cranberry Chutney (160), Candied Sweet Potato (220), Slow-Roasted Turkey (280). All of these items provide buffs. You can EAT the food, however, you must right-click the buff OFF.

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World of Warcraft’s 14th Anniversary celebration starts today! This event will conclude on November 30th. You can find an in-depth guide on the Anniversary events here:

The Celebration Package, while great for your regular characters, is NOT ALLOWED for any Challenge character.

Blood Thirsty Challengers: When you open the gift you will have a quest that gets auto-accepted. This quest will count against your Quest Completion if you turn it in.

There are two daily quests available:

A Time to Reflect is available for ALL LEVELS. Irons, Tins, and Greens should be able to do this quest (sorry Bloods, back to the blood-soaked fields you go). Pacifists should check the quest out first (or let us know) but I would think this quest should be okay as you are answering a question. One issue you may run into is proximity kills if someone starts killing critters beside the quest-giver. Beware.

The Originals is available only for Level 60 or higher characters. You are not allowed to join a group, so overall this quest would be a no-go for your Challenger. You can try to tag the world boss, but you do so at your own risk; I’m sure there will be some fairly deadly effects. Blood Thirsty and Pacifists most certainly cannot do this quest.


jackHallow’s End is once again upon us! We’ve updated our list of do’s and don’t’s to help guide you through the event. Hallow’s End runs from October 18 through November 1. Here’s Wowhead’s guide:

Applicable Challenges: Generally Irons, Tins, Pacifists, Greens and Iron Teams may participate in Hallow’s End to some extent (depending on your specific challenge), however, Blood Thirsty and Blood Teams challengers may not participate due to their limited quest completion restrictions.

Candy Buckets – This is a great time to pick up some relatively easy XP. You can get free experience by going to inns all across the World of Warcraft and looting the candy buckets. A list of all candy buckets can be found here: Irons, Pacifists, Tins, Greens, Iron Teams. Not Allowed: Bloods & Blood Teams.

Candy in General – The Tricky Treat candy and Hallow’s End Candy are NOT ALLOWED as they grant buffs to your character.

Apple Bobbing – Apples from the bucket are okay. They return 75% of your health over 25 seconds while eating, however, do not give any buffs. Please keep in mind these can only be used during the Hallow’s End event. Once the event is over, these items will disappear from your bags. ALLOWED on all challengers.

The Wicker Man – It is okay to do the Wicker Man quest only. In the process of doing the quest you will receive a buff that gives you a bonus to experience and reputation. The buff itself is NOT ALLOWED. Please right-click it off immediately. Allowed: Irons, Pacifists, Tins, Greens, Iron Teams. Not Allowed: Bloods & Blood Teams.

Tricky Treats – You are allowed to collect the Tricky Treats and use them to buy pets, mounts and rewards, however, please keep in mind that any items purchased are still subject to the Challenge Rules. You can buy a battle pet no problem… you just can’t use it on that Challenge Character. ALLOWED on all challengers.

Headless Horseman Defeated in Town – In Brill, Goldshire or wherever, you will be able to douse the fires of the headless horseman and defeat him. You are allowed to loot the pumpkin. However, you will receive a buff called “Victory!” that can’t be removed unless you’re out of the town. When it’s time to leave the town, simply right-click the buff off and you’ll be good to go. Fire Warning: the fire WILL kill your challenger. Take care when the Horseman is around. Allowed: Irons, Pacifists, Tins, Greens, Iron Teams. Not Allowed: Bloods & Blood Teams.

Headless Horseman DungeonNOT ALLOWED: You are not allowed to queue for the Headless Horseman dungeon as this is against the rules of all challenges.

Hallowed Helm NOT ALLOWED: Cosmetic gear is no longer allowed to be equipped. This will red-flag your character.

Hallow’s End Themed Gear Warning: Hallow’s End Armor is now GREEN and will flag your Irons, Pacifists, Tins and Blood TEAMS challengers. Blood Thirsty (solo) and Green challengers can wear the Green / Uncommon armour.

Get your tankards ready, put on your Romance Goggles (while they’re still common quality!) and have some fun!  Brewfest will run from September 20th to October 6th!

Quests: All lead-in, ram-racing, and daily quests are allowed. Pacifists may not want to do ram-racing since you’re whipping the poor thing, but there will be nothing there to technically disqualify you.

Loot: Most of the white Bavarian gear has been turned to uncommon, so you can no longer equip it. There are a handful of items still remaining that are common (white) quality, however, you should be very cautious with these as they may turn uncommon (green) in a future patch. Your challenger will be flagged. You can cash in your Brewfest Prize Tokens for the Brewmaster title or add to your toy or pet collection.

Coren Direbrew: Since this is in a dungeon again this year, it’s not allowed for any challenger (Iron, Tin, Green, Blood or Pacifist).

Brewfest Enthusiast: At 6:15 am & 6:15 pm, Mekkatorque, and Saurfang issue speeches. Everyone nearby gets a 2-hour buff that grants +10% experience. This buff is NOT ALLOWED. If you happen to be in the area when the buff is applied, you can simply right-click it off.

Blood Thirsty Challengers: Overall, the event is centered around quests, which you are not allowed to do.

Pacifist Challengers: While you can do *some* quests, you should be very cautious as you may accidentally pick up proximity kills when the Dark Iron Dwarves attack.

For a full run-down of Brewfest, you can visit WoWHead’s Guide:

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask us on Discord, our forums, or on Twitter: @WoWChallenges.

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Things are heating up in Azeroth with summer’s arrival. What better way to celebrate than with the Midsummer Fire Festival. This year the event runs from June 21st through July 5th. This year’s update does not apply to us since it was an increase to the ilvl of the Frostscythe and capes that drop from Ahune, The Frost Lord.

You can find all the information you need on the event overall here at this Wowhead guide:

Festival Bonfires & Daily Quests
Greens: ALLOWED.
Pacifists: From what we can tell, dousing the flame will not count as a kill this year.
Blood Thirsty: You would be better off sitting this one out as this is a quest-heavy event.

Desecrating Fires: This will PvP flag you, so use caution if you attempt to put out any fires. For those challengers that can fly, Ster has a helpful tip: “Get close to a bonfire. Click on it to bring up the quest box. Mount up on a flying mount and rise up in the air a few feet. Click Okay to complete the quest, it will not dismount you but you will become PvP flagged. Hit your space bar(or whichever key you use to gain height on your flying mounts) almost instantly after clicking Okay to raise you up into the air, reducing the chances of being attacked. If you don’t have flying, it’s much riskier.”

Ribbon Pole: The XP buff you get from doing the ribbon pole dance is NOT ALLOWED!

Fire Festival Fury: When a Burning Blossom is thrown into a festival fire, all surrounding players will gain the Fire Festival Fury buff. This can be right-clicked to remove it and is NOT ALLOWED!

Bonfire’s Blessing: Typically this would not be allowed, however, you are unable to right-click/remove the buff so there is not much that can be done. Basically don’t go out there intentionally reigniting the bonfire to give you that buff… if you get it because someone else did it, fine. Pacifists BEWARE: You will be credited with a kill if the buff kills a mob that is attacking you. Tread carefully!

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Children’s Week runs from April 30th to May 7th this year. The guide has been updated but we are not seeing anything new for this year.

You are allowed to do quests or achievements for the event unless they break the rules of whichever challenge you are doing. Blood Thirsty challengers, this is a questing event, since you are not allowed to quest you’ll need to sit this one out. Since someone will ask it, I’ll say it: Doing the quests or achievements that require you to bring the orphan into a dungeon or battleground will get you flagged.

You can earn toys, battle pets, and pet care packages for pet related things… these are all okay to earn for your account, but you are still not allowed to use those pets to level up your challenge character.

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Easter-Eggs_no_backgroundNobelgarden is here for one week only! The event runs from April 2nd through April 9th. We’re using the Noblegarden Guide to cover what you can and can’t do for your Challengers.

Noblegarden Chocolates: Yes and no. You are allowed to use them to regain your health, however, they provide a buff (Stamina and Spirit) that must be removed. Right-click the buff off.

Vanity Clothes: You are able to use the Noblegarden Chocolates to obtain all of these items however, due to these items being changed to green quality, only Blood Thirsty challengers are allowed to equip them.

New to 2018: The holiday attire has been added to the appearance tab and you can transmog to it during the Noblegarden event. This will only affect the Blood Thirstys as they are the only challengers who can transmog.

Egg Basket: The Borrowed Egg Basket is allowed. It has an on-use effect that increases your speed by 60% for 10 seconds only during the Noblegarden event and only in areas where there are brightly colored eggs found ie. starting zones. The green quality Egg Basket you receive when turning in the quest A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket is not allowed (except for Blood Thirstys if you really want to burn a quest).

Mounts and Pets: There are three pets (Spring Rabbit’s FootMystical Spring Bouquet and Noblegarden Bunny) as well as one mount (Swift Springstrider). It is okay to obtain these, however, this does not mean you can use the pets in pet battles on your challenger.

Quests: Completely okay to do except for Blood Thirsty challengers.

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