Behind the Avatar

BEHINDTHEAVATARLast night I spoke with Leeta on Behind the Avatar. I’ve told her this before but when you look at the caliber of folks on her show, I am most definitely not worthy. You don’t even need to look very hard… merely have a look at who her guest was on Episode 91.

The first half is about me, yes, so you can skip that part and get right into the WoW Challenges portion for the really good stuff. Being on this podcast isn’t really about me, it’s about the effect that we have all had on the WoW community at large… while I won’t say we’ve been truly embraced by everyone, we have most definitely had an effect on a LOT of people. For them, I’d say this podcast was as much of a result of your work as it was mine.

Thank you Leeta & Behind the Avatar for aiding our cause! You can find us on Episode 92 at Behind the Avatar.