WoW Anniversary

Starting tomorrow we’ll be celebrating World of Warcraft’s 13th anniversary. You can see a full write-up of what to expect here: The event concludes on November 30.

The Celebration Package, while great for your regular alts, is NOT ALLOWED for any Challenge character.

Blood Thirsty Challengers: When you open the gift you will have a quest that gets auto-accepted. This quest will count against your Quest Completion if you turn it in.

There are actually two daily quests available:

A Time to Reflect is available for ALL LEVELS. Irons and Tins should be able to do this quest (sorry Bloods, back to the blood-soaked fields you go). Pacifists should check the quest out first (or let us know) but I would think this quest should be okay as you are answering a question. One issue you may run into is proximity kills if someone starts killing critters beside the quest-giver. Beware.

The Originals is available only for Level 60 or higher characters. You are not allowed to join a group, so overall this quest would be a no-go for your Challenger. You can try to tag the world boss, but you do so at your own risk; I’m sure there will be some fairly deadly effects. Blood Thirsty and Pacifists most certainly cannot do this quest.


wow_icon_by_officer_luficerWorld of Warcraft’s 11st Anniversary is almost upon us. It’s running from November 16 1pm to November 30 1pm (times are North American Eastern). As before players are rewarded with some goodies… but when it comes down to the challenges, please be aware that some are not allowed.

If you have any questions about these items, please let me know by contacting me either on the forums, twitter, email or facebook.