With patch 7.2.5 a nice undocumented change that came in resulted in many holiday items that were previously Common (white) are now Uncommon (green). This has resulted in many challengers being red-flagged.

It is important that you remove the items from your character ASAP.

I’ve gone through to reset most flags, however, I don’t believe all characters will be updated to reflect the new uncommons that were equipped. I’ll be doing another pass tomorrow after our big nightly job is done and attempt to fix any new toons that get flagged again.

If you see your character incorrectly flagged, please let me know at Stone -AT- All I will need is your toon, realm, region and I can go have a look. When you send me your character information, please make sure you’ve already unequipped the gear so that you won’t be red-flagged again.

At first we thought this change only applied to Noblegarden cosmetic items, however, I’ve found cases of this applied to Brewfest and Pilgrim’s Bounty items. There are still cosmetic items that remain Common (white), however, based on this change I highly suggest you unequip any items that are marked “cosmetic” in case this happens again.

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Easter-Eggs_no_backgroundNobelgarden is here for one week only! The event runs from March 28 through April 4. We’re using the Noblegarden Guide to cover what you can and can’t do for your Challengers.

Noblegarden Chocolates: Yes and no. You are allowed to use them to regain your health, however, they provide a buff (Stamina and Spirit) that must be removed. Right-click the buff off.

Vanity Clothes: You are able to use the Noblegarden Chocolates to obtain all of these White Quality gear. They are all allowed.

Spring Circlet: Speaking of the Spring Circlet, this piece of gear provides +2 Bonus Armor and *IS* allowed. This is different from white quality items that are not allowed (like the glider) in that this is something that must be worn and not just carried in your bag. The Circlet is similar to the Bow from Storm Peaks (provides + frost damage). The circlet costs 50 chocolates.

Egg Basket: The egg basket is in a bit of a grey area. It has an on-use effect that increases your speed by 60% for 10 seconds only during the Noblegarden event and only in areas where there are brightly coloured eggs found ie. starting zones. Since this is a white-quality piece of GEAR that is being equipped with a limited duration and limited area of use we’re going to say it’s allowed.

Mounts and Pets: There are two pets (Spring Rabbit’s Foot and Mystical Spring Bouquet) as well as one mount (Swift Springstrider). It is okay to obtain these, however, this does not mean you can use the pets in pet battles on your challenger.

Quests: Completely okay to do.