April Fool’s Day

We have a super special April Fool’s Day episode for you. Also we break open a bottle of 27 year old scotch to honour Tulli.

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alert_buttonIn the vein of the proposed Iron Man Lite challenge, we’ve decided to take it a step further. The new challenge will cater to folks that are looking for something new like the Ironman but just not quite so hard. The new Ultra Lite challenge will ease you into the regular challenge so slowly Legion will be out before you know it. Let’s go over the rules.

  1. Deaths: What a pain. You died to a bug?  An invisible mob? Fell through the world? Died as part of a legit quest? Don’t worry about it. Deaths don’t matter. Just keep on leveling.
  2. Gear Quality: Leveling would be so much easier if you could equip gear better than White Quality. We agree. Now you get to equip whatever you want!
    1. Enchantments? YES PLEASE! Go for it.
    2. Unfortunately in this challenge Shirts are NOT ALLOWED. We hope you can keep the chafing down to a minimum.
    3. Tabards? Nah! they’re just like Shirts. No benefit? NOT ALLOWED.
      1. Sorry, you CAN use the teleportation tabards. Those are a great help.
  3. Talents, Specs, Glyphs: Still too hard to level with purples? NO PROBLEM! Pick your spec, choose your talents and buy those glyphs!
  4. Professions: You want to cook your way to the top? You can! If you level exclusively through cooking dailies you’ll get a new achievement: The Real Iron Chef.
  5. Potions, Flasks, Elixirs: Whoops! Accidentally quaffed a health potion to keep you barely alive? Don’t worry. It’s OK! Quaff as much as you want.
    1. Elixirs are MANDATORY. You must level with an XP boosting buff at all times.
  6. Killing Blow %: uhm; not even sure what this is. I mean, really? MATH? C’MON!!!! No one told me I’d have to do math past Grade 2.
  7. Party, Raid, Groups: What better way is there to complete this challenge than with friends? Especially the kind of friends that will carry you around on a two-seater mount and kill all the things for you.
  8. Dungeons, Raids, Arenas, Battlegrounds: This works with Rule 7. Just sit back and let the action happen. Let the XP come to you! You can do it!
  9. Guilds: So yeah. Did you know that all guilds are actually Level 1 now? No? Lots of other people didn’t know either. That’s okay though since with this new challenge your goal is to sit back and let others earn all the XP. The more XP they earn the better. Perhaps they can earn so much XP you can get your guild to level 2?
  10. Pet Battles? What better way to level up your character than by sitting in Stormwind and just battle the rats? I can tell you. Sitting in Undercity battling cockroaches. TRY IT!
  11. Food & Class Buffs: Why not? It won’t hurt anything to have a food buff when you’re sitting in Stormwind or Undercity killing all the pests.  While you’re at it, get your friends to group up with you and BUFF YOU UP.
  12. Refer-a-Friend: Oh baby! This rule works especially well with Rule 7. If you can do RAF *and* let your partner do the leveling for you; wow, you’ve just figured this challenge out. Congratulations!
  13. Combat or Leveling Addons: Do these even exist anymore?  I mean, really? Do people NEED these? No, for serious. Not an April Fool’s. It’s built into the game!
  14. Heirloom Mounts / Warlords Flying: Why not? It’ll make the challenge even easier for you to complete.
  15. XP Boosts: Hey, Rule 5 says you MUST have an XP Boosting buff. This applies here. You are most certainly allowed to wear Heirloom gear (the more the better)
  16. Character Boosts: okay, so all the rules above could be pretty much invalidated by this rule. This is the SUPER LEVELING RULE. This is the rule to rule all rules. If you can afford it, you can PAY TO WIN. That’s right. You can put down your hard-earned real dollars, purchase a character level boost, and complete the challenge in a matter of MINUTES! Congratulations! You just won the game!