Blood Thirsty

Congrats to our very own Social Media Manager, Nisey, whose paladin, Soulshield, just became the second Blood Thirsty to hit 120. Soulshield was her oldest living challenger, taking nearly three years to reach this point with a /played time of 16 day and 3 hours.

When asked about difficult moments and close calls, she said: “Well, I think the hardest part was paying attention at times, it was super easy to zone out and end up not where I wanted to be or pulling more than I had wanted.

Also, I did have one really close calls on this character, in Outlands over in Nagrand. Somehow I pulled two Talbuks instead of one and when they run up to you they charge and hit you for a pretty good amount and these two hit me at pretty much the same time and dropped me so low I had the red screen of death flashing and I was popping everything I could and healing like crazy to get back up to a safer health to finish killing them.

When a challenger hits max-level, we always ask them to share a leveling tip for others: “As far as recommendations for other BT’s, I guess be flexible, be patient, and scout. At times I would take a non-challenge character out to look over where I wanted to grind, and I would kill a few mobs and just sit and watch for a little bit too, to make sure nothing nasty would patrol through that area. This also helped me in figuring out how to get to those areas using a ground mount for places that I couldn’t fly in (like in BfA for example).

Always be flexible with everything, be willing to at least try out a different spec if you are curious to how it’s going to handle. I tried out protection for like three kills, and went back to Ret.

Be willing to have to change the spot you had planned on grinding in, or not work on that character right then if something not ideal is going on, such as a legion invasion taking over your grinding spot.

When asked if she wished she had Shadow Meld on the pally, Nisey responded: “Nope, not at all. Was fine without it, was able to get myself out of trouble without it, and I tried to be super careful about what I was doing.

What’s next for Nisey and her 815 other Blood Thirsty characters? She’s currently leveling a character in all of the challenges, so that’ll keep her busy on those as well as working on the other classes in the Blood Thirsty challenge. She has two characters at max level for Blood Thirsty, a Demon Hunter and now a Paladin; so two down and ten to go!

Congratulations to 2Shankz, who just completed two challenges with the same toon! Twothirsty is the first 120 Blood Thirsty as well as the fourth max level Iron Man for Battle for Azeroth. Incredibly, he played the toon as a white-geared Blood Thirsty while following the rules of the Iron Man Challenge at the same time.

His /played is 15 days 10 hours, over the course of 3 years. When asked to tell us about the journey, he said that killing stuff in BFA was hard in white gear and long, taking up to 15 hours per level.

His advice? “When mobs were a level below it wasn’t too bad, but when they were the same level I would have to revive my pet every other pull even with cooldowns. To take advantage of this I would log out at 24.9% and come back when I had a couple of hours to play. If you log out at 25% then when you log in the mobs will be the same level as you. Doing this I was able to get to about 45% each level limiting the amount of time the mobs would be the same level as me.”

There were some scary moments. He had a couple of DC’s while in combat with a mob, which in white gear that pretty much guarantees a death as mobs can hit for 30% of your health at a time. “I was able to survive because every pull I would place a freezing trap in front of me. After I DC’d and the mob killed my pet it would walk into my freezing trap and when I would log back in it would still be in it. I don’t know if this would always work, but it worked the two times I needed it to. Placing a freezing trap at your feet is also useful when your pet is going to be dying regularly as it gives you plenty of time to revive your pet. Pro tip for hunters: Just be careful to cancel your auto attack and not use barb shot when your pet is close to dying as both will break the trap.”

What’s next for 2Shankz? “Next, I’ll probably take a break from the challenge. I might return to try to level a BFA Iron to max.”

Congratulations once again to 2Shankz and good luck on your future challenge endeavors!

Congratulations to Twothirsty on becoming our first grey geared Blood Thirsty Champion (3rd overall) as well as our 34th Iron Champion during Legion. 2Shanks had the added difficulty of following the Iron Challenge gear rules along with the Blood Thirsty Challenge questing rules.

2Shanks started playing WoW in Vanilla. His first time trying out the challenge was back in Cata with some of his fellow raiders to see who could get the furthest. He got to about level 20 before they stopped. It was during Warlords that 2Shanks got bored with the expansion and decided to try the challenges with a more serious attitude. It made the game feel like more of a challenge again which was a lot of fun.

Twothirsty was started under the old rules of only grey or white gear. When the rules were changed to allow green gear, 2Shanks decided to continue on under the old rules. “When I created the character, I had no intention of adding it to the Iron Man list since every Blood Thirsty was also an Iron Man. It wasn’t until around the early 90’s that I decided I would add my character because of the added challenge of doing it in grey or white gear,” said 2Shanks.

Levels 1 through 60 were spent mostly going after rares. He would take a lap around a zone rare hunting and got a pretty good idea of how long the rare spawn timers were. Then 2Shanks would either log out and level a different challenger or would farm some mobs until it was time for another lap around the zone. Rare spawn timers were a lot longer in Outlands zones, so he played mostly with rested XP and killed normal mobs. His time in WoD was spent with the Podlings just east of the garrison in Shadowmoon Valley. For Legion, 2Shanks took a page from Neverdied’s book and went to Valdisdall in Stormheim.

Two near-death experiences happened around level 97 for Twothirsty. The first was a d/c due to his internet going down momentarily. By time 2Shanks was able to get back into the game, his pet was dead and the mob had just started attacking Twothirsty, “I feigned death, hearthed, and logged out for the night to calm down from the scare.” The second one was caused by Freezing Trap hitting a critter instead of the intended mob. 2Shanks said,”I did not notice this until I had lost about 40% of my health, but I was able to Feign Death and get the mob back on my pet. Since then I have been killing all the critters I see. I guess Pacifist isn’t the only challenge that can be wrecked by critters.”

The main advice 2Shanks has for someone trying to list on both the Blood Thirsty and Iron Man challenges would be to play a Hunter. “With 7.3.5, the difficulty killing mobs, later on, is much higher. Other classes may be able to do it, but not with as much ease as Hunter, which I think is important for the number of kills you’ll need for each level. Some advice for Blood Thirsty is to take advantage of rares 1-60, farm mobs that drop pets or give rep, prioritize yellow mobs when you can and level mostly with rested XP after 60. Yellow mobs are especially nice because you don’t have to worry about respawn timers which is even more important when in grey & white gear. Advice for Iron Man, with the current difficulty of the challenge it can be hard to level in later expansions. I believe it’s safer to take a Blood Thirsty approach and kill the same mob over and over again. I was able to do WoD and Legion after 8.0 so at least Iron hunters can do it too. From the bit I’ve done on the PTR, BfA should also be possible, although very slow.”

2Shanks said, “The reason for the last minute push to beat out the BfA release was because I had spent a lot of time on the character and I wanted to be able to say I completed the challenge even if it was only for less then 24 hours.”

Good luck with all of your challengers, 2Shanks, and once again congratulation on becoming our first grey geared Blood Thirsty Champion in Legion!

Congratulations to Veysana on becoming our second Blood Thirsty Champion in Legion! Veysana has been playing WoW since Burning Crusade. Her first character was a Hunter and she fell in the love with the class, so it was only natural for her to choose Hunter for her Blood Thirsty.

It took Veysana 993 days (15 days in-game) to reach max level. Her leveling path started off with Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles and then shifted to Eastern Kingdoms. This character was born during Warlords, which was before zone scaling came into existence, so she hopped from zone to zone across Eastern Kingdoms and Outlands as mob levels changed. Veysana skipped the cold biting winds of Northrend and opted to head to Pandaria since the zone scaling changes were now implemented, making stops in Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds, and Kun-Lai Summit. Shadowmoon Valley was her zone of choice in Draenor and for the Broken Isles, she headed to Stormheim.

When asked about any advice she would give to others attempting the challenge, Veysana said, “Firstly, play what you know in regards to the class you select as well as the areas you pick to level in. Secondly, be patient. Blood Thirsty is a grind and you can easily get bored and try to take on mobs you shouldn’t or lose your focus and not pay attention to your environment. Lastly, if you are new to WoW Challenges, expect to die. That is how I learned. I tried to never make the same mistake twice.”

Once again, congratulations to Veysana on reaching 110 and becoming our second Legion Blood Thirsty Champion.

We’ve been talking about making these changes since the end of the last contest, well… the time is finally here. Blood Thirsty challengers that currently exist on the site will still be held to the old rule, however, new challengers will be held to the new rule. The change will officially take effect on Sept.28 2017 at 3am Eastern.

Blood Thirsty challengers are now allowed to only complete 4 quests and still remain green-flagged. Completing 5 to 9 quests will result in a yellow flag. Completing 10 or more quests will result in a red-flag.

Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Goblins, Pandaren, and Worgen are all allowed to complete their introductory / starter zone quests.  Additionally, we are allowing a handful of quests to allow you access to the Mists of Pandaria and Legion expansion zones. We’ve put up a page that tells you the ending quest of each chain.

To check if you’ve completed any quests on your challenger there will be gold exclamation mark near your character name (much like the WoW quest indicator). In this page you’ll see a brief summary of the quests you’ve completed along with a list of the quests completed that will count against you. There is not much we can do to remove a quest that has been completed, but if you see a completed quest that you think should count be allowed, please let us know.

The release of Legion included the quest chain to tame and drag around your very own falcosaur. There is a very cool reward at the end, so cool, in fact, that Blizzard decided to let you earn this not once but FOUR TIMES. There are fifteen quests for each falcosaur (as per, so sixty in total.

The interesting part, subsequently the part that gives Blood Thirsty Challengers a headache, is the fact these quests are account-wide. These act like the Pet Trainer quests, which also are account-wide, and see your new Level 1 toon with 50+ completed quests.

So what do we do?

At this point there really is only one thing to do… up the cap limit from 150 to 210 to account for the extra 60 account-wide quests a character could conceivably start with. For Blood Thirsty characters that were created before June 1 2016, your cap limit is not changed, it’s still 300 (this number was set arbitrarily high in order to account for all sorts of things).

These changes have been applied already. We’ve also reset everyone’s flags from red to green and will let the nightly job run to correctly set everyone’s flag.

We’ve fixed a bug / issue where the quest cap wasn’t getting changed if your character was already in our system. So if you created a character before June 1 2016, you’d have a quest cap of 300 even if you died and rerolled a new Blood Thirsty character with the same name. We’re going to look at your Level 10 time instead (should have done this in the first place!) and set your quest cap based on that.

If anyone notices anything strange or wonky, please let Stone know.

Huge congratulations to the first person to ever complete the Blood Thirsty Challenge, Neverdiedbld! Neverdied is a veteran of the Ironman Challenge with several Iron Championships under his belt and had set his sights on the Blood Thirsty. With his Pandaren Hunter he has paved the way, showing that it is now possible to complete the challenge.

Leveling time between Level 10 (July 8 2016 18:44:44) and 110 (January 29 2017 14:45:50) was 207 days, 21 hours, 1 minute and 46 seconds. Much of that time was spent at Level 100 waiting for some much needed challenge rule changes to happen, especially since the character almost met its demise on testing the water in Legion.

Neverdiedbld now stands as the sole Blood Thirsty Champion on the Victory Podium:

Again, congratulations to Neverdiedbld!

As discussed on our podcast over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at altering the Blood Thirsty Challenge in a manner to achieve a few of our goals:

  1. Change the challenge significantly enough so a Blood Thirsty challenger could not qualify for the Iron Man challenge if they were to use the FULL rules.
  2. Provide a “buff” or nerf to the challenge just enough to allow challengers a reasonable chance of survival when killing through Legion zones.
  3. Provide a “buff” or nerf to the challenge to get more challengers up to Legion zones.

We have never had a Blood Thirsty Champion and if we keep the rules as they are now, we never will. In order to accommodate Goal #2, we need to find a significant enough buff to combat that will allow a challenger to have a fighting chance, but not enough to make things a cake-walk.

Initially we were looking at allowing talents to all Blood Thirsty challengers, however, testing has shown that talents really do not provide enough of a combat benefit that is needed for a person to get through Legion zones. Additionally, testing was done on allowing green gear or some variation of that (one weapon only; 2-3 green items allowed; all gear green). There were some suggestions on limiting the changes to level 100+, however, I wanted to keep things as simple as I could.

So effective immediately, all Blood Thirsty characters will be allowed to equip green/uncommon gear in ALL equipment slots.

Overall, what we’ve found is that Green gear is the way to go. Limiting green gear to either a single weapon or 2-3 pieces of gear overall (which has it’s own inherent tracking problems) would effectively make the challenge Hunters only (not desirable). Granting access to a full set of green gear gives challengers leveling through Legion a fighting chance. It changes your fight time from over a minute (plus survival cooldowns) to around 30 seconds. This is a one-on-one fight, so it will still be extremely important to keep your wits about you as you level through Legion zones.

Allowing green gear to all levels is more about keeping things as simple as possible than providing a boost. This should also provide enough of a boost so we see more participation in the challenge at higher levels as most folks really only make it to around level 30 or so and then give up after dying as it’s quite the slog currently.

Additionally, we have applied the “Back to Basics” Iron Man Challenge rule changes to the Blood Thirsty challenge, meaning you can now use your Heirloom and flying mounts (among other changes) if you so desire. Please keep in mind this doesn’t mean we are increasing quest completions, so use your quests wisely.

A huge thank you to Nisey​ for helping to test many different variations on the PTR.

Good luck and happy grinding!

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