Rule Changes

With patch 7.2.5 a nice undocumented change that came in resulted in many holiday items that were previously Common (white) are now Uncommon (green). This has resulted in many challengers being red-flagged.

It is important that you remove the items from your character ASAP.

I’ve gone through to reset most flags, however, I don’t believe all characters will be updated to reflect the new uncommons that were equipped. I’ll be doing another pass tomorrow after our big nightly job is done and attempt to fix any new toons that get flagged again.

If you see your character incorrectly flagged, please let me know at Stone -AT- All I will need is your toon, realm, region and I can go have a look. When you send me your character information, please make sure you’ve already unequipped the gear so that you won’t be red-flagged again.

At first we thought this change only applied to Noblegarden cosmetic items, however, I’ve found cases of this applied to Brewfest and Pilgrim’s Bounty items. There are still cosmetic items that remain Common (white), however, based on this change I highly suggest you unequip any items that are marked “cosmetic” in case this happens again.

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LegionLogo_lessglowLegion is now live on EU servers, so our code changes have gone online. The new maximum level to be attained is 110.

Congratulations to all Warlords Champions and condolences to everyone that lost their challengers… thank you for participating in the challenges… you are among some 20,000+ attempts at the Ironman, Blood Thirsty and Pacifist challenges!

wowlegionWe are currently not accepting new characters or allowing existing characters to be updated due to behind-the-scenes maintenance related to the Legion Pre-Patch being deployed on Tuesday July 19 2016.

Once the servers are back up we’ll be working hard to get the site up as quickly as possible, however, there is very likely a risk it will not be up for EU challengers until at least July 20 (the date Blizzard is rolling out the Pre-Patch to EU).

Thank you for your patience and we’ll see you on the other side!

Axe-PNG-FileThe Blood Thirsty challenge aims to get you to level *more* through killing instead of questing. Questing is sometimes necessary to access some content and we also need to accommodate folks having completed account-wide pet battle quests: these count against even your newly created level 1 character.

Currently the quest cap is 300 for all classes except Death Knights, which is 135.

The change will set the quest cap at 150 for ALL classes starting June 1 at Midnight Pacific.

Characters that are listed on the site before June 1 will be held to the old standard (ie. grand-fathered in).