Pacifist Victors

Congratulations to Fivepride on becoming our newest Pacifist Challenge champion! This is also Five’s second Pacifist to reach max level this expansion. 

Fivepride was an immediate re-roll of a level 68 Pacifist monk that met an unfortunate end during last year’s Lunar Festival. In the ten days of the played time it took to reach max level, Five decided to change up his playstyle by doing more gathering and less Archeology. Utilizing his monk’s Zen Flight enabled him to gather while flying which helped immensely.

He also added an alternate goal to obtain the recipe for the Vial of the Sands mount. With experience starting to run out and max level approaching, six of his last ten levels were played unrested in order to get more chances for the mount recipe to drop before reaching max level. Fivepride managed to complete this alternate goal upon opening his 13th jar at level 118. 

When asked what other projects he’d be working on next, Five said, “I’ll be working on an Orc Warrior Pacifist (Fivepiggledy), a Blood Thirsty Pacifist (Fivechesty), a handful of other Blood Thirsty challengers, and my Blood Thirsty team with Taco.”

It looks like Five will be keeping very busy. Good luck on all of your challenger projects, Five, and congratulations once again on becoming our newest Pacifist Champion with your monk Fivepride! 

Ferrekessa – a Night Elf Rogue (subtlety) Pacifist, just hit max level after playing 22 days. Born in April of 2018, took 315 days to reach Max Level. Her path to 120 had four main sections as seen below:

Level 10 – 62

Herbalism and Mining, with some exploration: starter zones, Darkshore, Zoram Strand in Ashenvale (a long time there), and Dreamer’s Rest in Feralas (for a long time). Holidays. Very minimal archaeology (safe sites only).

Level 62 – 90

Added archaeology, picking lower density sites at first. Herb/mining/chest hunting, mostly in Northrend and Pandaria.

Level 90 – 110

Archaeology (mainly on Azeroth), mining/herbing in Pandaria and Cataclysm zones (specifically Uldum). Much fishing, especially in Tol Barad. Stockpiled materials for leveling alchemy.

Level 110 – 120

Archaeology. Dropped mining, picked up alchemy (Cataclysm & Pandaria levels plus old world alchemy up to 75 to get the Darkmoon Faire quest).

Darkmoon Faire

On this pacifist, she followed Fiveiron’s “DMF Super-Paci” profession swapping during the last Darkmoon Faire before dropping mining. During that Darkmoon Faire, she did the monthly quests for Herbalism, Mining, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Inscription, Alchemy, and Archaeology.

A Stroke of Luck

She had a bit of unbelievably good luck when one of the “Canopic Jars”, from Uldum archeology, contained the very rare recipe for the Vial of the Sands. She had kept them in the bank, unopened until she had leveled Cataclysm alchemy. She had farmed (or purchased) the fairly extensive list of mats for that recipe and did make the Sandstone Drake mount!

Worries, Concerns and a Near Death

Major worries were Blizzard-related issues like disconnects and avoiding a short list of dig sites that she considered too risky. She had one very close call at a site in Eastern Plaguelands, Zul’Mashar specifically, the first time she went there: She didn’t realize that the burial mounds on the ground would spawn a LOT of trolls if you step on them. She had thought it was over, surrounded by all those trolls, but thankfully vanish let her get away to a safe spot.

Ferre didn’t do archaeology in any zones beyond Cataclysm as she was worried about a) possible spawns and b) the possibility of shared proximity kills. She did tend to do most of her activity out in the world during night time hours.

Ferre compiled a google doc spreadsheet of dig site information. Please note that it is NOT complete – started it when she was in her mid-90s, and will be adding to it. Also, note that is just Ferre’s impressions of difficulty, mainly from the viewpoint of a stealth class.

Congratulation to Ferreilean on becoming our third Battle for Azeroth Pacifist Champion!

Starting her Druid back in March of 2013, it took Ferre approximately 2,028 days to reach max level (a /played time of 18 days). Ferre likes to use Archeology to help level her Pacifists as we well know from the last time she was on the show for Ep. 130 “Ferre Digs It”. Ferreilean is her first character to obtain the title of Professor!

Level 115 brought a heart-stopping moment when flying to Southern Barrens. She got too close to a Horde camp and was shot at in the air. Ferre did manage to get away but her screen was flashing red and she ended up flagged for PvP.

When asked what’s next, Ferre said she has an Iron Druid at level 111 and that she’ll be working on that.

Congratulations once again Ferre and good luck on your Iron!

Congratulations to Five on getting Fivecurmudgn safely to level 120 and becoming our second Battle for Azeroth Pacifist Champion! It took Five about 40 hours since the release of the expansion to achieve, with a /played time of 10 days 21 hours since the character’s creation in July 2017.

Five’s journey from 110 to 120 included 320 Archeology dig sites, 12 dailies that were completed daily, and some exploration. His advice to fellow Pacifist challengers would be, “Use Paci-safe dailies as you progress. They all out level except cooking and fishing.”

When asked what’s next, Five said, “Think I’ll take a shower… maybe get a meal.” All joking aside, he has some real life things to chase and then he will be getting started on Legion content with his mains as he enjoys playing an expansion behind.

Five, congratulations once again and good luck with your other challengers!

Congratulations to our first Battle for Azeroth Pacifist Champion, Голаяправда! He went from level 10 to 120 in 653 days 22hrs, 44 mins and 7 seconds. (Oct-31st 2016 to Aug-16th 2018). Голаяправда was also our first Legion Pacifist Champion!

Awesome job and good luck on your other challengers!

Five, who was a guest on Podcast #110, recently dinged 110 on his NE Rogue Pacifist named Fivecurmudgn. He started in June of last year and it took 303 days of grinding (a little over 9 days of /played time) to hit max level.

When asked about his toon, Five mentioned several things. “The 1-60 bracket is mostly dailies, herbing, and mining. The 60-110 levels are very easy post-patch, in fact, if you can make it to 60, you’re golden. After 60, it’s mostly dailies, exploring, and archaeology. This toon did not step foot in Legion, keeping mostly to WoD areas. Rogue is a great choice for a Pacifist due to Vanish, Sap, Distract, and Blind.”

When asked what’s next, Five mentioned he’s now attempting a Monk Pacifist, since he killed his 27 hunter by “equipping a fancy schmancy Noblegarden Egg Basket”. We hear you Five, we’ve all equipped green gear by accident too. Good luck with the Monk!

Congratulations to Neverdied on becoming our fourth Pacifist Champion for Legion and our first ever Triple Crown Challenge Champion, reaching max level in the Iron, Blood Thirsty, and Pacifist Challenges! His Pacifist reached max level over the weekend, bringing his total number of max challengers for Legion to 10!

Neverdiedpci reached max level with a /played of 5 days and 20 hours (318 days). He completed 804 quests, 539 of those being dailies. Neverdied said that he found Archaeology to be much better after the patch, getting xp from that and Lunar Festival Elders.

“Don’t think I’ll do another Pacifist though,” said Neverdied. “Fun to try once, but not fun enough to try again.”

Neverdied is not done yet; he has a few other challengers he’s working on so be on the lookout!

A big congratulations to Shnuffletips for becoming only our third Pacifist Champion for Legion. This is Towny’s first Pacifist Champion, however, he does have another one progressing very nicely. His /played was 15 days, 21 hours. Through all the levels he completed 2,243 quests, 1,936 of those were dailies and ended up with 69,000 gold!

What is also unique here is that Shnuffletips is the first non-stealthing class to EVER complete the Pacifist Challenge; all other Pacifist Champions have been either Druids or Rogues.

Towny was just on our podcast last night for Episode 105 and offered up a very juicy piece of advice: Do not level up your Archaeology above 450 so that dig sites don’t spawn mobs. Perhaps this is a bug with Archaeology or it’s intended; whatever the case may be, if you’re on a Pacifist you need to get digging!

You can find Towny on the WoW Challenges Forums or on twitter @Towny_WoW.

Announcing our 2nd Legion Pacifist champion: Ferre’s Night Elf Druid Ferreilean! Ferre may also have the highest record for number of days to accomplish Legion max cap, coming in at 1,723 days since starting the toon back in March of 2013. When asked about this, Ferre said “Yes, I played it at my own pace, enjoyed the journey, and the changes that came with the expansions, etc. Every race needs a tortoise.”

She has a total time played of 15d 9hr 9 min. Total quests 2316 (1756 dailies). Some other stats include:

Resto spec (LOL no spec changes even though I know I could change specs thanks Asy)
Fishing: 800 caught 2964 fish
Cooking: 600 – knows 100 recipes
Herbing: 551
Mining: 484
Archaeology: 505

No kills
57 Killing blows – all from Darkmoon Faire Whack-A -Gnoll before we realized it was doing that

Total gold 30,663g

Join Ferre on the next podcast, December 2nd 2017 at 7pm (EST)!