Heroes of the Storm

A new mount is available in World of Warcraft: the Primal Flamesaber! All you need to do is play 15 games of HotS as a WoW character with at least one friend from your Bnet friends list. Wins? Losses? Doesn’t matter!  Not a fan of HotS? Well, to be honest, Stone isn’t either, however, it’s been known that he DOES have fun in there from time to time.

Stone is offering all WoW Challenges Patrons a friend to play with. While he’s not particularly great at HotS, it should be pretty easy to knock out 15 games against a beginner AI, right?

Are you on EU or US realms? From Australia? No problem…  we’ll work out some times where we can get on… the more the merrier! This event lasts from Feb.14 (Feb.15 for EU) through to Mar.14.

Here is a great guide from WoWHead on the event: http://www.wowhead.com/news=259985/acquiring-the-primal-flamesaber-beginner-heroes-of-the-storm-tips-for-wow-player