Un’goro Madness

Beware all Challengers! The beasts in Un’goro Crater are in a feeding frenzy!

Well… some of them. Regular mobs are still in the Level 50 range, however, the elite T-rex’s have been buffed so they will match your character’s level. Keep an eye out for them.

There are also Level 113 Elite bosses that spring up in the Crater, three are up at any given time. They will absolutely decimate your challenger.

Use of the Dino Mojo is not allowed as this provides a random buff. If you get this buff (which you shouldn’t, since it’s supposed to be applied to party members only and there’s no reason why you’d need to be in a party, RIGHT?), simply right-click this off.

You can find more information on the event by checking out this wowhead guide: http://www.wowhead.com/news=261293/ungoro-madness-micro-holiday-now-live-eu-us