Thousand Boat Bash

For Challengers that are leveling through Thousand Needles, please be aware that you are granted a “Boat Day” buff. This buff allows you to “walk” on the water briefly until a boat is generated for you to ride around in. The buff in of itself is completely fine as you can’t click it off.  It will be gone in a few days.

What is NOT okay is if you happen to be flying through / over the zone. If you are dismounted for any reason, aim your camera straight down at the water, otherwise you’ll hit the water with the Boat Day buff and die. It will be same as if you hit the ground. The death will count and that’ll be it for your Challenger.

Additionally, I ran my regular Alliance character and encountered a hostile npc on the Horde boat, so this is another thing to be aware of. Thousand Boat Bash runs from June 6 through June 9. Use some caution when traveling through the zone.