The Starting Zone

Yesterday we had the privilege of joining @Spencer_Downey and @Shieldwalled on their most recent episode of The Starting Zone. We talked about what the Ironman challenge was, what I play / go in the World of Warcraft (as well as some other games) and reviewed what was new in WoW this week. We may also have talked very briefly about “IT” (at the end of the show)… but we still can’t talk about “IT” in any great detail (SOOOOOOOON).

You can download / listen to the episode here: or watch the live recording on youtube:

2602212-1000This morning we hit 1,000 challengers and the credit goes out to all of you: the veterans, the podcasters, the WoW Community and all of our new challengers! I am just one person among you; I’m a guy that loves this challenge, and while I’m not a veteran, I am absolutely dedicated to the community that was, is and can be. Thank you so much to everyone for the support, it’s truly greatly appreciated! We were sitting around 150 or so challengers when the site came online and we began actively pursuing help to “spread the word”.

At the time of this post we’re actually at 1,014 and is split up between all three challenges: 913 Irons, 37 Pacifists, 64 Blood Thirsties. I’ve broken down the stats on the Irons alone as there are not really enough Pacifists and Blood Thirsties to start breaking those ones down yet. We currently have 486 Irons ALIVE with 446 of those green-flagged. We’ve got 150 dead and another 277 lost to the nether (this means the challenge was attempted and then the character was deleted). Why do I count those that are dead or lost? We honour (Canadian spelling, eh!) everyone that attempts the challenge, successful or not.

I do have two new challenges I’m eventually going to introduce, I just need to work out the details. If you’ve been following my streams / episodes or know me, you’ll know which ones I’m talking about.

I’ve listed these folks out on the About Us page but I wanted to call it out here again since this is a huge milestone for us. If I have missed anyone, please don’t take it as a slight… I’m only one person and can’t be everywhere; if you’ve heard of us on a podcast that isn’t mentioned here or in the About Us section, please let me know immediately and I’ll add you!

7e4f003637c14f9a0a4646a3675761b4This past week (end?), the WoW Challenges site and the Iron Man challenge were discussed on two new podcasts. Alt, of Alt:ernative Blog fame, spoke of the Iron Man challenge along with host Mick Montgomery on Episode 117. She outlined what the challenge truly is…  another game within “THE GAME”.  Bored of your Garrisons?  Tired of mount farming?  Try to complete the challenge!  Please give the show a listen, they’re both good people and are great to listen to. I believe they have their episodes uploaded to Youtube as well.

You can follow both on Twitter: Mick @mickmontgomery and Alt @AlternativeChat.

ggwThis week our own Iron Man @Asyluun joined the folks from Girls Gone WoW to talk about the challenge. @Ottahz and Marie (@mbuhtz) both tried the challenge for research for the show. It was great to hear Asy’s voice for the first time and hear another podcast give the challenge a whirl. As they all discussed, this challenge is not for the faint of heart! You can hear the chatter in episode 178 and follow Girls Gone WoW on twitter @GGWShow.

I want to thank BOTH shows for helping us out by discussing the challenge and plugging the sites. If we can do anything, please let me know. I would gladly talk about the challenge (or pretty much anything else in WoW… I’m an avid mount collector and raider) on either of your shows.