Con Before the Storm

Two weeks ago, we were privileged to be a panelist Con Before the Storm’s World of Podcast Warcraft panel live at BlizzCon 2017. We truly appreciate all the support we’ve gotten from everyone in the community. Thank you all.

It is one thing to sit in front of a camera and talk to a chat room; it is a completely different experience to sit in front of a packed house with all eyes on you. I have a ton of respect for the professional podcasters we all know and love and now even more respect for those that are able to pull it off in front of a live audience.

You can find the audio for our Warcraft panel at the d20crit site:

We are very proud and honoured to announce that the WoW Challenges Podcast & Adventures in Azeroth podcast will be taking a seat in the World of Warcraft panel at this year’s Con Before the Storm – World of Podcasts event on Thursday November 2nd at the Hilton Anaheim at BlizzCon!

This is HUGE for us, both as a community and as a podcast.

Thank you to all of you for your effort, enthusiasm and dedication to our community and a big thank you to the folks that advocated and backed us. We will not let you down!