Harvest Festival

This year’s Harvest Festival has started and will run through to October 6, the same day Brewfest completes. You can check out our Brewfest guide here: http://wowchallenges.com/index.php?Blog=1183

Harvest Festival basically has one quest that leads you to honor a hero. Alliance characters are sent from Ironforge to Uther’s Tomb, while Horde characters are sent from Orgrimmar to Grom’s Monument.

This is actually a great opportunity to grab some nice 4% / second health & mana food. This food will scale with your level… STOCK UP NOW!

This quest is okay for Irons, Pacifists and Tins (sorry, no Blood Thirsty love, y’all too gory for questing).

You can read through the Wowhead guide here: https://www.wowhead.com/harvest-festival-guide