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Ster joins us this week to share with us a boat-load of BFA tips and tricks!  We talk about the Virtual Ticket gifting changes, Con Before the Storm panels that Leeta and Stone are both participating in, Harvest Festival and Brewfest! As always we cover the State of the Challengers; Leeta & Stone review their weeks into the challenges; We read your comments, feedback and answer your questions.

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In Battle for Azeroth, we are given the Heart of Azeroth, this expansion’s equivalent of the Legion artifact weapon. In the previous expansion we allowed a one-time equip of the Legion artifact weapon in order to open up quest lines as it was previously thought the artifact was required to access Legion zones and subsequent quests. On hindsight, the Legion artifact equip was the wrong decision as there ARE some Legion quests available (not all).

With this in mind, we turn our gaze towards BFA. All characters are able to access the new BFA zones from Stormwind (Alliance) and the Echo Isles (Horde) without needing to skip the Battle for Lordaeron scenario and without equipping the Heart of Azeroth. Since we can all access the new BFA zones freely, mage portals and warlock summons will continue to not be allowed.

Overall the Heart of Azeroth is a very strong “stat-stick”, one that normally would never be allowed under Iron rules as it violates our gear quality rules. Without equipping the Heart of Azeroth, a challenger will be unable to take / complete any “War campaign” quests, which would account for about half of all quests available to a challenger in their faction zones. With some exploration, we’ve found that there are a significant number of breadcrumb starter quests that are not related to the War Campaign; enough quests should be available in BFA zones for a challenger without needing to unlock the War Campaign.

Presently, an equip of the Heart of Azeroth and subsequent achievement will lead to a red-flag for any challenger and it will remain that way for the forseeable future. The removal of a potential avenue of cheating in this case outweighs the reduction in quests available for BFA.

It is an item we can revisit should we see no significant progress towards Level 120 for most of the challenges. For the time being, you will need to scrounge every ounce of experience from anything you can find.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback and advice over the last few days as it played a significant part in the direction we are taking now.

Good luck and safe travels!

Congratulations to Five on getting Fivecurmudgn safely to level 120 and becoming our second Battle for Azeroth Pacifist Champion! It took Five about 40 hours since the release of the expansion to achieve, with a /played time of 10 days 21 hours since the character’s creation in July 2017.

Five’s journey from 110 to 120 included 320 Archeology dig sites, 12 dailies that were completed daily, and some exploration. His advice to fellow Pacifist challengers would be, “Use Paci-safe dailies as you progress. They all out level except cooking and fishing.”

When asked what’s next, Five said, “Think I’ll take a shower… maybe get a meal.” All joking aside, he has some real life things to chase and then he will be getting started on Legion content with his mains as he enjoys playing an expansion behind.

Five, congratulations once again and good luck with your other challengers!

With the recent announcement that the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch will drop on Tuesday, July 17th 2018, we need to let you know about some possible / probable downtime for the wowchallenges site and some things you can do to get your challenger ready.

Image result for down timeDowntime
While many people get entry into BFA through Beta or, most recently, the 8.0 PTR, the data that most websites use, including ours, is the API, which does NOT have Beta or PTR access of any kind. This means that we won’t know about any changes to the API until they are actually live.

Overall, we are expecting some form of downtime or reduction of functionality on the 17th while we review the API changes and adjust our own code accordingly. It’s our goal to make the downtime as short as possible, but you never know what the future holds. During this period, the site will be “online”, however, you will be unable to update or add characters to any of the challenge lists.

Image result for PreparationPre-Patch Preparation
We highly recommend you log onto all of your challenge characters BEFORE the pre-patch drops and remove all of your gear in case any of the items are converted to uncommon or higher. Red flags due to gear restrictions are not going to be reversed once we are live with 8.0. Typically items that could be flagged are seasonal gear or Darkmoon Faire items, however, everything has the potential to be changed: again, we are not reversing flags due to gear. Better to strip off all your gear and log out at a major town’s inn (not capital).

Even characters that are allowed to wear uncommon (green) gear should probably remove their gear in case some of their gear gets changed to rare (blue).

Servers Back Online
As with most patch days, we recommend you log in on a non-challenge character to test the waters. While Blizzard has lately been REALLY GOOD at keeping servers stable on major patch or release days, they cannot control things like DDOS attacks. Odd things like getting DC’d on zeppelins MID-FLIGHT or in the middle of combat will likely result in your death when you log back in. These deaths cannot be reversed, so proceed with caution.

We recommend taking a good 1-2 days off from your challengers, just in case. This is a great time to log back in on a scout and test the waters. Or, you know, you could log in with a normal character and enjoy the 8.0 goodness, too!

What’s Changed in 8.0?
Many, MANY things have changed:

  • Stat Squish 2.0: All mob, NPC and player numbers have been squished (like back in Warlords).
  • First Aid is gone: The First Aid secondary profession has been removed. You can purchase your bandages on the auction house. The Tailoring profession is not allowed currently.
  • War Mode: You have the option to enable PvP and gain an extra 10% bonus experience while you quest in the world. This is allowed. It is up to you as to whether the benefit outweighs the risk. Deaths due to PvP are still deaths.
  • A full list of what’s being changed can be found in this wowhead guide:
  • There is also a list of undocumented changes found in the wowpedia article: