This week we are joined by Belle!

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The loremaster himself, Remedyz joins us from PwnCast! Rem tells us all about how he squirrels and what his plans are for his challenge toons (hopefully not dying). We discuss the Patch 8.0 changes, BlizzCon Ticket rename date change and plans for our upcoming 3-year anniversary show. Stone and Leeta talk about their week’s in WoW; we all cover the State of the Challenges and read listener questions & puns!

… And because we’re disorganzied, we talk about the new WoW Challenges community that will be created once 8.0 hits and DitchCon’s drink ticket wave.

World of Warcraft News

  • Patch 8.0 Announced
  • BlizzCon Ticket Rename Date Change
  • 3-year Anniversary Show
  • WoW Challenges Community
  • DitchCon Drink Ticket Wave 2

Contact Info
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Reminder: We no longer have a “CLEAN” tag.

The WoW Challenges community has a great, long-standing relationship with the WoW Community, helping us to get the word out and providing support when we’ve needed it. This past month has been no different as we were featured twice in the community.

Does the Heart Good
I recently joined Leila, Turwinkle and “Gollum” on the Does the Heart Good podcast, a show that high-lights the good that folks might do, not just in the WoW Community but overall. A podcast like this is great to have, especially in such an uncertain world where we are constantly bombarded with negativity. We focused on my efforts to raise money for the ALS Society of Canada, a non-profit organization that is very near and dear to my heart.

You can listen to the episode here. I’m really sorry for my performance against Gollum. Trivia really isn’t my thing.

You can follow the podcast on Twitter and SoundCloud.

pdqlogo_square_xeclypze_300PwnCast – Legendary Interview
I mentioned our relationship with the WoW Community, however, our relationship with PwnCast specifically is a very special one. They’ve helped us with announcements, had us guest on their show and supported us through our ALS fundraising drives. We back as many community-funded BlizzCon parties as we can, from Well Played to Con Before the Storm. This year we had the pleasure of backing PwnCast’s very first BlizzCon party: DitchCon!

I was truly honoured when Belle asked to interview me for PwnCast’s “Legendary” series. I know that I’m not at the same level as Venruki (their first guest) nor will be at the same level as their future guests but Belle was quick to point out that we do good in the community. As much as the interview was with me, it really is about us and what we all do and bring to the WoW Community. This one is for all of you. I can say ‘Thank You’ only so much; it really was a thrill and an honour to be a part of this.

You can read and watch the interview here.

You can find everything PwnCast here:
Twitter: and



4fae673afa5d12aec6bec6c7b5e3406bOn Sunday May 31, Belle used her Belle’s Bites (Bytes?) to talk about the WoW Challenges site. This is a huge deal to me as I’m a very big fan of the show. I can totally relate to the folks on there and really enjoy how they interact with each other (I still laugh at the whole Casual Belle thing… nice going Hots!). To me they feel like regular WoW gamers that are dealing with the same issues that you and I do.

Their episodes are not live (YET) but you can catch them airing on Sundays over at They also have a couple articles posted daily at that you should also have a look at.  Sure they may “only” be at Episode 58 now, but look past the numbers and look at what they bring and are trying to build with our community…. for me they are firmly entrenched as my must watch / listen shows each week.

On a personal note, even getting a *shot* at going on the show made me go fork out some dollars for a webcam and set all that stuff up. I honestly loathe the general public as I have a tough time relating to folks…  but once I feel like I know you, it’s all good. Belle, Lycan, Frysa, Hots, Bloke and even the occasional Dark have a permanent place here at “Stone Central”… so much that I’d get over my own speech issues to go on their show at the drop of a hat…. well unless I’m in mid-raid… and as main tank I can’t really let my team down, now can I?

You can watch Episode 58 – Have You Iron-manned Today? right now!

You can also reach the hosts on twitter:

Belle – @belleofwarcraft
Lycan – @Lycan_PWNcast
Hots – @Hotsforshots
Bloke – @Mrgiant81
unfortunately I don’t know Frysa’s or Dark’s twitter handles, if anyone knows, please let me know so I can update this post!