Green Man Victors

Congratulations to Ferrigreenie on becoming our first ever Green Man Challenge Champion! Ferrigreenie has been playing WoW since Vanilla and was an avid raider. As WoW progressed, frustration set in with the way things were feeling easier to accomplish. Then she found WoW Challenges. She started out playing the Iron Man Challenge four or five years ago and loved it from the start.

With the extra difficulties that arose when Patch 8.0 went live, Ferrigreenie decided to give the Green Man Challenge a try. In her first attempt, she managed to reach level 77 before succumbing to a rare in Zul’drak. Not wanting to give up and really wanting to reach max level before any other Green Man challenger, she rerolled. A second attempt was all she needed, reaching max level after 22 days of play (6 days in-game).

Ferrigreenie said that both the Draenor and Legion intro quests were very scary but that Legion was quite manageable even with Draenor weapons (since none drop in Legion because every class is designed to have their artifact weapon). Her biggest scare came with just 7 bars left to get to 110. Ferrigreenie tried out a bombing quest in Stormheim that mounted you on a dragon. She didn’t know the mechanics of the quest at all and ended up with just 5% health left by the time the dragon landed. “I think I sat there, trembling, for about 15 minutes after that dragon landed.” Talk about a close call!

“I think the biggest risk playing a Green Man after an Iron is that one gets too cocky,” says Ferrigreeni. “You think you can do anything! That can be dangerous.”

Best of luck on the other challenges you are currently working on, Ferrigreeni, and congratulations once again on becoming our first ever Green Man Challenge Champion.