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Blue-RecluseMartin and Thom of The Blue Recluse podcast graciously gave me some time to chat about the Iron Man challenge and our WoW Challenges site. You can find the full podcast for Episode 51 here: It was fun to talk about the challenge on a real live podcast… this has sparked a little interest from myself to do the challenge on a PvP server! I put that challenge up to anyone… and no… you can’t realm transfer a toon over. :p

Please check out The Blue Recluse. They’re two great dudes that chat about pretty much anything Blizzard and sometimes spills over into other non-Blizz games.

For anyone listening… I stutter. Yep… I do. There are days where you won’t even notice it. Other days it’s tough to get a word out. Unfortunately this was one of those days… it could also have been from the excitement over meeting these two chaps. In anycase, try and muddle through my responses as best as you can. 🙂

daisyI’ve gone over the pacifist rules again concerning Killing Blows and am going to make a slight change to keep things more in line with the spirit of the challenge.

Previous Killing Blow % must be kept to less than 10%, however, really you could make one kill and have it be the killing blow and be immediately at 100%. For the nature of this challenge, the Killing Blow % just doesn’t make sense the way it does for the Iron Man or Blood Thirsty challenges.

Keeping with the spirit of the challenge we’re now going to be looking at Total Kills. As a Pacifist Challenger you must never take the life of anything…  even if it’s a critter! Be wary of what quests you take and what you are smashing! Because of this change certain classes will be impossible to level (eg. Death Knights). I may put in a tolerance to allow Pandaren, Worgen and Goblin characters to leave their starting zones but for the time being we’re going to stick to a flat 0.

If you are seeing that your character was flagged for kills, I’d ask that you have a look at whether you’ve checked the Display Character Achievements Only option in the Interface / Display settings. If you find any discrepancies, please let me know and keep in mind…  I’m working with the data that Blizzard is giving me! 🙂

connectcastAs some of you may know I used to stream on Twitch a while ago… most recently maybe 6-7 months ago with no problems. Now suddenly Twitch gives me headaches… I can no longer stream and watch my own stream and folks watching my hi-def stream also report it being choppy. Having gone through ALL the motions… all the different fixes, changes, dns tweaks, firewall rules, EVERYTHING… There is an argument whether this issue is due to my ISP throttling or Twitch’s servers having problems… but essentially I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitch is the problem for me as I’ve eliminated my ISP as being an issue. Twitch is no longer for me.

I moved on to ConnectCast and found the quality AMAZING! No problems to set up a stream. No problems viewing my own stream in high resolution… zero trouble.

ConnectCast has graciously approved my partner request so we can now embed our streams on the main site. I typically stream either my own Iron Man attempts or raiding with our guild. Thank you so much to ConnectCast for the approval! I’m looking forward to a long and rewarding partnership! 🙂

You can check out our stream on ConnectCast at  You can either view our streams there or come to the site… I’ll have it appear on the main page when we are streaming Iron Man material.

I should be continuing on with my Iron Man stream fairly soon…  I’ve just had some real life things come up (like my son’s birthday!).

Site Re-Designed!

twitterlogoHi everyone! It’s really only been a month but there was something bugging me about the site design… It was really just a tracker site and I think that it could be so much more.

I removed the banner and put up a very simplified crest along with visually defined sections for each challenge and links in general. I smushed (too bad, that’s a word!) the Challenge rankings down so that they’d appear over top one another… top 10 for Iron Man and top 5 for Pacifist and Blood Thirsty. You may have noticed that I also renamed the Grinder challenge to Blood Thirsty. The new name relates much more to the challenge itself… you are going around Azeroth (and beyond) and killing everything in your path.

I’ve changed the top 5 Level 100s to now show a random challenge victor. I’ll be saving all challenge victors to a DB for posterity, so as World of Warcraft continues to put out expansions, our previous victors will still be honoured. New challenge victors will be featured here on the main page.

I’ve installed WordPress to help with my article / blog posts… at this point I’m not sure if I’m going to enable comments or not… I would like to be able to enable them with some kind of single-sign-on method… like an option to use Google+ or Facebook, etc.

As always, if there are any new challenges you’d like to see, please contact me by twitter @WoWChallenges or by email: james AT wowchallenges DOT com.