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funny-thanksgiving-eat-beef-jokePilgrim’s Bounty started yesterday, November 23rd 2015 and will run up to and including November 30 2015. My main point of reference here is the guide. It appears that nothing new was added to this event… either that or it has been drowned out by the glut of Legion alpha information. I’ve reviewed the WoWHead guide and will comment on what is or is not allowed for Challengers during this event.

Bountiful Tables: These are found at all major cities and towns with inns. Eating here is ALLOWED, however, please note that eating the same meal 5 times will give you a buff that is not allowed:

Transmog Items:

  • The Pilgrim’s Hat, Attire, Dress, Robe and Boots are all okay to be worn. They are white-quality equipped items.
  • The Rare-quality (blue) Fine Pilgrim’s Hat is ALLOWED. It offers no stats or buffs and is purely cosmetic. I’ve already made an exception in the code for this item.

Battle Pets: You can win the following two battle pets (but again, cannot use them within the confines of the challenge).

  • Frightened Bush Chicken can be found in the daily Pilgrim’s Bounty quest reward.
  • Plump Turkey is rewarded from completing the Pilgrim achievement (not possible for Challengers to do).

Pilgrim Achievement: Currently this achievement is not possible to complete for Challengers since some of the requirements would break our challenge rules.

Daily Quests: There are two sets of quests… ones that require cooking and others that let you either cook or BUY the necessary quest items. Pacifists are allowed to complete both sets of quests since cooking is allowed for them, however, Irons are only allowed to complete the quests where you can buy the items.

Completing the dailies will give you a Pilgrim’s Bounty reward which you can find the Frightened Bush Chicken or the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter toy. This item sells for 10 gold! You can also keep this since it’s a toy and does not provide any in-game assistance.

Food Recipes: Pacifists can learn five new cooking recipes: Spice Bread Stuffing (1), Pumpkin Pie (100), Cranberry Chutney (160), Candied Sweet Potato (220), Slow-Roasted Turkey (280). All of these items provide buffs. You can EAT the food, however, you must right-click the buff OFF.

WoWChallengesNEWtwitterThe WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information regarding the Challenge Toons!

  • We feature 4 audio clips from folks at BlizzCon
    • Ashanka, BattlePanda, Belshnickle, Ben Bumhoffer, Firebain, Goldie, Hawgeye, Hots For Shots, Jack of Skulls, Jules, Juuno, Knate, MageADeath, Marconin, Marie, Pat Krane, Racavis, Rho, Summer Sal, Tieber, Tullibardine, Wunwuntu
  • Stone, Leeta and Rogueslayer discuss their top two things from BlizzCon.
  • Transmog discussion
  • Default Specialization discussion

News in the World of Warcraft

  • CTR Moose Run: for members of the Convert to Raid guild. Sign up at
  • Friendship Moose: for Alliance or Horde! Sign up at
  • Pilgrim’s Bounty upcoming world event roundup.
  • Brief discussion about Legion class guides.

Site News

  • We have a new Level 100 Iron Victor: Asyluun!
  • FAQ is coming real soon!
  • New Gear Exception: Fine Pilgrim’s Hat.
  • Glyphs: not adding glyph exceptions until Legion.
  • The Challenge Report: who dinged & who died.

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wow_icon_by_officer_luficerWorld of Warcraft’s 11st Anniversary is almost upon us. It’s running from November 16 1pm to November 30 1pm (times are North American Eastern). As before players are rewarded with some goodies… but when it comes down to the challenges, please be aware that some are not allowed.

If you have any questions about these items, please let me know by contacting me either on the forums, twitter, email or facebook.

LegionLogo_lessglowI will tell you, that I absolutely felt the same concern that you do when I heard the off-the-cuff statement about “default specs”. I was sitting there collecting my thoughts about the new transmog system and wondering if it could be applied for Challenge characters or not… I had even gone so far as to formulate a well-thought out question when I heard the question of 3rd specs get raised.

No big deal, I thought. I turned to my wife to see if she’d be a good sport and go up to see if my question could get asked (I’m not the best public speaker that’s for sure), when the developer mentioned something about a third spec…  and hey… a fourth spec too, for druids.

Wow, I thought… that’s great! Inwardly I cringed at the thought of being forced out of my Unholy spec for Frost for a particular boss fight. I’m listening to the response include something about no more ‘no spec’.

Immediately I cursed. Whoopsie! The people around me turned and looked at me wondering just what my problem was. For the starting player, yes… this is good. For challenge characters, this basically negated a pretty crucial part of the challenge. It felt like an eternity, but I think it was probably only five minutes before I got up and left.

After a brief stop at the Blizzard Store and a meet-up with Griffter (I mean, how can I pass that up? Incidentally, you can catch his BlizzCon roundup where he talks about us meeting… he chuckles because he could tell I was literally in shock about the news), I went to the Legion demo area. The lineup was super long and there wasn’t a way for me to skip the line… standing in the line wasn’t an option unfortunately as my body was already giving me the signs that it was time to turn in.

I did get the opportunity to chat with a Blue Shirt at the demo who knew a crap ton about the demo. I have also asked about the changes with two devs later that day at the Hilton. The following changes are slated to happen once 7.0 drops:

  • Characters are assigned a spec at Character Creation.
  • Each class is assigned a default spec until Level 10 at which point they’re able to change specs.
  • Currently the Druid default spec is Feral. A list was not posted or made available because the default specs are subject to change.
  • Talents are NOT selected by default.

Default specs are thought to be DPS-related, however, I could not get a confirmation on that… it does make sense though as really there’s not a ton to learn for tanking or healing from 1-10.

Why write all this stuff? I wanted to let you know that I am completely on the same page as most of you. When I step back and look at the changes several things jump out at me:

  • Leveling from 1-100 will definitely be easier since Challengers will have a spec. We may actually see Warriors on the leader board again.
  • Leveling from 100-110 is going to be a lot more difficult due to Mob scaling in Legion zones.

Overall, I would expect to see more contenders for max level compared to Warlords, however, we had this when the challenge was more prevalent during Cata and Mists due to several factors (only 85, 90 levels vs. 100; Warlords saw the stat squish; several classes also only had limited abilities).

The change might not be a bad thing as it will undoubtedly help folks speed through the lower levels until they hit Legion zones.

Another thing to keep in mind, that has been pointed out to me by some of the folks at BlizzCon, was that default specs could be scrapped before Legion. It’s possible, yes…  but…. this isn’t a game-play thing… it’s a quality-of-life improvement for new players that looks to be working from what I could see of some guy playing the 1-10 experience.

For what it’s worth, I did let the two devs know how this would impact the Iron Man challenge and they would let folks know at BlizzHQ to see if there was something they can do, however, one guy did state it was doubtful since the spec is assigned at character creation and it requires more work to remove it. I’ve also lobbed a tweet at Celestalon asking for some kind of no-spec option… sort of an advanced setting that is hidden for folks that really want to run with no spec.

At this point all we really have is speculation but, if you were worried, I want to you to rest assured that the Iron Man community will never let the Iron Man challenge die, nor will I.

skull_day_of_dead_decorated_calaveras-09LGThe Day of the Dead world event is here and runs from November 1 to November 3.

Contender Outfits: You are absolutely allowed to wear the contender outfits, despite them being blue-quality because they are considered toys, however, if you engage in Contender Battles and die…  that does count as a death for your Challenger.

Honor the Dead buff: This buff is achieved by doing a /dance with either Catrina or Chapman. It is allowed because the buff is only cosmetic and does not give you any boosts.

Bread of the Dead: This food is allowed to be eaten, however, be aware that it does give a Well Fed buff (+all-stats  for an hour), so you must right-click that off once you get it.

Candy Skull: This food is allowed.

Spirit Candle: This provides a spirit buff, so it’s not allowed.

Whimsical Skull Mask: This is a cosmetic item and since it’s only white-quality, you are allowed to wear it.

Macabre Marionette: You are absolutely allowed to quest to obtain the pet for your own personal collection, however, it does not give you a free pass to start leveling by pet battles. You are still held to the 9 pet battle limit.