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santaI wish you all a Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate or don’t). Please be safe and enjoy the season. We will catch you all in the new year with a new episode of the podcast on January 9. Until then, enjoy Winter Veil and this Iron Spotlight with Deidreven!

1/ Tell us a little about yourself – the player behind the characters!
I am a teacher IRL. A few of my students over the years have played WoW, so it’s been a fun way to connect with some of them. I have a wife and two daughters. One just became a teenager so I just bought my first shotgun 🙂 I’m 45 years old. The reason that I mention my age is that I’ve found very few people under the age of 40 seem to stick with the Ironman challenge. Something about being old I guess gives us the patience we need for this. Plus I think Ster’s jokes drive away the younger ones. (Actually they drive away pretty much people of all ages).

2/ How long have you been playing WoW?
I have been playing WoW since WotLK came out. I’m thinking that makes about 7 years. A friend of mine introduced me to Diablo a long time ago, and that eventually led me to trying WoW. Spent quite a bit of time raiding in the past, but now I’m pretty much just doing Iron stuff.

3/ How long have you been participating in the WoW Challenges and how did you get started?
Before the Ironman challenge started, back in WotLK, a warrior made it to 80 without dying. He didn’t have any rules on himself like the Ironman, but it was still a big deal. He was written up about on the forums and many of the blog sites. For those of you who leveled back then, you’d agree that it was much more difficult to level then, then it is now. So it was still very impressive that he did it. (Side note on this warrior that Irons can feel for. He made it to 80 and never died. He had engineering as a profession and used some kind of speed boost from engineering in Dalaran. Well it defected, shot him up in the air, parachute didn’t work, landed and died!! After he was already at 80 without dying!) Anyways, seeing this guy accomplish this gave me the idea to try leveling without dying. My main toon is a Pally named Neverdied. He tried, and failed, that challenge. So when I heard about this challenge when it first started, I was hooked right away. There was initially no board or anything to track people. When the first board got made, a guy named Kripparian was the first one to 80. He was a pretty well known hunters at the time, so it got some publicity for the Iron Challenge. I think I was like the 10th person to finish the Ironman.

4/ What type of WoW Challenge toon do you like to play? (ie – Iron Man, Blood Thirsty or Pacifist)
I’ve tried all 3 of the challenges. Been lucky enough to complete the Ironman challenge a few different times since the beginning. I currently have a Pacifist at around 25 and my Blood Thirsty toon is around 75. Iron is definitely more fun for me. The other two challenges, especially Blood Thirsty, can get quite boring.

5/ What class/race have you tried and what do you find has been the best for you so far?
I’ve tried every class but DK, and like most irons I usually stick with Nightelf for Shadowmeld. Hunter of course has been the easiest, but throughout the last couple expansions, different classes have been viable choices. I’ve enjoyed most all the classes. In MoP priest was very easy and fun to level.

6/ What are you planning to level next?
I’ve always enjoyed the leveling process, even on regular toons. I have lots of higher level alts, and that has carried over to this challenge for me. Currently I’m working on my lvl 75 Blood Thirsty hunter. For the regular ironman challenge I’m working on a lvl 79 rogue, lvl 69 hunter, and a lvl 65 druid. I play all of them on and off. The challenge can get boring at times for me, so having the variety is great. Plus I always have rested xp, and if one dies, it isn’t quite so heartbreaking because I have other high level toons to play. I have other classes between levels 30 and 50, but I rarely play those.

7/ What is your fondest WoW Challenge toon memory?
Probably being the first monk to finish the challenge. I told my daughters after I did it that I was the only person in the world to do this challenge on a monk. Anytime in life you can say you are the only person in the world to do something, it is kind of cool. My daughters thought I was the coolest dad ever 🙂
Also, the creation of the iron guild has been great. I love the friendships formed and comradery built from being in the guild and going through this challenge with other people cheering you on.

8/ What was one of the worst or embarrassing ways you’ve died as a WoW Challenge toon?
Most frustrating was my lvl 87 priest during MoP died to a D/C when he was 2 ½ levels away from finishing. That is especially frustrating because priests were actually very easy to level for Iron during MoP. I have since went back to them and they are much harder now.

Most embarrassing was when I had been leveling some horde alts on regular toons. I came back to Iron on my alliance toon and immediately flew into Thrallmar (the horde city) on Hellfire Peninsula and couldn’t figure out why they were attacking me  That has to be up in the record books of dumbest ways to die.

9/ What zone do you think is the most unfriendly to a WoW Challenge toon?
Most of the old irons would agree that Redridge is tough. I encourage all new irons to go to Loch Moden instead and skip “Deadridge” altogether. Hellfire Pennisula is also tough because it’s the first place in Outlands. Outlands is tough overall for irons and this is the first taste people get of it.

10/ What advice would you give to anyone wanting to try a WoW Challenge toon for the first time?
If you want to just come, have fun, and enjoy the journey, then pick any class/race you want and have fun with it. Join the guild on Wyrmrest Accord and have fun chatting and sharing the experiences of your journey.

If you really want to actually finish the challenge, then like I said earlier, I would definitely encourage any new iron to be a Nightelf Hunter. They are so much easier to play than any other class.

Also, be patient, throw your pride out the window and say no to quests you are unsure about. The second you feel things are getting bad at all run, don’t stand and try to fight it out. And ask questions. One of the great things about this challenge is the people and how willing everyone is to help one another out. Ask away and someone will be able to help you.

11/ Can you give us three helpful tips or tricks for doing a challenge?
When you get to the higher levels, ask a veteran iron about repeatable daily quests that are available. These are great sources of XP when you get to the tougher higher levels.

If you are a hunter, use this macro: /tar “petname” /cast misdirection
You will not lose agro with that, which is especially nice on some of the minibosses you will face.

Always left click NPCs. Many irons have died from the accidental right click on a NPC that will fight back.

headstone winter veilWinter Veil is once again upon us. updated their Winter Veil guide earlier today so we can now go through and give you some concrete details on what you can and can’t do on your Challenge toon. The event runs starting today, December 16 2015 through January 2 2016.

There are a number of daily quests that you’re allowed to do. Even the daily requiring you to loot the bag that drops after killing the Greench is okay. You can stand back and let others kill it as all you need to do is grab the bag… you do not need to tag the Greench. Please be warned though… a death is still a death and I’ve heard the Greench will one-shot Irons without a second thought.

You are allowed to collect and use all the toys except for the green Red Rider Air Rifle item that is equipped in your main hand. That can potentially red-flag you. There is a BB-Gun that is a Toy item that is allowed.

There is a new mount that drops: Minion of Grumpus. You will spend 5 Merry Supplies (obtained from Garrison Dailies) to purchase a Savage Gift. The mount has a “very rare” chance to be found in the gift.

Savage Gift
As we just mentioned the Savage Gift might contain the Minion of Grumpus mount. It also contains Apexis Crystals, Oil, Garrison Resources, Frozen Arms of a Hero, Elixir of the Rapid Mind, Medallion of the Legion.

  • The Frozen Arms of a Hero is okay to use on your followers.
  • The Elixir of the Rapid Mind is NOT allowed to be used for your Challenge characters. You are, however, allowed to auction it or send it to another non-Challenge character for faster leveling.
  • The Medallion of the Legion…. not sure…. I would say No, however, this item is in a grey area currently as it’s a blue item that grants you reputation easily which unlocks other items for your character. I would say you should auction this off or send it to another non-Challenge character.

There are several pieces of cosmetic gear and an epic dagger. Any item that is Green or higher quality is NOT ALLOWED. There have been no exceptions made for hats or other cosmetic items for this event. Do not get your Challenger red-flagged because you mistakenly equipped the green Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater.

White-quality items are okay and include Socks, Green/Red Winter Clothes and Winter Boots.

It is OKAY to craft these items on a Pacifist (since professions are allowed) to sell on the auction house.

There is quite a bit of food available, so I’ll only list the items that stand out as not being allowed.

And we all know what we want for Winter Veil?? It’s the PRESENTS!!! Yes, you are allowed to open all the gifts from Greatfather Winter’s tree for your character. The gifts are available from December 25 through January 2. Please beware of the following items, as they won’t be allowed for your Challenger.

As always, if you’re not sure or think the information here needs updating, please let me know. You can reach me on Twitter, the forums or by email.

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Achievement_level_100Over the past two-three weeks, we’ve had TWO new Iron Champions!

  • Asyluun, a long-time Iron Veteran, earned his Level 100 badge on November 20th 2015. This is his second Iron, his first coming at Level 90 during Mists of Pandaria.
  • Boneless, the first Horde character to make it to 100 this expansion, is also a PETLESS hunter. Boneless belongs to Lyssan, another Iron Veteran and joins his 3-time Iron Lyssan at the top.

Asyluun was gracious to answer some of our questions during the past week. You can reach Asyluun on Twitter at @Asyluun.

Tell us a little about yourself – the player behind the characters!
I am 51, Married , in the finance industry living in Melbourne Australia

How long have you been playing WoW?
I Started in September 2007

How long have you been participating in the WoW Challenges and how did you get started?
It would have to be around the 3-4 years that I have been trying the Ironman challenge

What type of WoW Challenge toon do you like to play? (ie – Iron Man, Blood Thirsty or Pacifist)
I prefer the Iron man challenge, no patience for pacifist, blood thirsty would be too boring

What class/race have you tried and what do you find has been the best for you so far?
I have done mostly hunters which I like the most, I have tried paladins where I have gotten a couple to the 60’s

What are you planning to level next?
I am not sure, after I got my hunter to 90 when that was the cap then another hunter to 100 I normally take a break from levelling an ironman toon.
I may try some other classes but after all the effort I have put in to get to 100, I would like to take a break maybe get a scout to 100 in prep for Legion

What is your fondest WoW Challenge toon memory?
Obviously getting to 100, however its more being online for new Ironman just starting out and answering there questions

What was one of the worst or embarrassing ways you’ve died as an WoW Challenge toon?
Rolled a new Draenai Paladin , went a hit a lvl 1 moth then dc’d …came back dead /time played 2 min

What zone do you think is the most unfriendly to a WoW Challenge toon?
I would say redridge or as we call it “Deadridge” so many irons have died there, too many dangerous quests

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to try a WoW Challenge toon for the first time?
Just enjoy the challenge, I see too many newbie Irons agonise over the rules, oh and avoid roguesters bad jokes

Can you give us three helpful tips or tricks for doing a challenge?
– If you have second thoughts about a quest/ mob trust your first instincts
– Be familiar with the quests you are doing, a bad surprise can be fatal
– Wait till full health when vendoring health pots , if you click one you won’t use it