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Ferrekessa – a Night Elf Rogue (subtlety) Pacifist, just hit max level after playing 22 days. Born in April of 2018, took 315 days to reach Max Level. Her path to 120 had four main sections as seen below:

Level 10 – 62

Herbalism and Mining, with some exploration: starter zones, Darkshore, Zoram Strand in Ashenvale (a long time there), and Dreamer’s Rest in Feralas (for a long time). Holidays. Very minimal archaeology (safe sites only).

Level 62 – 90

Added archaeology, picking lower density sites at first. Herb/mining/chest hunting, mostly in Northrend and Pandaria.

Level 90 – 110

Archaeology (mainly on Azeroth), mining/herbing in Pandaria and Cataclysm zones (specifically Uldum). Much fishing, especially in Tol Barad. Stockpiled materials for leveling alchemy.

Level 110 – 120

Archaeology. Dropped mining, picked up alchemy (Cataclysm & Pandaria levels plus old world alchemy up to 75 to get the Darkmoon Faire quest).

Darkmoon Faire

On this pacifist, she followed Fiveiron’s “DMF Super-Paci” profession swapping during the last Darkmoon Faire before dropping mining. During that Darkmoon Faire, she did the monthly quests for Herbalism, Mining, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Inscription, Alchemy, and Archaeology.

A Stroke of Luck

She had a bit of unbelievably good luck when one of the “Canopic Jars”, from Uldum archeology, contained the very rare recipe for the Vial of the Sands. She had kept them in the bank, unopened until she had leveled Cataclysm alchemy. She had farmed (or purchased) the fairly extensive list of mats for that recipe and did make the Sandstone Drake mount!

Worries, Concerns and a Near Death

Major worries were Blizzard-related issues like disconnects and avoiding a short list of dig sites that she considered too risky. She had one very close call at a site in Eastern Plaguelands, Zul’Mashar specifically, the first time she went there: She didn’t realize that the burial mounds on the ground would spawn a LOT of trolls if you step on them. She had thought it was over, surrounded by all those trolls, but thankfully vanish let her get away to a safe spot.

Ferre didn’t do archaeology in any zones beyond Cataclysm as she was worried about a) possible spawns and b) the possibility of shared proximity kills. She did tend to do most of her activity out in the world during night time hours.

Ferre compiled a google doc spreadsheet of dig site information. Please note that it is NOT complete – started it when she was in her mid-90s, and will be adding to it. Also, note that is just Ferre’s impressions of difficulty, mainly from the viewpoint of a stealth class.

This week we are joined by the most amazing person in the world: BoomBoomie. He’s so great that a single Boom doesn’t sum up what he has to offer.

– Love is in the Air
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Congratulation to Ferriona on becoming our third Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Champion. This character has also previously reached max level during Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and Legion.

Ferre did a lot of testing and scouting to find the best path and spec that would work for her. She settled on Resto spec for Ferriona in Legion and up, feeling it would be her best chance at survival once she passed WoD content.

Her path to level 120 did not include killing mobs in Battle for Azeroth. After a couple of levels of questing in Legion zones, the risk versus the reward was not very appealing with the experience from killing mobs dropping off so greatly. Instead, she opted for an alternative route. Ferre said, “I call it the slow road, making use of dailies and holiday activities with limited exploration.” She also noted that Druid crowd control is pretty weak and after some close calls, she really wished for a Vanish-type spell besides Shadowmeld.

Ferre has several other challengers in the works. Her next goal is to reach max level on a non-Pacifist Rogue.

An experienced expert in the ways of the Pacifist challenge, Ferre, or Queen of the Pacifists, as we like to call her, joins us as our guest this week.

– Love is in the Air Feb.12 – 26

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Love is in the Air has started and will run from February 12 through to February 26. Below you’ll find what’s allowed and what’s not for your Challengers. For a complete overview of the event please see the Love is in the Air Guide.

Quests: All quests are okay to do providing they fall within the parameters of your challenge.
Blood Thirsty (Solo & Teams): Move along, nothing to see here for you. This event revolves around questing and you are not allowed to do that.
Pacifists: Please be aware some of the event’s quests involve killing mobs. You will not be able to do all of the quests. When in doubt, scout it out. 

Lovely Cards: NOT ALLOWED 
The Lovely Cards (example: Lovely Undercity Card) are NOT ALLOWED as they provide stat buffs for your character.
Tin Man: You are allowed to use these as Tin challengers can have buffs.

Love Tokens: These can be spent on a number of items, however, please keep in mind that the Box of Chocolates and anything that is a Cologne or Perfume are NOT ALLOWED as they provide you buffs.
Tin Man: You are the exception once again as your challenge allows buffs.

Dresses & Suits: There are white/common-quality dresses and suits that can be equipped, so these are fair game for your Challengers. That being said, please be mindful of the quality of the item you are equipping. There may be green quality versions of these items in the game as well. Equipping those will get you flagged.
Blood Thirsty Solo: If you somehow come across a green event item, you may equip it since green quality gear is allowed for you.
Green Man: Should you come across any green quality event items you may equip them, your challenge allows green quality gear. 

Apothecary Hummel: NOT ALLOWED
This NPC is located in a dungeon and is NOT ALLOWED for solo challengers. 
Iron Teams: If you are a full team of 5 your team may queue for this dungeon.
Blood Thirsty Teams: If you are a full team of 5 your team may queue for this dungeon, however, you are not allowed to complete any quests in the dungeon.

Collecting Charms: You’re allowed to collect charms for achievements, pets, mounts, and items if you want.
Blood Thirsty Solo & Teams: While you can collect the Lovely Charms, you’ll need to complete a quest to turn them in. Since you cannot complete these quests it’s back to the blood-soaked fields with you.
Pacifists: You cannot acquire these as the Lovely Charms require you to land the killing blow to in order to receive the charm.

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We are joined by the wonderful Leilastrasza and awesome Turwinkle this week. They help us wrap up the Honor Thy Elders leveling contest, which they graciously sponsored.

Honor Thy Elders leveling contest wrap-up
– Love is in the Air Feb.12 – 26
– BlizzCon date theory

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This week Janglur joins us to share his years of Iron leveling experiences. You can find Janglur’s Level 1 – 60 roadmap here:

Honor Thy Elders leveling contest update (Jan.26 – Feb.9)
– Darkmoon Faire soon
– Love is in the Air soon

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Can be found in the Ironman guild on Wyrmrest Accord-US (Alliance)

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Janglur’s Optimal Iron Man Roadmap for Levels 1-60

(Unofficially Endorsed by Ster)

  • Begin in the Night Elf starter zone (of course – SM).
    • Do the quests until you get to the one where you have to go to the stupid barrow and kill 20 mobs.
  • Go to Elwynn Forest and do almost everything.
    • The Collector can be done with a hunter if you kite the caster and walk around the building to stay out of line of sight, but is not recommended for most classes.
  • Do the initial Westfall quests until you get to “Two-Shoed” Lou and get the first flight path.
  • Go to Ironforge, get the quest, and take the flight to Loch Modan and the downed pilot.
    • Do the gnoll ear and Algaz Station quests through Sharpsneer, as they are much easier to complete at low levels, but don’t turn them in until you return to LM.
  • Fly back to Kharanos and do the Dun Morogh quests.
    • Make sure you don’t aggro multiple Frostmane Seers.  They do leash reasonably well if you need to run.
  • Go to Azuremyst Isle and do the quests there.
    • I usually skip Bristlelimb Village.  It’s not worth the headache.
  • Go to Bloodmyst Isle, where there are a million quests.  Do the ones you like.
    • I’m not a fan of the demon areas.
    • AVOID THE CRYO-CORE.  It’s the worst.  The outdoor mobs are ranged and usually in pairs, and the indoors is 10x worse.
  • Next up is Darkshore.  Increasingly cherry-pick the quests you like.
    • The Shatterspear Mystics are dangerous, and I avoid all nearby boss quests.
  • Fly to Astranaar, where there are a couple of quests with no mob fighting.
    • There are also a few good quests in Forest Song after you take the free ride there.
  • Return to Westfall.  I do the quests up until Agent Kearnan because I don’t like ones that require an elite to pound on you.
  • Go to Redridge and do the quests through Yowler and the ettin.
    • Don’t go to Alther’s Mill or Render’s Valley unless you want to roll a new iron.
  • Next is Duskwood, one of my favorite zones.
    • Keep an eye out for Dark Riders near Beggar’s Haunt and Manor Mistmantle.
    • Watch out for stealth worgen in the Rotting Orchard.
    • Don’t look in the buildings at Raven Hill.
    • OK, it sounds like the zone is dangerous, but there are really good groupings of quests and you can level quickly with a little caution.
    • I don’t do anything that involves going into the heart of the RH cemetary.
  • I like to do a few early Hemingwary quests in Northern STV, but only a few.  The rest of the zone is super-grindy with stealth mobs sprinkled throughout.  And all the cats hit hard.
  • By now I’m usually in my 30’s, and only then do I go to Loch Modan.
    • Save all six Explorer’s League docs to turn in when you’re level 59.
    • I don’t go after the robot in the cave.  I hate caves in general.
  • After LM, I head steadily north, cherry-picking as I go.
  • I like the quests in south and east Wetlands, but hate the northwest.  The mobs are too tightly packed with a few named NPCs to boot.
    • I’m not a big fan of Dun Modr either.
  • Keep going north to Arathi Basin.
    • Skip the kobolds with the motes.  It’s the timber worg tales of the Eastern Kingdom.
    • I don’t like to go into Stromgarde, even though I do sometimes.
    • Northfold Manor actually isn’t difficult as long as you remain on the perimeter, finding and eliminating the stealth mobs one by one.
  • Next stop: the Hinterlands.
    • Old Cliff Jumper is bad-ass.  He’s yellow.  Leave him be.
    • Don’t go into Skulk Rock.  The Direglob sits on top of you so you can’t move and dissolves you.
  • Onward to Western Plaguelands.
    • I mostly avoid Andorhal, which is a death trap for irons, but there are some easy quests at Chillwind Camp, where you just have to kill a few bears and pick up some feathers.
  • By this point you should over 40 and ready for my next favorite zone: Dustwallow Marsh.
    • I do almost every quest here except for the murloc heads and the Deserters.
    • The turtles are OP, but slow.
    • While you’re getting the clues at the Shady Rest Inn, pop over to Fort Triumph for some easy cheese.  Avoid the quillboars and the burning dwarf building, in which you will die instantly if you don’t know what you’re doing (which I didn’t).
  • Then go to Thousand Needles and cherry-pick some more.
  • Do the same in Tanaris.
    • I don’t do the quest that ejects you 50 feet in the air if for no other reason than principle.
  • Next is Faralas, a very under-rated zone, IMO.  It has some good quests and the mobs are generally well spaced.
    • I especially like the quest chain in Oneiros.
    • Don’t do the quest where you tag the hippogriffs and an orc hunter appears out of nowhere and smacks you in the back of the head.  It’s bad for your heart and your iron’s health.
  • By this point you should be in the upper 40’s and ready for my next favorite zone: the Badlands.
    • Goat punching!  The Warden’s Pawns!  The Deathwing chain!
    • The turret quest is easy and safe if you just slowly keep turning in the same direction a little ways, stop, fire, repeat.
  • I stop in Searing Gorge for just a few quests and to visit Lunk, my favorite NPC in the game.
    • Stay far, far away from Gravius Grimesilt.  He is bad news.
  • Head back to Kalimdor and go to Felwood.
    • I do every quest in Felwood except the ones with satyrs, who all hit really, really hard.
  • Only now do I go to Winterspring.  It’s a great zone and the XP for the quests is phenomenal, which is perfect for getting through the 50’s.
    • I don’t do the quests in Winterfall Village because the mobs are grouped.
    • I’m told the named mobs are near impossible to do with a melee toon, but I can do all of them with a hunter EXCEPT Mezzir the Howler. 
  •  By the time I’m done with WS, I have usually been pretty close to 60, and that was before the XP nerfs.
    • I could generally get the rest of the way there via Swamp of Sorrows.
    • I do only the first few easy quests in the Blasted Lands, which mostly sucks.
  • As soon as you hit 59, turn in the League of Explorer’s docs and do the balloon quest in Cathedral Square, which will take you more than 1/3 through the worst level.

Good luck, have fun, and stay safe!