5 comments on “Making an Exception for an Unexpected Feature

  1. i made a paladin on the server earthern ring with the name singclaire im fairly new to the whole ironman challange but i followed all the rules no specc only white and or grey weapons and gear and all that and i havent played that char in awhile BUT i logged in on that character after the pre-patch for legion came out and when i logged in i had been forced to a specc i was not aware of this and logged out at once as i want to see how far i can go in this challange BUT i fear blizzard fucked me over by forcing me into a specc without my knowing

    how does this work for ironman challangers?

    best regards that one guy that likes strawverry cake

  2. what about the fact that with the pre patch blizz selected a specialization for toons that had not chosen one?

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