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Congratulations to Fivepride on becoming our newest Pacifist Challenge champion! This is also Five’s second Pacifist to reach max level this expansion. 

Fivepride was an immediate re-roll of a level 68 Pacifist monk that met an unfortunate end during last year’s Lunar Festival. In the ten days of the played time it took to reach max level, Five decided to change up his playstyle by doing more gathering and less Archeology. Utilizing his monk’s Zen Flight enabled him to gather while flying which helped immensely.

He also added an alternate goal to obtain the recipe for the Vial of the Sands mount. With experience starting to run out and max level approaching, six of his last ten levels were played unrested in order to get more chances for the mount recipe to drop before reaching max level. Fivepride managed to complete this alternate goal upon opening his 13th jar at level 118. 

When asked what other projects he’d be working on next, Five said, “I’ll be working on an Orc Warrior Pacifist (Fivepiggledy), a Blood Thirsty Pacifist (Fivechesty), a handful of other Blood Thirsty challengers, and my Blood Thirsty team with Taco.”

It looks like Five will be keeping very busy. Good luck on all of your challenger projects, Five, and congratulations once again on becoming our newest Pacifist Champion with your monk Fivepride!