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Congratulations to Shinari on becoming our sixth Iron Champion during Battle for Azeroth. Shinari is the second Iron challenger created after Patch 7.3.5. to reach max level doing so in just under 402 days. This is also the same character who won our Rogue Rumble contest back in April of 2018.

In the time it took to reach max level, Shinari completed 2,485 quests, took 295 flight paths, and hearthed 108 times.

Once again congratulations to Shinar our sixth Iron Champion during Battle for Azeroth and the second challenger to do so after Patch 7.3.5.

It’s only been a week since Lyssan claimed the first spot on the Ironman Champion list, and now we have our second champion, Catster. This Night Elf rogue was started back in June 2016, which was 825 days ago, with a /played time of 390 hours.

When asked, “Was Battle for Azeroth a difficult expansion to level in?”, Ster said: “Being in a new zone presents new hazards and dangers, but overall, not too bad for an Iron challenger. So you might ask, what is the difficulty in getting to 120 today? Overall, I’d say the road is long from 1 to 120. You need to adjust your play style for the lengthy duration it takes. Most of my Iron Man deaths have been to carelessness that could have been prevented.”

Ster’s best advice to reach max cap? “Play conservatively, always leave an escape, and scout new areas before venturing in with a living Iron.”

Now that he’s gotten an Iron challenger to max level, Ster said he’ll be working on his Tin Man Druid and leveling a scout to 120 for the next expansion.

Below, you can find more suggestions for Battle for Azeroth leveling:

It may come to no surprise to the Iron Man community, but Lyssan has become the first Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Champion on his Night Elf Priest. Completing the task with a /played time of thirty days and ten hours, with the journey from 110 to 120 taking roughly five to six days.

When asked if he had any near-death experiences from 110-120, Lyssan said “No, it was pretty uneventful. I had to Shadow Meld a couple of times but I wasn’t in immediate danger of dying. 110-120 is doable but you need a lot of patience, even more than before.”

His main advice for Iron challengers in Battle for Azeroth is “Stay in Legion for as long as you can. I moved to BfA at 114.5, and there is a lot of doable content in BfA, especially in Tiragarde Sound.”

Lyssan has crafted a longer post on the WoW Challenges forums with details and recommendations for taking on Battle for Azeroth leveling. You can view the post here: Lyssan-leveling from 110 to 120|WoW Challenges Forums

Congratulations once again, Lyssan, on becoming our first Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Champion!

Co-Authored with Ster. 

Amazing effort by Zador results in the 20th toon to get to Iron Championship level, and the first paladin to make it to 110 since Legion.

Zador accomplished this in roughly 31 days with 4 days 6 hours of play time. Zador mentioned he learned the hard way to avoid Horde camps, and arranging your keybinds for quick access is critical. Now that he’s 110, he’s going to make a special trip back to EPL to say hi to Ix’lar who munched on one of Zador’s earlier toons.

More details about Zador’s adventures can be found on the forum at