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World of Warcraft’s 14th Anniversary celebration starts today! This event will conclude on November 30th. You can find an in-depth guide on the Anniversary events here:

The Celebration Package, while great for your regular characters, is NOT ALLOWED for any Challenge character.

Blood Thirsty Challengers: When you open the gift you will have a quest that gets auto-accepted. This quest will count against your Quest Completion if you turn it in.

There are two daily quests available:

A Time to Reflect is available for ALL LEVELS. Irons, Tins, and Greens should be able to do this quest (sorry Bloods, back to the blood-soaked fields you go). Pacifists should check the quest out first (or let us know) but I would think this quest should be okay as you are answering a question. One issue you may run into is proximity kills if someone starts killing critters beside the quest-giver. Beware.

The Originals is available only for Level 60 or higher characters. You are not allowed to join a group, so overall this quest would be a no-go for your Challenger. You can try to tag the world boss, but you do so at your own risk; I’m sure there will be some fairly deadly effects. Blood Thirsty and Pacifists most certainly cannot do this quest.