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Blood Thirsty Challenge

The Blood Thirsty Challenge will test your patience and strength of will. Make it to max level with minimal questing and don't die. Full Rules

You can add a character to the Blood Thirsty Challenge here: Add Character.

Can't find your character on this list? Check the Honoured Dead list.

Allied Races, Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Golddragon Classic Iron <MAX PAIN>
64 Shaman Draenei us - Aerie Peak
2. Tidalsoul <Bored Gamers Network>
40 Shaman Dwarf us - Gnomeregan
3. Fivemael
34 Shaman Troll us - Shu'halo
4. Lycheenut <Wowironman>
32 Shaman Pandaren us - Wyrmrest Accord
5. Ironagent
25 Shaman Pandaren us - Azuremyst
6. Thirstycalm
25 Shaman Dwarf us - Drenden
7. Ferrasham <Pays The Iron Price>
15 Shaman Draenei eu - Azjol-nerub
8. Bramadyr
14 Shaman Dwarf us - Moon Guard
9. Bludtirst
14 Shaman Troll us - Bonechewer
10. Delijarn
13 Shaman Dwarf eu - Ghostlands
11. Diffman
12 Shaman Troll us - Saurfang
12. Tiki
12 Shaman Pandaren us - Zul'jin
13. Bellicosus
11 Shaman Troll us - Dath'remar
14. Bloodllama
11 Shaman Draenei eu - Azjol-nerub
15. Silverzappy
11 Shaman Troll us - Wyrmrest Accord
16. Thirstyblud
11 Shaman Draenei eu - Turalyon
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