Effective immediately ALL ELIXIRS are NOT ALLOWED (yes, even quest ones).

Patch 7.3.5 will be released this Tuesday. Please ensure you unequip all gear when logging out before the patch as some gear can be converted to uncommon+ and flag your character.
Flags will not be reversed.

Challenge Victors

These are all the Mighty Champions that have completed our challenges! Hail to them for they are great!

Character Level Chall Class Race Realm
1. Deidrevenm Iron Champion 90,100,110
110 Iron 1118d 16h 36m 30s Monk Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
2. Margymonk Iron Champion 100,110
110 Iron 187d 14h 17m 44s Monk Night Elf eu - Hellscream
3. Deidrevenm Iron Champion 90,100,110
100 Iron 678d 21h 49m 56s Monk Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
4. Ironrevenge Iron Champion 100
100 Iron 36d 20h 59m 15s Monk Dwarf us - Khadgar
5. Margymonk Iron Champion 100,110
100 Iron 58d 3h 54m 47s Monk Night Elf eu - Hellscream
6. Deidrevenm Iron Champion 90,100,110
90 Iron 24855d 3h 14m 7s Monk Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
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