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Achievement_level_100Yesterday, Deidrevenm became our eighth Iron Champion during the Warlords of Draenor expansion. The character is also the first Monk to reach 100 as an Iron Man.

This is the second Iron Champion title held by this character… they achieved the Level 90 Iron Champion title during Mists of Pandaria.

Congratulations Deidrevenm!

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podcast-transparentThe WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the WoW Community up to date with news and information regarding the Challenge Toons!

Special Thank You for Marconin (@MarconinWoW) for creating our awesome Intro!

Want to thank all of these podcasts for helping us out to promote our first episode:

*Joining us for our first show is Rogueslayer from CtrlAltWoW.

Twitter – @rogueslayer1

*Stone and Leeta discuss their latest adventures in WoW.

WoW News

  • 6.2.2 – Flying
  • WoW Expansion – Legion
  • WoW Holiday Events
    • Pirate’s Day
    • Brewfest
    • Harvest Festival

Site News

  • Death Knight Challengers
  • Blood Thirsty Rule Modification
  • Challenger Updates

Emails / Audios / Social Media

Submissions from Alex, Wingstar, Azmaedus and Rigarmorty

Contact Info:-

You can contact the show by email –

We’re on

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And remember come catch us LIVE at

You can reach Stone on Twitter @WoWChallenges

Leeta:- @Leetawow, Behind the Avatar, CtrlAltWoW, Corpse Run Radio and Geektopia podcasts.

Next Show – Saturday September 26th 2015 @7pm EST

Listen to the episode!

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podcast-transparentWe are under two days away from going live with our first episode of the WoW Challenges podcast. The podcast is going to be mainly anything to do with WoW news, site news, guests and round-table discussions revolving around the Iron Man, Blood Thirsty and Pacifist challenges.

We are going to be airing on Saturday August 29th at 7pm Eastern / Sunday August 30th at 9am Australian Eastern at

Please join us!

Victory Podium
Xayaforsi US-Wyrmrest Accord
Iron Man Challenge
Level: 90
on Nov 1 2014, 00:00:00 Pacific

Iron Man Challenge - See All
Lyssan Priest 100 us - Vek'nilash
Xayaforsi Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ferrenys Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironashs Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Jernmand Hunter 100 eu - Earthen Ring
Ferreskye Priest 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Stone: Pet battle achievements earned immediately before hitting Level 100.
More than 9 pet battles not allowed.
Please see forums.
Grayarcher Hunter 100 us - Aerie Peak
Deidrevenm Monk 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Fiveironxlix Hunter 90 us - Shu'halo
Ferriona Druid 90 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironkyrie Paladin 90 us - Nazgrel
Ironstevo Warlock 87 us - Earthen Ring
Strazii Mage 85 us - Icecrown
Ghostster Rogue 83 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Макдэдли Marked for Deletion Hunter 82 eu - Borean Tundra

Pacifist Challenge - See All
Pavara Rogue 61 us - Vek'nilash
Tialaria Rogue 54 us - Wyrmrest Accord
- Killing Blow Pct Too High (34,700.00 %)
Pachifian Marked for Deletion Druid 49 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Serenella Druid 45 us - Dalaran
Ferreilean Druid 38 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Kendros Druid 26 eu - Die Nachtwache
Siochaint Druid 24 eu - Earthen Ring
Fredeligst Priest 23 eu - Earthen Ring
Zenneth Marked for Deletion Druid 21 us - Moon Guard
- Dungeons / Raid bosses killed / completed (68)
Trobnite Marked for Deletion Hunter 18 us - Aerie Peak

Blood Thirsty Challenge - See All
Karos Death Knight 59 us - Galakrond
Irongrinderk Monk 51 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Bentgrinder Monk 41 us - Skywall
Bentgrinder Monk 40 us - Dalaran
Ironbanana Hunter 39 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Bloodymata Hunter 32 us - Dath'remar
Uruklor Marked for Deletion Warrior 30 us - Galakrond
Mottohayaku Monk 30 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Irondudeman Hunter 30 us - Lightbringer
Hcpanik Hunter 30 eu - Earthen Ring