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Happy-KidsWe are back into Children’s Week once again and the guide has been updated but we are not seeing anything new for 2016 here. Children’s Week will run from May 2nd to May 9th.

You are allowed to do quests or achievements for the event unless they break the rules of the current challenges. Since someone will ask it, I’ll say it: Doing the quests or achievements that require you to bring the orphan into a dungeon or battleground will get you flagged.

You can earn toys, battle pets and pet care packages for pet related things… these are all okay to earn for your account, however, you would still not be allowed to use those pets to level up your challenge character.

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unnamedBig thank you to everyone that pledged their support to us over April. We have our supporters page online now… everyone that pledged their support during April will be added to this page.

We will be updating this page monthly as Patreon completes their processing.

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podcast-transparentThe WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information for your Challenge Toons!

This weeks guest is the King of the Firsts…

  • First Iron to hit 90.
  • First Iron to hit 100.
  • First PETLESS Hunter Iron to hit 100.
  • First Level 100 HORDE Iron.
  • First Level 100 No-Dailies Iron.
  • First Iron Warrior EVER.


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Next Show – Saturday May 7th 2016 @ 7pm Eastern

Special Guest – Rogueslayer 

Victory Podium
Ferrenys US-Wyrmrest Accord
Iron Man Challenge
Level: 90
on Nov 1 2014, 00:00:00 Pacific

Iron Man Challenge - See All
Lyssan Priest 100 us - Vek'nilash
Xayaforsi Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ferrenys Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironashs Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Jernmand Hunter 100 eu - Earthen Ring
Ferreskye Priest 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Stone: Pet battle achievements earned immediately before hitting Level 100.
More than 9 pet battles not allowed.
Please see forums.
Grayarcher Hunter 100 us - Aerie Peak
Deidrevenm Monk 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Asyluun Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Boneless Hunter 100 us - Nesingwary
Ferriona Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironstevo Warlock 100 us - Earthen Ring
Fckingyolo Hunter 100 eu - Darkmoon Faire
Marghunt Hunter 100 eu - Hellscream
Lyssande Warrior 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironrevenge Monk 100 us - Khadgar
Abnormal leveling speed. Please contact Stone.
Вирджиз Marked for Deletion Hunter 100 eu - Голдринн
Calindril Hunter 98 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironster Rogue 95 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironkyrie Paladin 94 us - Nazgrel

Pacifist Challenge - See All
Bloodless Rogue 94 us - Nazgrel
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Tokiv Marked for Deletion Warrior 93 eu - Darkmoon Faire
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Noharm Marked for Deletion Rogue 93 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Tânee Rogue 93 us - Wyrmrest Accord
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Sindrys Marked for Deletion Rogue 92 us - Nesingwary
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Tanareet Marked for Deletion Rogue 92 us - Vek'nilash
- You have 4 kills... no kills are allowed!
Ultranumb Marked for Deletion Rogue 78 us - Khaz Modan
Fulman Mage 78 us - Proudmoore
Hatoha Druid 68 eu - Alonsus
Miyra Druid 67 us - Cairne

Blood Thirsty Challenge - See All
Deidrevenbld Hunter 84 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Irondudeman Hunter 67 us - Lightbringer
Bloodyktang Hunter 61 us - Khadgar
Bentgrinder Monk 61 us - Skywall
- Killing Blow Pct Too Low (0 %)
- Kills granting Experience is too low. (0 / 695.5)
- Primary Professions Not Allowed ()
- Archaeology not allowed (375)
- Fishing not allowed (128)
- Cooking not allowed (33)
Kûmâ Marked for Deletion Druid 60 eu - Draenor
Teratia Death Knight 58 us - Lightbringer
Xayablood Hunter 57 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Krilldarra Marked for Deletion Death Knight 56 us - Lightbringer
- something looks wonky with your DK, please contact Stone.
Ironedk Marked for Deletion Death Knight 56 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ciardha Death Knight 56 eu - Forscherliga