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podcast-transparentThe WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information for your Challenge Toons!

This week we are joined by Rogueslayer.

Rogueslayer, Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft.

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dancingflamesHere we are a year later and we’re back into the Midsummer Fire Festival. The world event will run from June 21 to July 5. According to WoWHead’s event guide there were no new additions this year. This sort of makes sense as Legion is likely commanding all hands on deck by this point.

As such, there are no changes from what we said about the event last year.

Festival Bonfires & Daily Quests
Pacifists: We are still uncertain if dousing the flame will count as a kill. Try it on a non-pacifist character first.
Blood Thirsty: Allowed, however, these do count against your quest totals, so take care to not accidentally flag yourself as there is no going back.

Ribbon Pole: The XP buff you get from doing the ribbon pole dance is NOT allowed.

Bonfire’s Blessing: Typically this would not be allowed, however, you are unable to right-click / remove the buff so there is not much that can be done. Basically don’t go out there intentionally reigniting the bonfire to give you that buff… if you get it because someone else did it, fine.

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Achievement_level_100Belated congratulations to Sepa for hitting Level 100 on his Gnome Rogue! Sepa is our 17th green-flagged character to hit max level on June 2nd 11:59:23pm Pacific. His level 10 to 100 playing time (not /played) was 57 days, 22 hours, 4 minutes, 21 seconds. Sepa is only the second Rogue and first Gnome to complete the Iron Man challenge this expansion.

I had congratulated him on the forums and twitter but apparently I did not do it as a blog post here (which I customarily do)… completely my fault!

Congratulations again and good luck on your future challengers!

Victory Podium
Deidreven US-Wyrmrest Accord
Iron Man Challenge
Level: 85
on Aug 7 2012, 00:00:00 Pacific

Iron Man Challenge - See All
Lyssan Priest 100 us - Vek'nilash
Xayaforsi Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ferrenys Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironashs Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Jernmand Hunter 100 eu - Earthen Ring
Ferreskye Priest 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Stone: Pet battle achievements earned immediately before hitting Level 100.
More than 9 pet battles not allowed.
Please see forums.
Grayarcher Hunter 100 us - Aerie Peak
Deidrevenm Monk 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Asyluun Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Boneless Hunter 100 us - Nesingwary
Ferriona Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironstevo Warlock 100 us - Earthen Ring
Fckingyolo Hunter 100 eu - Darkmoon Faire
Marghunt Hunter 100 eu - Hellscream
Lyssande Warrior 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironrevenge Monk 100 us - Khadgar
Abnormal leveling speed. Please contact Stone.
Вирджиз Marked for Deletion Hunter 100 eu - Голдринн
Ironster Rogue 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Abnormal leveling speed. Please contact Stone.
Calindril Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Sepa Rogue 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Margymonk Monk 95 eu - Hellscream
Tanæ Hunter 95 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironkyrie Paladin 94 us - Nazgrel
Taneë Paladin 93 us - Proudmoore
Tænæ Priest 93 us - Proudmoore

Pacifist Challenge - See All
Bloodless Rogue 100 us - Nazgrel
Tânee Rogue 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Xyrelle Rogue 99 us - Nesingwary
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Tokiv Marked for Deletion Warrior 93 eu - Darkmoon Faire
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Noharm Rogue 93 us - Wyrmrest Accord
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Sindrys Rogue 92 us - Nesingwary
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Tanareet Rogue 92 us - Vek'nilash
Fulman Mage 78 us - Proudmoore
- You have 4 kills... no kills are allowed!
Ultranumb Rogue 78 us - Khaz Modan
Miyra Druid 67 us - Cairne

Blood Thirsty Challenge - See All
Bloodyktang Hunter 76 us - Khadgar
Irondudeman Hunter 67 us - Lightbringer
Twothirsty Hunter 63 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Bentgrinder Monk 62 us - Skywall
Taannie Hunter 59 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Teratia Death Knight 58 us - Lightbringer
Ironedk Death Knight 56 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Bloodthirst Hunter 55 eu - Rexxar
Hemur Hunter 52 us - Shu'halo
Bloodystevo Monk 51 us - Wyrmrest Accord