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funny-thanksgiving-eat-beef-jokePilgrim’s Bounty started yesterday, November 23rd 2015 and will run up to and including November 30 2015. My main point of reference here is the guide. It appears that nothing new was added to this event… either that or it has been drowned out by the glut of Legion alpha information. I’ve reviewed the WoWHead guide and will comment on what is or is not allowed for Challengers during this event.

Bountiful Tables: These are found at all major cities and towns with inns. Eating here is ALLOWED, however, please note that eating the same meal 5 times will give you a buff that is not allowed:

Transmog Items:

  • The Pilgrim’s Hat, Attire, Dress, Robe and Boots are all okay to be worn. They are white-quality equipped items.
  • The Rare-quality (blue) Fine Pilgrim’s Hat is ALLOWED. It offers no stats or buffs and is purely cosmetic. I’ve already made an exception in the code for this item.

Battle Pets: You can win the following two battle pets (but again, cannot use them within the confines of the challenge).

  • Frightened Bush Chicken can be found in the daily Pilgrim’s Bounty quest reward.
  • Plump Turkey is rewarded from completing the Pilgrim achievement (not possible for Challengers to do).

Pilgrim Achievement: Currently this achievement is not possible to complete for Challengers since some of the requirements would break our challenge rules.

Daily Quests: There are two sets of quests… ones that require cooking and others that let you either cook or BUY the necessary quest items. Pacifists are allowed to complete both sets of quests since cooking is allowed for them, however, Irons are only allowed to complete the quests where you can buy the items.

Completing the dailies will give you a Pilgrim’s Bounty reward which you can find the Frightened Bush Chicken or the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter toy. This item sells for 10 gold! You can also keep this since it’s a toy and does not provide any in-game assistance.

Food Recipes: Pacifists can learn five new cooking recipes: Spice Bread Stuffing (1), Pumpkin Pie (100), Cranberry Chutney (160), Candied Sweet Potato (220), Slow-Roasted Turkey (280). All of these items provide buffs. You can EAT the food, however, you must right-click the buff OFF.

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WoWChallengesNEWtwitterThe WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information regarding the Challenge Toons!

  • We feature 4 audio clips from folks at BlizzCon
    • Ashanka, BattlePanda, Belshnickle, Ben Bumhoffer, Firebain, Goldie, Hawgeye, Hots For Shots, Jack of Skulls, Jules, Juuno, Knate, MageADeath, Marconin, Marie, Pat Krane, Racavis, Rho, Summer Sal, Tieber, Tullibardine, Wunwuntu
  • Stone, Leeta and Rogueslayer discuss their top two things from BlizzCon.
  • Transmog discussion
  • Default Specialization discussion

News in the World of Warcraft

  • CTR Moose Run: for members of the Convert to Raid guild. Sign up at
  • Friendship Moose: for Alliance or Horde! Sign up at
  • Pilgrim’s Bounty upcoming world event roundup.
  • Brief discussion about Legion class guides.

Site News

  • We have a new Level 100 Iron Victor: Asyluun!
  • FAQ is coming real soon!
  • New Gear Exception: Fine Pilgrim’s Hat.
  • Glyphs: not adding glyph exceptions until Legion.
  • The Challenge Report: who dinged & who died.

Emails / Audios / Social Media

Submissions from Hollowed Djauul, Iron Slak 2, Tulli, Asy, Leeta

Contact Info

You can contact the show by email –

We’re on

Check out the show on

And remember to come catch us LIVE at

– Twitter @WoWChallenges
– Podcasts: The Rykter Scale, Azeroth Uncultured

– Twitter @LeetaWoW
– Podcasts: Behind the Avatar, CtrlAltWoW, Corpse Run Radio, Geektopia

– Twitter @rogueslayer1
– Podcast: CtrlAltWoW

Next Show – Saturday December 12 2015 @ 7pm Eastern

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wow_icon_by_officer_luficerWorld of Warcraft’s 11st Anniversary is almost upon us. It’s running from November 16 1pm to November 30 1pm (times are North American Eastern). As before players are rewarded with some goodies… but when it comes down to the challenges, please be aware that some are not allowed.

If you have any questions about these items, please let me know by contacting me either on the forums, twitter, email or facebook.

Victory Podium
Ironashs US-Wyrmrest Accord
Iron Man Challenge
Level: 90
on Nov 1 2014, 00:00:00 Pacific

Iron Man Challenge - See All
Lyssan Priest 100 us - Vek'nilash
Xayaforsi Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ferrenys Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironashs Druid 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Jernmand Hunter 100 eu - Earthen Ring
Ferreskye Priest 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Stone: Pet battle achievements earned immediately before hitting Level 100.
More than 9 pet battles not allowed.
Please see forums.
Grayarcher Hunter 100 us - Aerie Peak
Deidrevenm Monk 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Asyluun Hunter 100 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ferriona Druid 93 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Boneless Hunter 92 us - Nesingwary
Fiveironxlix Hunter 90 us - Shu'halo
Ironkyrie Paladin 90 us - Nazgrel
Nelfster Rogue 90 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironstevo Warlock 87 us - Earthen Ring

Pacifist Challenge - See All
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Tanareet Rogue 92 us - Vek'nilash
Miyra Druid 64 us - Cairne
Noharm Rogue 56 us - Wyrmrest Accord
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Ptulli Marked for Deletion Rogue 55 eu - Saurfang
Tialaria Rogue 54 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Grumps Monk 43 us - Aerie Peak
Ferreilean Druid 43 us - Wyrmrest Accord
- You have 1 kills... no kills are allowed!
Kendros Marked for Deletion Druid 28 eu - Die Nachtwache
Siochaint Druid 24 eu - Earthen Ring
Fredeligst Priest 24 eu - Earthen Ring

Blood Thirsty Challenge - See All
Deidrevenbld Hunter 71 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Irondudeman Hunter 67 us - Lightbringer
Irongrinderk Monk 61 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Bloodthirst Hunter 48 eu - Rexxar
Mottohayaku Monk 48 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Bentgrinder Monk 44 us - Skywall
Ferroul Druid 43 us - Lightbringer
Bentgrinder Monk 42 us - Dalaran
Ironbanana Hunter 39 us - Wyrmrest Accord
Ironmanpaff Warrior 33 us - Dalaran