This week's State of the Challengers list has been reset as of Monday evening.
WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.184 – Coz You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

This week we are joined by 2Shankz! News – Brewfest is Live! WoWHead’s Guide & Our Post – Patch 8.2.5 LIVE on Tuesday Patch Notes – Spreadshirt Promo “SHIPFORME” Free Shipping until Sept. 23rd Contact Info You can contact the show by email – We’re on Twitter: @WoWChallenges Discord server: Check out […]

Brewfest 2019

Raise your tankards and get ready for fun, this year’s Brewfest has now begun! Brewfest will run from September 20th through October 6th. For a complete overview of the event feel free to check out WoWHead’s guide: Brewfest 2019 The following information is for the Iron Man Challenge. For information on the other challenge variants […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.183 – Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing

This week we are joined Per0tin! News – Harvest Festival runs until Sept. 17th – Pirate’s Day Sept. 19th – 20th – Brewfest Sept. 20th – Oct. 6th – Virtual Ticket announcement soon – Spreadshirt issue sorted order your heart’s out Contact Info You can contact the show by email – We’re on […]

Harvest Festival 2019

This year’s Harvest Festival will be running from September 10th through September 17th. The Harvest Festival event has one quest that leads you to honor a specific hero based on your faction. Those who are part of the Alliance will be sent to the tomb of Uther Lightbringer in Western Plaguelands. If you are part […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.182 – Smack You a Good One

This week we are joined Leila! News – Still Waiting for Info About the Classic API – DMF Week – Harvest Festival Starts Sept. 10th – BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Launches Next Month – Spreadshirt Issue – New Website Discussion Iron Elite Heads UP – DDOS Attacks Contact Info You can contact the show by email […]

Congratulations to Imposter, Our 10th Iron Champion of BfA!

Congratulations to Imposter, our 10th BfA Iron Champion. Imposter is Ster’s second Iron challenger to reach max level this expansion. This feat took him roughly 73 days (2 and half months) to accomplish with a /played time of 14 days proving that while it may not be an easy task to get a melee class […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.181 – Statastic

This week we are joined by Fiveiron! He brings his love of numbers and stats along with him, including this quest stat chart available on our forums. News – WoW Classic is LIVE!!! – Guilds on both Horde & Alliance have been created on US RP Bloodsail Buccaneers and Alliance EU RP Hydraxian Waterlords. – […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.180 – Celebrating 4 Years!

This week we celebrate our 4th anniversary with help from some of our challenge family! News – Power Word: Classic Contest Grand Prize Winner Announced – Power Word: Classic Contest Pet Drawing Winners Announced – World of Warcraft Classic More Names & More Servers Announced – More Challenge Guild & Discord Information for Classic – […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.179 – Boo Get Off the Stage

This week we are joined by Asy! News – Power Word: Classic Contest Halfway Point – World of Warcraft Classic Soon! – Servers for Challenger Guilds Contact Info You can contact the show by email – We’re on Twitter: @WoWChallenges Discord server: Check out the show on And remember to come […]

State of the Challengers

Blood Thirsty (All)
Tin (All)
Hunterpunk (1)
Kreyastus (18)
Green (All)
Xayagiana (6)
Ferrealysaa (9)
Asyy (15)
Keleira (11)
Monkbag (11)
Working (All)
Iron Teams (All)
Team Scone
Blood Teams (All)
No teams
Green Teams (All)
No teams
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