This week's State of the Challengers list has been reset as of Monday evening.
WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.200 – 200 to Infinity

This week is our 200th show! Thank you all! We could not have made it this far without all of you! News – Lunar Festival has begun! – Spreadshirt Promo Jan. 28th – Feb. 1st Free Shipping from our gear store! Contact Info You can contact the show by email – We’re on […]

Lunar Festival 2020

The druids have gathered and Moonglade is aglow. Those dressed as dragons are sure to delight, let’s honor our elders and put up a good fight. 2020 is the Year of the Rat so grab some cheese and settle in for this year’s fun is about to begin! This year’s Lunar Festival begins on January […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.199 – Blood Thirsty, I’m Coming Out

This week we are joined by Asy! News – Patch 8.3 has arrived! – New Auction House. – Assaults in Uldum and Vale. – Upcoming Spreadshirt promo for free shipping Jan.28th – Feb.1st – Our 200th show is next week and will be a call-in show! If you’d like to participate please let Leeta or […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.198 – Unfocused Focus

This week is a triple-header as we are joined by Eexecute, Ster, and Winema! News – Darkmoon Faire is wrapping up! – Patch 8.3 is incoming! – Patreon & PayPal have been updated on the site and are now functional again! Contact Info You can contact the show by email – We’re on […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.197 – Professional Toon Killer

This week we are joined by Rogueslayer! News – Darkmoon Faire is rolling back into town! – New Spreadshirt Promo for our gear store Jan.8th – 11th 20% off everything! – New website site hiccups, thank you for your patience! Contact Info You can contact the show by email – We’re on Twitter: […]

Feast of Winter Veil 2019

The halls have been decked, and garlands abound. The excitement is building all around. Great Father Winter will bring gifts that delight! We’ll feast and be merry and have snowball fights! We’ll gather together as we sit by the fire, regaling stories and sharing hot apple cider. The Feast of Winter Veil has begun and […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.196 – Rogueslayer Reigns Supreme, Again

This week we are joined by Stone, Ster, Xortz, and KhrysW! News – Our Winter’s Veil Helpers Contest Winner is Eexecute with his monk Bluecollar. – The winners of the pet drawing are Coolingmist and Kneehigh. – Winter Veil starts on Monday, Dec. 16th and runs until Jan. 2nd. – Stone & Ster talk incoming […]

Congratulations to Bluecollar, Our 1st Working Man Champion!

Congratulations to Bluecollar, our first-ever Working Man Challenge Champion. Bluecollar is also the grand prize winner of our Winter’s Veil Helpers Working Man leveling contest. Yes, you read that correctly. Eexecute created Bluecollar for this contest and reached max level before the end of the two-week event! In fact, it only took Eexecute 11 days […]

WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.195 – Feed it to a Fel Reaver

This week we are joined by Taco! News – Dottie the new WoW pet has been released. Sales for the month of December will support the WE and Make a Wish charities. – One week to go in our Winter’s Veil Helpers Working Man Challenge contest. The contest will end at 7pm eastern Dec. 14th. […]

State of the Challengers

Blood Thirsty (All)
Tin (All)
Kassite (2)
Jugyirontwo (1)
Falumin (2)
Green (All)
Jangreen (15)
Ferritot (6)
Skygreen (17)
Lilbitgreen (17)
Evagréen (4)
Iron Teams (All)
Light and lightning
Blood Teams (All)
No teams
Green Teams (All)
No teams
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