WoW Challenges does not keep personal data in order to track your characters. Character data and Battle.Net tag information is
owned by Blizzard Entertainment and is used with permission as per their API policy.

On occasion, we will record your email address for the purposes of contacting WoW Challenges Contest Winners for prize distribution.
Once prize(s) have been distributed all email addresses are purged from our system.

For the purposes of managing your Teams, we do use cookies to keep your session active while you are logged into the site. No
personal information (like your name, email, home address or other information as outlined in the GDPR)
is recorded or tracked.

What Data is Used?

Google Analytics

We use google analytics to track our site usage. While we see geographical location via IP addresses, there is no personal information
to correlate who YOU are. This information is used solely to view site usage.


We use cookies ONLY if you sign into the site for Teams. Cookies are stored locally on your computer.

  • Session: This is used to keep your session alive while you are on the site.
  • User_ID: This is your Battle.Net ID (Name#1234)
Data Storage

Characters listed on the WoW Challenges site belong to Blizzard and are used with Blizzard’s permission as per their API policy.

Registered users (logging in for Teams accounts) have the following information stored:

  • Battle Tag: This is your Battle Tag (Name#1234).
  • Battle.Net ID: This is the unique number associated with your Battle.Net account and is used to identify you.
  • Unique Access Token: This is used with Blizzard to view your characters on your account. The token is refreshed everytime you log in. You
    may revoke access at any time in your Battle.Net Security settings.
  • Imported Characters: are characters that you chose to import to the site to add to a team. You can delete these as long as they are not currently locked
    into a team.
Data Deletion

If you want us to delete your account information, you will be able to do so at any time in your Account page. Doing so will remove access to your stored teams
and imported characters. This cannot be restored.

Deleting your account will remove your Battle Tag, Battle.Net ID and Unique Access Token. Imported characters that are not locked to a team will also be deleted.
Characters that are already part of a team will remain on the site as per Blizzard’s API policy.

If you do not have an account for Teams, no data about you is stored.

Right to Access

In your Account page, you will already see your Battle Tag and Battle.Net ID. You can also view all characters that you have imported. No other information is

Add Character

or Cancel

Add Character

In order to add your character you must meet these criteria:

  1. Your character must be Level 10 or higher.
  2. You enable your 'Display Only Character Achievements to Others'.
  3. Log Out of your character. THEN Exit WoW.
  4. You must not have already broken the rules

or Cancel