Challenge Guilds

US (North America / Oceanic)


  • Wowironman – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – you can /join iron to join the iron man chat channel. Do a /who wowironman to message a member for an invite.
  • Bored Gamers Network – Moonrunner/Gnomeregan – /who Bored Gamers Network & ask anyone for an invite (or reach out to Nisey#4863 on Discord).
  • Stonefield and Maclure – Blackwater Raiders/Shadow Countil – /msg Mineva, Nickrunner, Leahcarol and Merryweather or head to Stonefield and Maclure on Facebook. When you message them, let them know you’re a challenger.


  • WoW Challenges > – Dath’Remar – PvE – msg an officer to apply: SwiftThorn, Leetar, Ashmortal, BloodyClaw, BloodyMata
  • Deaths Dark Raiders – Feathermoon – RP – whisper any guild member for invite or contact rasta#1176 on
  • Iron Man Challenge – Scarlet Crusade / Feathermoon – RP – message Ironladycat, Ginjrbredmon, Blueironmon-Feathermoon, Jujubeans, Huntnironman, Thrashalot
  • The Benefactors – Moon Guard – RP – Anyone can invite, however, Smaragd is likely online the most.
  • Horde Ironman – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – Contact FiveIron in game or do a /who Horde Ironman for an invite.
  • Iron Horde Challengers – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – New, Iron friendly. Contact Duda in game for an invite.
  • Wow Ironman – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – Do a /who Wow Ironman to message a member for an invite.

EU Region


  • WoW Challenges – Darkmoon Faire (connected with Earthen Ring-eu) – Contact Awesome Trousers to join: Blizzard: Bilael#2942, WoW: AwsmFounder, Twitter, Discord: AwesomeTrousers#7046.
  • Challenger of the Iron – Chamber of Aspects
  • Ironman Challenge – Earthen Ring – you can /join ironman to join the iron man chat channel. Do a /who Ironman Challenge to message a member for an invite.
  • Untuned Heroes – Argent Dawn – /who Untuned Heroes or contact Gaztin#0001 or Cattleaxe#3563 on Discord for an invite.


  • The Ironman Challenge – Chamber of Aspects – you can do a /who The Ironman Challenge and message a member for an invite.
  • Shuffle n Deal – Earthen Ring – Contact Greenblood or Oakappl in game.
  • Ironman Challenge – Ragnaros – msg Tejbegriz in game for an invite.

Add Character

In order to add your character you must meet these criteria:

  1. Your character must be Level 10 or higher.
  2. You enable your 'Display Only Character Achievements to Others'.
  3. Log Out of your character. THEN Exit WoW.
  4. You must not have already broken the rules

or Cancel