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Congratulations Eexegigacute, Our 1st 1-120 BfA Iron Champion!

Congratulations to Eexegigacute on becoming our first Iron Champion created during Battle for Azeroth to level from 1 to 120! This makes them our 7th Iron Champion, which took him 26 days or a /played time of just under 8 days to accomplish. Eexecute was also the first Allied Race to become an Iron champion this expansion with his Dark Iron Dwarf Krahkknahr. 

After hitting the Iron Champion podium with Krahkknahr recently, we asked Eexecute why he jumped back in so quickly with another Iron. “Leeta and Stone said they wanted to see a 1-120 iron… and I heard them. Having already succeeded on a Dark Iron Dwarf (Krahkknahr, great racials), I rolled this toon because I wanted to see if I could make it to cap with effectively useless racials. It took a few tries thanks to my ISP acting up and forcing me to start over, but it’s done now.”

When asked if there were any challenging moments or close calls this time, Eexecute had this to say, “Having optimized my route, none of the challenge proved extremely difficult… almost as though Krahkknahr was a glorified scout. I stuck to the zones that I knew worked and avoided the ones that didn’t. I didn’t have a single near-death experience on this toon.”

Eexecute’s advice for anyone wanting to try out the Iron Man Challenge was this: “I can only echo what I said on the last podcast and what has been said by those who came before me – do your homework (scout), read the FAQ, always have an escape, read the FAQ, seek advice when unsure, read the FAQ, don’t play if you’re lagging or tired, and read the FAQ. Also, it might be a good idea to armory Eexegigacute and look at the pet names.”

With two Iron Champions under his belt for this expansion, we asked Eexecute what his next project would be. “I’ve been sort of conscripted into taking all of my notes/knowledge and compiling them into a ‘guide’ of sorts (thanks, Leeta and KhrysW). As such, I’ll level a tin hunter (Gnome of course!) on WRA and use it to organize everything. Given that I’m in the middle of an academic trimester at UNSW, it won’t be a particularly fast process, but I’m happy to assist the community.”

Congratulation once again on successfully reaching max level with Eexegigacute! We look forward to seeing the leveling guide you’ve come up with once it’s finished.

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