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All About WoW Challenges

Hello! My name is Stone and I've been an avid WoW player since the beginning. I've been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness and have been playing WoW since the beginning. I am an altoholic so you can generally find me running under a toon with "Stone" in its name (either Horde or Alliance) on many different realms in many different guilds (AIE, Anam Cara, CTR, Riders of Rohan).

I discovered the Iron Man Challenge about 3-4 years ago and have made so many attempts at it I cannot count them anymore. The Iron Man Challenge is THE HARDEST challenge in the game to date. When the original site went down, I bought the domain with my own funds to make sure the Iron Man challenge wouldn't die. I'm also interested in adding new challenges... we've already added the Pacifist, Blood Thirsty and Tin Man Challenges... If there is a new challenge we think we could try let us know.

You can contact us via:
A special thank you to all of the following folks:
  • The Original Iron Man Forums citizens: Without you, this site could not have happened. Thank you for all the feedback and help testing.
  • Dave Casagrande: This is the guy that put the original challenge together. Thank you for creating this challenge and community.
  • Arhianrod-Ysera: Thanks for helping us create the banner for the original WoWChallenges site!
I would like to make a special mention to the WoW community that has stepped in to give us a hand. Thank you so much for you help. All the help you've given, be it from words of encouragement to spreading the news about our site to featuring us is so very greatly appreciated! These kind people stepped in to help when others would not. I cannot express how much gratitude I feel.

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Iron Man concept by Ironbraids & site by David Cassagrande.