Effective immediately ALL ELIXIRS are NOT ALLOWED (yes, even quest ones).

Patch 7.3.5 will be released this Tuesday. Please ensure you unequip all gear when logging out before the patch as some gear can be converted to uncommon+ and flag your character.
Flags will not be reversed.
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Blood Thirsty Challenge

The Blood Thirsty Challenge will test your patience and strength of will. Make it to max level with minimal questing and don't die. Full Rules

You can add a character to the Blood Thirsty Challenge here: Add Character.

Can't find your character on this list? Check the Honoured Dead list.

Allied Races, Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Soulsapped Classic Iron <Bored Gamers Network>
66 Rogue Gnome us - Gnomeregan
2. Neverdiedbtr <Avalon>
24 Rogue Night Elf us - Galakrond
3. IronÂnarea
20 Rogue Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
4. Lossx
18 Rogue Troll eu - Earthen Ring
5. Imryll <Purple Death>
16 Rogue Blood Elf us - Zul'jin
6. Trihard
16 Rogue Human eu - Dalaran
7. Bloodstalker
16 Rogue Undead eu - Twisting Nether
8. Btchallenge
14 Rogue Blood Elf us - Moon Guard
9. Ironblades
14 Rogue Night Elf us - Nazgrel
10. Thyns
14 Rogue Undead eu - Kazzak
11. Ironneya
13 Rogue Night Elf eu - Ysera
12. Bldrogue
13 Rogue Dwarf us - Wyrmrest Accord
13. Rotrox
11 Rogue Undead eu - Draenor
14. Browstache
10 Rogue Night Elf us - Moon Guard
15. Ironpenguin
10 Rogue Troll eu - Bronze Dragonflight
16. Bloodthîrsty
10 Rogue Blood Elf eu - Quel'thalas
17. Теофенин
10 Rogue Undead eu - Дракономор
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