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Blood Thirsty Challenge (Allied Races)

The Blood Thirsty Challenge will test your patience and strength of will. Make it to max level with minimal questing and don't die. Full Rules

You can add a character to the Blood Thirsty Challenge here: Add Character.

Can't find your character on this list? Check the Honoured Dead list.

Allied Races, Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Kiitsondre Cataclysmic Iron
89 Paladin Lfgd Draenei eu - Silvermoon
2. Bloodleeta <Wowironman>
44 Warlock Void Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
3. Sanguistone
37 Priest Void Elf us - Kirin Tor
4. Bloodleetta <Wowironman>
28 Hunter Lfgd Draenei us - Wyrmrest Accord
5. Glossy
28 Paladin Lfgd Draenei eu - Ghostlands
6. Nelock
27 Warlock Nightborne us - Executus
7. Soulhorn
24 Druid Hmtn Tauren us - Moonrunner
8. Nightsoul
23 Hunter Nightborne us - Gnomeregan
9. Ampersande <Gifted Storyteller>
21 Warlock Nightborne us - Wyrmrest Accord
10. Proudfang
20 Hunter Maghar Orc eu - Bronzebeard
11. Smashben
20 Rogue Void Elf us - Garona
12. Velane
20 Priest Void Elf eu - Les Sentinelles
13. Ironwifflum
20 Warrior Maghar Orc us - Ysera
14. Bloodyval
20 Hunter Hmtn Tauren us - Lothar
15. Ironvanbam
20 Rogue Void Elf eu - Dun Morogh
16. Greamer
20 Hunter Nightborne eu - Dun Morogh
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