Frequently Asked Questions - Pacifist
Over the last year we've gotten quite a few questions about the rules for the various challanges. We've attempted to answer the most common ones here. After reviewing these, if you still have questions please do not hesitate to ask us on Twitter, the Forums, Email (stone AT or Facebook.

- 2016-05-23 - Stone: added FAQ for accidental pet battle engagement.
- 2016-05-20 - Stone: added FAQ for Flying in Draenor.
- 2016-04-07 - Stone: added item covering Kill statistics due to bug.
- 2016-04-07 - Stone: copied FAQ from general and tailored to meet Pacifist challenge.

How the heck do I start the Pacifist Challenge? I have NO MONEY!!!
Depending on the race you select, you should be able to sell your clothes to pick up enough copper to afford either Herbalism or Mining (10 copper each). Please note for Mining you are NO LONGER REQUIRED to have a mining pick axe.

If you still do not have 10 copper from selling your gear, the best thing to do is hunt around your starting zone quests that do not require you to kill.

I don't understand, a Pacifist is allowed to do quests???
Most definitely. The big thing for this challenge is not to kill anything (yes, Whack-a-Gnoll counts as kills). Completing quests that don't require you to kill is completely okay.

OMG I broke an Ice Sculpture / Whack-a-Gnoll / Whatver-Inanimate-Object... now it shows me with a KILL!??!!?!
Yes, unfortunately there is little we can do here. We track Kills based on whatever Blizzard deems to be a kill. Most of the time if you destroy an inanimate object you will get dinged with a kill and be red-flagged.

We cannot change / fix your flag for this.

OMG I got a Critter kill and now I'm red-flagged!!!
Yes, Critters count as a kill. Be very careful about what you're doing, who you're escorting (I believe Guardians killing things count as your kill). A kill is a kill. We cannot change / fix your flag for this.

I received a kill due to a bug / glitch. I don't even have any damage done!
This is similar to how you can die due to bugs, glitches, invisible mobs or disconnections. It's horrible, especially if your challenger is at a high level.

Through testing it's been discovered that it is possible to obtain a kill without having caused any damage, however, we aboslutely do not rule out the possibility of being incorrectly credited with a kill due to a bug, glitch or system issue.

In these cases there is nothing we can do as we cannot change your Kills statistic, so I can't reset it back to zero. It also would not be fair to all the other challengers that have met with a similar fate.

Am I allowed to get buffs from other players?
No. If another player buffs you, simply right-click the buff off. The only buff you are allowed are ones you can cast on yourself.

I get a buff from a quest that won't go away, what do I do?
Buffs from an NPC for a quest are okay. Usually these are cast to help you for that particular quest and are no longer obtainable once the quest is completed. Once the quest is completed you should not be going back to get that particular buff (if you were able to do so), since you no longer need to complete that quest.

I get a buff from my pet, am I going to be red-flagged?
Nope. Hunters and Warlocks get pets and any buffs that come from those pets are okay.

I'm confused... can I eat food?
Yes. You can eat any food as long as it doesn't give you a buff. Most of the time the buff will be "Well Fed", however, there are some occasions at low level where the buff will say it's for a particular stat. If you want to eat buff food, that's okay... once you're done eating, right-click the buff off.

Am I only allowed to use Grey or White bags?
You can use any colour bag. The Netherweave Bag, for example, is perfectly acceptable and will not flag you.

Am I allowed to use the AH?
Yes. You can buy gear off the AH (if it's there) and you can also put your loot up for auction to earn more gold.

Can I send gold to myself from another account or character?
No. You should be playing your character as if it's the only character on your account. You also cannot get help from others, whether this is from receiving gold or having friends buy/sell stuff on the AH aimed at you.

I have a quest to turn in inside a dungeon; am I allowed to do this?
Yes. You can turn in quests that take you inside a dungeon.

What mounts can I use?
Mounts can be a touchy subject... The Heirloom Mount is not allowed from Level 1 to 19 because you'd not normally have access to that mount if this was your only character on the account.

Once you hit Level 20, you are allowed to use generally any mount that you'd have access to, since the speed of the mount scales with your riding skill on that character.

Specialty mounts that give you an extra ability over a regular mount are not allowed unless you would have earned enough to purchase that mount on your challenge character. Mounts like the Water Strider, the Yak or generally anything with a mobile repair vendor would not be allowed.

Can I tame a pet from a dungeon?
Yes! While dungeons are not allowed, you can go in and tame a pet.

Am I allowed to group up? What if I run with friends but are not in a group?
Whether you are grouped up or not is besides the point here. If you are going to be running with a partner (or two or three or four), you are circumventing the No Grouping rule.

Now... that being said... if you are just going out there to have some fun, try out the challenge and see how doable it is, I'd say go for it. If you are listing a character with the intent of making a serious attempt at reaching Max Level, then grouping should not happen.

I heard that Guilds were not allowed, why are they allowed now?
Guilds are allowed now because Blizzard removed the XP Bonus guild perk. Being a part of a guild gives you only two significant advantages now: Hearthstone is now 15minutes and Riding speed is increased by 10%. While these do give you an advantage over a non-guilded challenger, the social benefits FAR OUTWEIGH being on your own.

Please note that you are not allowed to use the Guild Repair option as this is giving you gold you wouldn't normally have access to on a solo character. The guild is supposed to be social only.

Is there an official Iron Man guild?
Yes. The Wowironman guild located on Wyrmrest Accord - US (Alliance) can be considered the original, oldest and pretty much official Iron Man guild. In order to join, you can do a /who wowironman and ask a member for an invite. For Non-Iron characters, guild repairs and the guild bank have been disabled to stay within the spirit of the rules. You are welcome to join, however, besides the fantastic guild members, you won't get the typical perks you'd normally get from a regular guild.

There are other guilds out there on EU and US-Oceanic servers... for a full list, please see the Guilds section.

I'm having a problem listing / updating my character on the site!
First, you must be completely logged out of the character in order to force a DB update on Blizzard's side, otherwise we won't be able to pull your current data.

If you've done this, typically a Blizzard DB update is almost instantaneous, however, there can be slight delays depending on Blizzard's usage / system latency / amount of Doom 2 being played on realm servers. This can as little as five minutes or in some very rare extreme cases TWO WEEKS.

We should be able to pick up your current data fairly quickly, however, if it's been longer than 24 hours since you last logged out (and hit the Update button for your character), please drop us a line (twitter or the forums) and we'll check it out.

Unfortunately in these cases there is pretty much nothing we can do as we have to wait until the data is made available to the public Blizzard API.

I deleted my old Challenger and want to use the name again but I still see the original character's info.
You can absolutely re-use the name of a Challenger. For characters that were deleted and re-rolled using the exact same name we've seen a bit of a lag for data being updated / refreshed on the API side of things. You will be able to look up your character on the Armory and it looks fine, however, the API data we access seems to use a different data-set.

Don't worry. All you need is some patience. It seems like at the most it should take a day for the data to update, however, in some extremely rare cases it's taken longer. If you've noticed your character not updating after a few days, please contact Stone.

My Character was Listed... now it's gone! What happened?
I'm not entirely 100% sure. I suspect there is something wonky happening with the data being made available from the Blizzard API as I don't ever physically remove characters from the DB unless I see they are no longer participating in the challenge (like boosted characters).

In all the reported cases I've seen, the character re-appeared within a few hours. If you see this issue, please wait a day or so... if the character does not re-appear on the list, please contact Stone.

Can I transmog or use cosmetic items?
I don't believe you can transmog grey or white quality gear, however, there are some items you are allowed to equip:
- Crown of Eternal Winter
- Jewel of the Firelord
- Hood of Hungering Darkness
- Hallowed Helm
- Fine Pilgrim's Hat
- Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein

PLEASE NOTE: If you equip these, you should be ensuring that these are equipped once you log out, otherwise you run the risk of getting flagged for too many Epics/Rares Equipped.

Also, due to how Blizzard reports these stats, it is probably not a good idea to swap out a Rare Helm for an Epic Helm. It is possible that will also get you flagged for too many Epics/Rares Equipped.

First Aid: Still okay? FA also teaches anti-venom, is that okay?
Yes. First Aid is okay to level as you can use the bandages to quickly heal yourself. The anti-venom should not count as a healing or mana potion, so should not flag you. Mind you, we have not tested this yet as the anti-venom only works when level 25 or lower.

Can I buy armor/weapons from vendors or only what I loot is allowed?
You can buy grey or white quality armor/weapons as long as it does not break any of the rules only with the gold you earned on that challenger.

Where can I find out availability of weapons/armor for irons?
The best bet would be to go to a site like and look up gear. Filter by white / gray quality and by your class.

Can I use novelty toys (even if they are green/blue/purple)?
Yes, Toys are not meant to give you an in-game advantage.

What about the Goblin Glider Kit, Stealthman 54, Shieldtronic Shield, and Mecha-Blast Rocket? They are all "white" and don't require engineering.
No. They were mistakenly allowed. The consensus from the community is they are not allowed as they provide benefits that make the challenge easier.

What's a scout?
A scout is usually a dead Challenger that is kept to level up and scout ahead so that a player can test certain areas out before bringing in their new Challenger.

What about armor/weapons at 90+ levels? The lowest ones I can find stop strictly at 90. Are we restricted solely to those, as there are no higher-level ones to be had?
You can only use White or Grey quality armor or weapons. You might have a tough time finding better gear, however, that is the nature of the challenge.

What about Hearthstones? Are we allowed to use those to return to a sanctuary? or do we have to hoof it the whole way?
Hearthstones are absolutely allowed.

Can we use the Auction house to sell BOE items we acquire from drops?
Yes, using the Auction House to sell items you've acquired on your Challenger is okay. The gold you acquire from selling on the Auction House is now legit gold for your Challenger to purchase gear / weapons or anything else that are allowed by the rules.

This does not mean you can list an item at an absurdly high price and get a "friend" to buy your auction. That is intentionally circumventing the spirit of the challenge.

If Warlocks can use Healthstones and DKs can use Runeforging, why are Monks not allowed to use XP boosting quests?
The monk can complete the XP-boosting quests, however, they must right-click the XP buffs off. The reasoning behind this is that Warlocks and Death Knights are using something that is inherent with their class... an ability / spell that they have for their class.

The XP-boost for Monks, while, yes it is Monk-exclusive, is actually not bestowed on the character BY the character. It is not an ability / spell the Monk can cast on themselves, it's actually cast on the character by an NPC.

If that reasoning doesn't satisfy you, basically it's an XP-boost in a challenge where XP-boosts are forbidden, so it's not allowed.

Are we allowed to buy the WoW Token to sell for gold?
No. The gold you get on your character should be earned by questing and playing the AH with standard in-game items. The Token gives an unfair boost to players solely due to having available cash to spend.

If you are purchasing the WoW Token off the AH with gold you earned on your Challenger, then yes, by all means go for it... who are we to stop you from letting you sub for another month?

No, you're not. This is covered under Rule 16 and violates the spirit of the challenge. Flying in Draenor is an account-wide ability that could never be earned on your challenger so it should never be used. When you are in Draenor you should have a ground mount ready on your action bar. We will flag your challenger if you use flying in Draenor.

I accidentally click on a Pet and it started a battle!
Don't worry. Just exit / submit / quit the battle and you're all good. You won't be flagged or anything. Nothing to see here... carry on! :)

I died from a bug / glitch / invisible mob, etc - NOT FAIR!
I agree... it is not fair at all. There have been *numerous* occasions where past Challengers have died to invisible mobs (stay away from the caves in Zangarmarsh!), lag, even disconnecting and logging back in to find themselves dead.

We all understand how frustrating that can be and commisserate with you over the loss of your Challenger. Take this opportunity to take a step back, take a breather and make a note of what quest, mob, area you need to avoid for next time.

I don't have access to remove deaths from your account, so I can't rescind your death. That also would not be fair to the other victims. I would think at this point your only point of recourse would be to contact Blizzard and ask them to alter your Deaths statistic. I am not 100% they will do it... in fact, I don't think they will but you can at least try that.

If they do, GREAT! If not, I really feel for you. We've ALL been there at some point or another. Like I said earlier, take a break. Clear your head. Come back with a plan and have an even better attempt next time.

Here is a link to our Death Rage thread.