Shirt & Tabard rules for all challenges have changed. Only white or grey (green for Blood Thirsty) shirts & tabards allowed.
Cosmetic exception gear is also no longer allowed and will get you flagged (green is okay for Blood Thirsty).

Iron Man Challenge

The Iron Man Challenge is the toughest challenge in World of Warcraft. Make it to max level without dying. Full Rules

You can add a character to the Iron Man Challenge here: Add Character.

Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Nyxon Classic Iron
68 (21) Hunter Tauren eu - Rexxar
2. Ironmanthree
36 Druid Troll eu - Rexxar
3. Ironemp
35 Hunter Troll eu - Rexxar
4. Flatzeplopp
32 Warlock Undead eu - Rexxar
5. Rndiron
31 Mage Draenei eu - Rexxar
6. Razznas
20 Warlock Troll eu - Rexxar
7. Ironghoma
17 Druid Troll eu - Rexxar
8. Deartuar
11 Warrior Blood Elf eu - Rexxar
9. Zuli
11 Monk Tauren eu - Rexxar
10. Schlagi
10 Warrior Tauren eu - Rexxar
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