Iron Man Challenge - Add Character
IMPORTANT! When adding a character to this challenge, please log into your character and ensure your "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" is CHECKED. If it is NOT checked your character will certainly get flagged for rule violations.

After making the settings change make sure you completely log out of your Battle.Net account.


Please be aware your character must be Level 10, otherwise we cannot retrieve the data from Blizzard.

By Opting in, you are agreeing to abide by the Contest Rules.

Email Addresses are used ONLY for contacting contest winners.

Contest characters MUST be:
- Race: Human, Blood Elf
- Class: Mage
- Spec: Frost (you must NEVER have changed spec even once or you are disqualified).
- Level 10-15 to enter.
- Green Flagged.

If your character is not between level 10-15, you will still be added to our tracker, you just won't qualify for the contest.
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