Iron Man Challenge - Speed to Sixty

The Speed to Sixty list shows the fastest times that Irons have made it from Level 10 to 60. Full Rules

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Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Neverdiedsha Iron Warlord <Wowironman> 105 1d 20h 23m 50s Shaman Draenei us - Wyrmrest Accord
2. Orinok Classic Iron 60 8d 4h 24m 32s Shaman Orc us - Moon Guard
3. Violetz Classic Iron 62 9d 3h 26m 48s Shaman Goblin us - Wyrmrest Accord
4. Ironzolt√Ę Classic Iron 63 21d 1h 4m 22s Shaman Dwarf eu - Confr√©rie Du Thorium
5. Margtotem Iron Crusader 74 21d 1h 40m 34s Shaman Draenei eu - Hellscream
6. Ironpanrine Classic Iron 60 67d 21h 14m 4s Shaman Orc us - Saurfang
7. Tzfive Classic Iron <Wowironman> 60 (54) 77d 1h 55m 58s Shaman Draenei us - Wyrmrest Accord
8. Silversha Classic Iron 68 (67) 149d 4h 26m 3s Shaman Draenei eu - Bronzebeard
9. Irontheós Classic Iron 64 (0) 241d 21h 17m 32s Shaman Orc eu - Earthen Ring
10. Looseiron Classic Iron 67 291d 1h 30m 29s Shaman Goblin us - Gnomeregan
11. Ironstevey Iron Crusader <Wowironman> 75 (72) 1428d 13h 36m 32s Shaman Draenei us - Wyrmrest Accord
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