Iron Man Challenge - Speed to Sixty

The Speed to Sixty list shows the fastest times that Irons have made it from Level 10 to 60. Full Rules

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Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Margymonk Iron Champion 100,110 110 (100) 3d 14h 11m 27s Monk Night Elf eu - Hellscream
2. Marghunt Iron Champion 100,110 110 (100) 4d 14h 3m 47s Hunter Night Elf eu - Hellscream
3. Margblink Iron Warlord 100 6d 4h 0m 0s Mage Night Elf eu - Hellscream
4. Margrage Iron Warlord 100 6d 4h 51m 58s Warrior Night Elf eu - Hellscream
5. Ironingitout Classic Iron 69 6d 21h 59m 59s Hunter Night Elf eu - Hellscream
6. Marglock Classic Iron 69 13d 12h 39m 56s Warlock Human eu - Hellscream
7. Margodin Iron Warlord 100 18d 7h 23m 32s Paladin Draenei eu - Hellscream
8. Margtotem Classic Iron 69 21d 1h 40m 34s Shaman Draenei eu - Hellscream
9. Marghope Classic Iron 69 24d 13h 43m 8s Priest Night Elf eu - Hellscream
10. Margostealth Classic Iron 69 (19) 58d 6h 5m 23s Rogue Night Elf eu - Hellscream
11. Ironmargo Classic Iron 66 (41) 253d 21h 36m 11s Druid Night Elf eu - Hellscream
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