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Iron Man Challenge - Speed to Sixty

The Speed to Sixty list shows the fastest times that Irons have made it from Level 10 to 60. Full Rules

You can add a character to the Iron Man Challenge - Speed to Sixty here: Add Character.

Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Class Race Realm
1. Æll Iron Crusader
3d 23h 13m 46s Hunter Night Elf eu - Khaz'goroth
2. Cubedout Classic Iron
7d 6h 50m 37s Hunter Draenei eu - Earthen Ring
3. Iarnaigvi Iron Champion 85,90
8d 9h 30m 30s Warlock Human eu - Earthen Ring
4. Lyssan Iron Champion 85,90,100,110
8d 22h 19m 11s Priest Night Elf us - Vek'nilash
5. Halfhand Classic Iron
9d 3h 9m 15s Paladin Human us - Wyrmrest Accord
6. Isenwahn Iron Crusader
10d 0h 56m 24s Hunter Night Elf eu - Thrall
7. Ironarij Classic Iron
12d 19h 21m 38s Warrior Night Elf us - Thunderhorn
8. Ferrenys Iron Champion 90,100 <Wowironman>
16d 0h 9m 59s Druid Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
9. Ironzoltâ Classic Iron
21d 1h 4m 22s Shaman Dwarf eu - Confrérie Du Thorium
10. Ironstevo Iron Champion 85,100
22d 8h 35m 1s Warlock Undead us - Earthen Ring
11. Amiron Classic Iron
40d 18h 24m 36s Warlock Human us - Wyrmrest Accord
12. Ironkyrie Mist-ical Iron <Dark Orchid>
46d 8h 2m 25s Paladin Draenei us - Nazgrel
13. Ironbaerd Wrathful Iron
73d 21h 15m 4s Hunter Orc us - Greymane
14. Stemnox Wrathful Iron
335d 15h 3m 15s Paladin Dwarf us - Wyrmrest Accord
15. Ironsteve Classic Iron
353d 4h 39m 16s Druid Troll us - Earthen Ring
16. Calindril Iron Champion 100
1418d 22h 18m 8s Hunter Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
17. Ironstevey Iron Crusader <Wowironman>
1428d 13h 36m 32s Shaman Draenei us - Wyrmrest Accord
18. Deidrevens Iron Champion 110 <Wowironman>
1486d 23h 28m 5s Mage Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
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