Effective immediately ALL ELIXIRS are NOT ALLOWED (yes, even quest ones).

Patch 7.3.5 will be released this Tuesday. Please ensure you unequip all gear when logging out before the patch as some gear can be converted to uncommon+ and flag your character.
Flags will not be reversed.
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Iron Team Challenge Rules

We know you've wanted to play with your friends, now you can. Traditionally, the Iron Challenge is a solo World of Warcraft challenge, however, we know a lot of you wanted to run with your friends. While you won't be able to list your character for the regular Iron Challenge, you can add your character to a team you or your friend create, following the rest of the traditional Iron Challenge rules.

Have a question about the rules? Check out our Iron Teams FAQ.

  1. Do Not Die! - the most important rule of the challenge. Once one character dies the entire team is moved to the Honoured Dead section.
  2. All characters on a new team must be between Levels 10 and 20.
    1. Teams are 'locked in' after Level 20. Changing personnel before Level 20, could potentially red-flag the team: ie. Warlock in the team, healthstone used but then warlock removed before Level 20. Since Warlock is no longer in the team, the healthstone use is no longer allowed.
    2. Due to the listing/level restrictions on the challenge, Death Knights and Demon Hunters are excluded.
    3. The challenge is complete once ALL team members reach Max Level.
  3. No gear higher than White quality (INCLUDING shirts & tabards).
    1. No enchantments on your gear (DK Rune Empowerment is an exception as it is a class skill).
    2. We no longer allow exceptions for Shirts & Tabards. Any green+ equip will flag you.
    3. NO COSMETIC EXCEPTIONS! We are NOT allowing any green/blue/purple cosmetic gear exceptions.
  4. No Talents allowed.
    1. Spec changes are ALLOWED.
  5. No Primary Professions allowed.
    1. No Secondary Professions allowed EXCEPT FIRST AID.
  6. No Potions or Flasks used. We also check for Healthstones used if you do not have a Warlock on your team.
    1. EXCEPTION:: You are allowed to use healthstones only if you currently have a warlock on your team.
  7. Your team's Killing Blow / Total Kills percentage must be 75% or higher.
    1. Individual characters must remain within 10% of the highest Total Kills value on the team.
    2. Honestly, kill tracking is not issue if you are grouped up together and leveling AS A TEAM. If you are following the rules, you won't need to worry about this particular rule.
  8. No raids, arenas, or battlegrounds allowed.
    1. Dungeons are OK! (please see the FAQ)
  9. Joining a guild is OKAY, however, you cannot use Guild Repairs or the guild bank to assist your team in any way.
  10. Leveling via Pet Battles is not allowed.
  11. Cannot boost any character on your team.
  12. No food buffs or other external buffs are allowed.
    1. Class abilities, racials, personal and TEAM buffs (eg. Kings if you're a Paladin) are okay!
  13. No Refer-a-Friend or other XP-boosting activites, gear or buffs (Darkmoon Faire, Heirlooms, Garrison potion, etc). Yes, this includes Monk's XP buff: not allowed.
  14. All Mounts (including Heirloom, Water-walking and Repair) and Account-wide abilities (Toys) are allowed.
  15. Draenor Specific Rules
    • Flying in Draenor: Allowed.
    • All Follower Missions: Allowed. (Yes, even the XP ones)
    • Mining and Herb Garden use in the Garrison is allowed. Use at your own risk.
    • Buildings: All Allowed EXCEPT for:
      • Barracks Level 2 or higher: NOT ALLOWED (no Bodyguards)
    • Shipyard: Allowed
    • Garrison Outposts / Zone-Wide Perks:
      • Gorgrond: Allowed.
      • Talador: Allowed.
      • Spires of Arak: Brewery NOT ALLOWED due to passive XP bonus. Smuggling Run is allowed
      • Nagrand: Allowed.
  16. Legion Specific Rules
    • Artifact Weapons are NOT ALLOWED. This falls under the gear quality rule.
    • Flying in Legion: Allowed.
    • Legion Intro Skipping: Allowed.
    • Using Champions as bodyguards: NOT Allowed.
    • Using Class Order Hall "Upgrades": NOT Allowed.
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