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Pacifist Challenge

'Thou shalt not kill!' or something to that effect. Make it to max level without killing anything and don't die. Full Rules

You can add a character to the Pacifist Challenge here: Add Character.

Can't find your character on this list? Check the Honoured Dead list.

Allied Races are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Херрминатор Mist-ical Iron
95 Paladin Dwarf eu - Fordragon
2. Passiveten Classic Iron <By His Stripes>
65 Paladin Human us - Blades-edge
3. Wrobbin
58 Paladin Human us - Wyrmrest Accord
4. Armsmerchant
30 Paladin Human us - Argent Dawn
5. Lucylynnpac <Wowironman>
28 Paladin Human us - Wyrmrest Accord
6. Dowydycx
24 Paladin Human us - Proudmoore
7. Dranina <Ironman Challenge>
20 Paladin Draenei eu - Earthen Ring
8. Peecepipe
10 Paladin Draenei us - Kargath
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