Effective immediately ALL ELIXIRS are NOT ALLOWED (yes, even quest ones).

Patch 7.3.5 will be released this Tuesday. Please ensure you unequip all gear when logging out before the patch as some gear can be converted to uncommon+ and flag your character.
Flags will not be reversed.
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Pacifist Challenge - Honoured Dead

'Thou shalt not kill!' or something to that effect. Make it to max level without killing anything and don't die. Full Rules

You can add a character to the Pacifist Challenge here: Add Character.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Fiveroll Classic Iron Marked for Deletion <Wowironman>
63 Monk Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
2. Edelwood Marked for Deletion <Wowironman>
55 Monk Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
3. Terauchi Marked for Deletion
45 Monk Human eu - Blackhand
4. Bluegrump Marked for Deletion
39 Monk Draenei us - Aerie Peak
5. Collecting Marked for Deletion <Time Flies>
32 Monk Gnome eu - Silvermoon
6. Monkgrump Marked for Deletion
25 Monk Blood Elf us - Aerie Peak
7. Minkiepie Marked for Deletion <Ironman Challenge>
17 Monk Night Elf eu - Darkmoon Faire
8. Passivefist Marked for Deletion
15 Monk Orc us - Executus
9. Windgnome <Wowironman>
15 Monk Gnome us - Wyrmrest Accord
10. Nerryo Marked for Deletion
15 Monk Gnome us - Proudmoore
11. Orkus Marked for Deletion
13 Monk Orc us - Aman'thul
12. Pacyfistka
13 Monk Human eu - Eonar
13. Zengnome Marked for Deletion <Wowironman>
12 Monk Gnome us - Wyrmrest Accord
14. Mijeom
12 Monk Gnome us - Illidan
15. Taviaa Marked for Deletion
10 Monk Blood Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
16. Tarice <Avella>
10 Monk Human us - Dalaran
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