This week's State of the Challengers list has been reset as of Monday evening.

Random Generator

Stumped on what kind of race, class, professions, or zone to pick for your next Challenge Character? We've created a simple tool that will do that for you. Don't like the one we picked? Just hit refresh and try again.

Random Questing Zone

Not sure what zone to quest through? Enter your character's level and faction and we'll pick one for you.

Zone List
Zone Continent Min Max
Azuremyst IsleKalimdor120
Dun MoroghEastern Kingdoms120
Elwynn ForestEastern Kingdoms120

PLEASE NOTE! We are using questing zones only. The zones below are not included:

  • Race/Class Specific Zones: Kezan, Gilneas, Ruins of Gilneas (Gilneas is rolled into Worgen or Silverpine/Horde), Plaguelands:Scarlet Enclave.
  • No Level Progression: Zones that are designed to be "Max Level" for that expansion: Hrothgar's Landing, Isle of Quel'Danas, Tol Barad, Molten Front, Isle of Thunder, Timeless Isle, Tanaan, Suramar, Broken Shore, Argus.
  • Minimal or No Questing: Moonglade, Blackrock Mountain, Deadwind Pass, Anh'Qiraj, Wintergrasp, Veiled Stair, Isle of Giants, Ashran.
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