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The Iron Elite!

These amazing people have generously donated to WoW Challenges financially; we think they truly are ELITE! You can help pay for our monthly server costs by joining them either through a PayPal subscription, a one-time PayPal donation (these are tracked on a case-by-case basis), becoming a Patron through Patreon or subscribing to us on Twitch. We really appreciate all the support these folks have given.

In addition to being listed here (you can remain anonymous if you want to), we will also read out your name on the podcast and you will also get special access to our The Iron Elite chat and voice channels on discord! Patreon and Twitch members should be able to sync up accounts to get access to these channels automatically; PayPal subscribers or one-time donators will need to reach out to Stone#3621 on Discord to have access set up.

**We reserve the right to remove anyone from The Iron Elite for untoward behaviour. Play nice. Be good. Follow Wheaton's Rule: Don't be a Dick.

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